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General Information

Academic staff may recommend books and other materials for Library purchase using our Library Electronic Ordering Service (LEO) - you will first need to enter your portal username and password to access LEO.

Recommendations for purchase by the Library are usually made in consultation with the Departmental Library Representative, who will be able to inform you of any particular procedures in your Department.

Orders for periodicals are normally a matter for discussion with Departments: please contact your Senior Faculty Liaison Librarian if you wish to order new periodical titles. For all other types of library materials (e.g. books, videos, audio CDs, etc.) use the Library Electronic Ordering Service (LEO)

Library Electronic Ordering (LEO)

For each item that you recommend for purchase you should complete a web form (you will first be asked to enter your portal username and password). In completing the form you can indicate the number of copies required and also recommend loan categories e.g.Short Loan and Popular loan (1 week).

From the LEO page you can choose to order materials for the Library via your Library Representative, but you can also choose to submit orders directly. Select the option preferred by your Department.

If you have any questions about the items you have ordered or wish to order, do not hesitate to contact your Senior Subject Librarian

When you are completing your order for books and other library materials please:

  1. First check the library catalogue to see whether we already have the book
  2. Give as much detail as possible about the book
  3. Please use the notes field for any extra information (e.g. contact details for specialist publishers) you would like to give not already asked for on the form

What happens next?

When a book, or other item, has been ordered, it will appear in the library catalogue with a status of "on-order". When the item comes into the library, this will change to "received" until the item has been catalogued.

If you require a "received" item urgently, fill in a reservation card at the Lending Services Desk and it will then be given priority.

Ordering TV and radio recordings

The university has an ERA + licence which allows copyright protected television and radio programmes to be used for teaching purposes. Full details about this service are available here.

Transferring books from the Main Collection to the Short Loan Collection

If you wish to transfer a book from the main collection into the short loan collection, please fill in the form below. Once you have completed a form either attach the copy in an email to us, or print out and send in the internal mail. Details of the where they should be sent to are included in the form. The forms are in Word format.

Use the first Form if you wish to complete the form within Word and return to us via email. Use the second Form for a printable format. 

Adding book photocopies to short loan

If you wish to request a book chapter or segment of a chapter be photocopied and placed in Short Loan, please fill in the form below.

Adding Photocopy to Short Loan

Your Details

Authorisation/Charge Code
Fund Code
Course Code

Request Details

Title of Book
Author/Editor of book
Title of Chapter
Author of Chapter
Country of Publication
Edition Date
Page Number Start
Page Number Finish

Course Details and Copy Information

Number of Students
Number of photocopies required for 24hour loan
Number of photocopies required for 3hour loan
Date required by (DD/MM/YYYY)
Extra Notes
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