How MFDs work

staff print-how they work

MFDs (Multi-Function Devices) have now replaced all the printers and photocopiers throughout the university. These possess a range of functions. Thy will scan and send to the user’s email address, produce colour or black and white printing and enable staff to photocopy documents. They will also staple and collate printed pages. Printing will be sent to a central print queue, which holds the document and allows the user to print from any MFD on the system to which they can logon. There are over 70 MFDs on the Stirling campus.

Staff can log in to the PaperCut User Portal to view or cancel their pending print jobs, monitor their printing costs and their environmental impact. Print monitoring software can detect the status of each device and email relevant administrators when the MFD for which they are responsible needs toner or has a fault.

Staff may collect their printing from any MFD, anywhere in the University. The card readers on the MFDs recognise the staff Smartcard and this will ensure that printing is released by the MFD only to the person who has requested the document.

Before releasing the document for printing, the user will be able to see the cost of printing the document and will be able to choose whether or not to go ahead with the print job. See instructions on how to print below. 

School and Service administrators will receive a monthly report of the amount and cost of printing being carried out by staff in their divisions.

A guide produced especially for the University of Stirling: Konica Minolta User Guide

Be aware of copyright - please display this poster next to all MFDs.  CLA Copyright poster

Read more on the financial and health benefits of using MFDs together wth case studies. About MFDs

How to send a print job

The print queues for the staff print system will be automatically added to your desktop PC. If they haven't been automatically added, Windows users can install them from Run Advertised Programs ('PaperCut virtual queues – Add’). Contact the Information Centre if this is not clear: NEED HELP? Contact Us

From your document, select File > Print then choose from the following print queues to send your job to print. The job can thereafter be released at any staff MFD around the university (except where stated otherwise below):

  • blacksinglesided (\\pcmfvm13\blacksinglesided)
  • blackdoublesided  (\\pcmfvm13\blackdoublesided)
  • coloursinglesided (\\pcmfvm14\coloursinglesided)
  • colourdoublesided (\\pcmfvm14\colourdoublesided)
  • blackdoublesidedstaple (large c452 MFD only) (\\pcmfvm13\blackdoublesided)
  • colourdoublesidedstaple (large c452 MFD only) (\\pcmfvm14\colourdoublesidedstaple)
  • A3_blacksinglesided (large c452 MFD only) (\\pcmfvm13\A3_blacksinglesided)
  • A3_coloursinglesided (large c452 MFD only) (\\pcmfvm14\A3_coloursinglesided)

Printer Locations


Staff Personal

Staff Personal

Staff can now print standard A4 and A3 personal items from the MFD system on campus. For help with specialist printing ie different weights of papers and finishes or higher quality, please contact Graphics and Print Services (

To start:

1) Add the new queue by selecting the "Start" button (bottom left hand corner of your computer), copy the following link \\pcmfvm14\personalprint and paste in to the field "Search programs and files", press enter. This should automatically connect you to the personal print queue.

2) Send a personal document to the print queue above.  The print job will only appear in the release queue on student MFDs in the Library, Study Zone, Cottrell 2a18 and Pathfoot G1.

3) The default setting on the queue is grayscale, to print in colour select Print, Properties, Quality tab, select colour drop-down and change to auto-colour

4) The default size is set to A4, you can change to A3 size by selecting Print, Properties, Basic tab and either enlarge to A3 (check zoom is set to auto and shows 143% increase) or if your paper size is A3 already, you can leave Paper Size as same as original

5) Personal print costs are found below

6) Add money to your personal account with coins or notes on one of the 3 moneyloaders on campus.  We recommend that you keep the amounts small as we do not refund unspent balances.

7) Your account balance can be seen on the Portal on the Resources tab.  (One needs to refresh the page after entering money.)

8) Release your documents at one of the Konica Minolta MFDs on the Student Print system in the Library, Study Zone, Cottrell 2a18 and Pathfoot G1.

9) Report any problems at the Information Centre please.

Personal Copying

Personal copying requires a Papercut Advanced Client to be installed on your PC.  Please make your request through the Information Centre.  (This function will add a few extra steps to logging on to MFDs and also requires you to agree to which code you wish to charge every time you use staff print queues at your PC)  Copying needs to be carried out on the Student Print system in the Library, Study Zone, Cottrell 2a18 and Pathfoot G1. Any other machine will charge incorrectly.

Putting money on your personal account, but then printing on the ordinary print queues will still charge the department and will not debit your personal account. 

Personal Print Costs

Size Colour Greyscale

Colour Duplex(each side)

Greyscale Duplex (each side)

A3 0.19p 0.10p 0.17p 0.07p
A4 0.17p 0.06p 0.14p 0.05p
Default (other sizes) 0.17p 0.06p 0.14p 0.05p




staff print-closeup Q: Where will my new MFD printer be placed?
A: All new MFDs will be placed where there is an existing photocopier.  The following MFDs are in public locations: Library Art Wall (Library level 2), Cottrell Print Suite 2A18, Cottrell 4V3a. Staff MFDs are dark grey so can be distinguished from any student MFDs in these areas. For departmental MFD locations see this list: Printer Locations

Q: Where can I learn about how to use the new print system
A: You can view our online training videos (university login required).

Q. How do I send a job to print?
A. There are a number of print queues which you can choose to print to depending on your job:

  • blacksinglesided (\\pcmfvm13\blacksinglesided). Cost 1.8p

  • blackdoublesided (\\pcmfvm13\blackdoublesided). Cost 2.9p

  • coloursinglesided (\\pcmfvm14\coloursinglesided).  Cost 5.9p

  • colourdoublesided (\\pcmfvm14\colourdoublesided).  Cost 10.5p

  • blackdoublesidedstaple (large/medium MFDs only) (\\pcmfvm13\blackdoublesided). Cost 3.6p

  • colourdoublesidedstaple (large/medium MFDs only) (\\pcmfvm14\colourdoublesidedstaple). Cost 11.15p

  • A3_blacksinglesided (large/medium MFDs only) (\\pcmfvm13\A3_blacksinglesided).  Cost 2.5p

  • A3_coloursinglesided (large/medium MFDs only) (\\pcmfvm14\A3_coloursinglesided\). Cost 6.6p

If you send your job to one of these queues, you can then pick it up from any of the staff MFDs (note that some queues only work on the larger printers eg the A3 queues are only available on the large MFDs as the smaller ones don't have an A3 paper tray).

Q. How do I get the print queues on my PC?
A. If you are on a staff windows 7 desktop PC, the queues should have already been added to your printer settings so all you have to do is select the queue you want when you go to print. If you don't have the new queues, you can go to Run Advertised Programmes on your PC and run the programme 'PaperCut virtual queues - Add'. This is a silent programme so nothing will appear to happen but the queues should be added after a few seconds.

Q. How do I get the print queues on my Mac?
We have created an installer file which will set up the staff printers on your Mac. Instructions: Add the staff printers to your Mac (staff/RPG)

Q.  How can I cancel a print job or see the list of my print jobs?
A.  You can logon to the PaperCut user portal (with your normal network username/password).  In there you can:

  • view your print jobs pending release
  • you can cancel any pending print jobs
  • you can view your recent print jobs and the cost

You can also cancel pending print jobs at the MFD.


Q. How do I scan on the C452, C360 & C280 models?


Q. How do I scan on the desktop C35 model?

  • Log in to the printer.
  • Press the Email button on the physical keypad.
  • Press direct input, on the touchpad.
  • Press Email, then address, and then enter your staff email address.
  • Press Ok twice.
  • Place your document on the glass window and then press start on the physical keypad.
  • Your document will now be scanned and sent to the address you provided.
  • When the scanner returns to the main menu, scanning is complete.
  • Use the button with the key icon, on the physical keypad, to log off.

Q. What if I forget my staff card - will I still be able to pick up my printing?
A. Yes. Anyone who doesn’t have a staff card can log on to the MFD using their user name and password on a virtual keyboard on the screen on the MFD.

Q. I'm a research postgraduate student, how do I print using the new system?
A:The card readers on the new staff print MFDs (printer/copiers) read the Mifare chip in the new Mifare student cards as well as staff Smart ID cards. Research Post Grads without a staff card or a student card that has a Mifare chip, can print or copy by logging on to the MFD with their user name or password. If this is proving difficult these Research Post Graduates can exchange their old student card for a new student card with a Mifare chip in Cottrell 2Z (Student Administration). Old cards should be brought to 2z. All cards issued before September 2011 will not have a Mifare chip. Some part-time Research Post Grads will also have been issued cards without a Mifare card in September

Q, How do I obtain a staff card? 
A. Information about getting a staff card is on the HR website at

Q. How will I know where to find the nearest MFD if mine is not working, 
or too busy?

A. Printer Locations 
There will also be an MFD freely available inside the library, near the entrance.

Q: My work is confidential. I don’t want anyone to see it.
A: Jobs will not print unless the user logs in at the MFD and releases the printing.

Q: What if I don’t want to queue for printing.
A: As with ATMs or coffee shops there is always a queue at certain times of day and it may help to plan printing accordingly. 
By establishing certain arrangements in departments, such as emailing colleagues that the MFD will be in use for a large print job, 
will reduce queuing.

Q: Who will be responsible for the MFD?
A: Whoever currently looks after the division’s printers will continue to do so with the replacement.

Q: When I send something to print how long will it remain in the queue?
A: 72 hours

Q: What if I forget to log off at the machine?
A: The machine will automatically log you out after 30 seconds.

Q. My A3 or stapled print job isn't appearing in the list of jobs when I log onto the machine
A. Only the largest MFDs have A3 paper trays and staplers - if you have a smaller model your job will not appear when you log in and you will need to release your job at one of the large MFDs. See the list of locations at the top of this page.

Q: What if we have a visitor who would like to print?
A: A division can maintain a card for use by visitors for copying or scanning. All visitors who wish to print must have a user 
name and password in order to logon to a PC to print. This is arranged by contacting the Information Centre.
The user can logon to the virtual keyboard on the touchscreen at the MFD to release their print jobs.

Q: How do I get help if there’s a problem?
A: Contact the Information Centre or ask the expert users in your School or Service

Q:I want to use or buy a local printer in my office, can I?
A:Since the rollout of of the new MFD system, new local printers should not be bought, and older printers should not be used, without the authorisation of the Director of Information Services.

Q: I bought my printer on a research grant which pays for all consumable costs. I should be able to keep it.
A: Anyone who wants to keep their printer should make a business case to the Director of Information Services.

Q.  How do I dispose of an old desktop printer?
A: Disposing of printers is the same as any electronic equipment.  Please complete the normal Facilities Request form asking for ‘Printer Uplift for the WEEE skip’.   This will ensure that the printer is properly recycled.

Order Paper

Order Paper

Please complete all fields and then click 'submit'
Name (required)
Room Number (required)
Department (required)
Number of A4 Boxes (2,500 sheets of paper in total, 5 reams in a box)

Number of A3 reams (500 sheets in a ream)



Consumables for the Konica Minolta equipment

The staff print system uses Konica Minolta multi-functional devices.  There are various models used on campus including freestanding and desktop printers.  All models can print in black and in colour, and therefore each machine contains cartridges of black, cyan, magenta and yellow toner, which need to be replaced when empty.


Each office in which a machine is situated should keep a small stock of spare toner cartridges.  The standard stock position is for each machine to have two cartridges of black toner and one of each colour, plus one spare waste toner box.  The display on the machine will advise when the toner cartridge has to be replaced or the waste box changed.  It is important that you wait until the display shows a message saying that the cartridge is empty and should be replaced before changing the cartridge, even if this is preceded by a “low toner” warning message.  The machine will not necessarily have stopped printing by the time the message appears, as there is a small sump in the machine which enables the machine to continue for a short time after the cartridge is completely empty, but the safest course of action is to wait until the machine stops working before replacing the toner cartridge.

Toner and waste toner is stored on campus and when your machine flashes a “low toner” warning message, you should email Graphics & Print Services ( and advise your model number, serial number and which toner you need replenished. All our Konica Minolta machines are linked to a system called ‘CS Remote Care’ which enables information about each machine to be read remotely.  Changing the cartridge before it is empty or replacing a used cartridge in the machine will cause the remote system to misunderstand the toner supply situation and fail to replenish stocks to the central store on campus.  As long as the replacement of cartridges is carried out as described above, normal stock level will be restored automatically.


Although the remote system detects toner levels, it is unable to do the same for staples, so staples are not automatically replenished and must be ordered using the telephone number on the label on the front of the machine.  Call Konica Minolta stating that you wish a staple pack (under the University of Stirling contract). Quote your model number and serial number.

Other Items to be Replaced

As well as controlling the supply of toner, the CS Remote Care system identifies the need for the replacement of certain other items within the machine and messages about these may appear on the display from time to time.  Detection by the remote diagnostics system may result in other parts such as the Fusing Unit or the Transfer Belt being ordered for your device, but these are not to be fitted by the user.  When it identifies the need for such parts to be replaced, please go to and follow the on-screen instructions or call 0871 574 7200.

Disposal of Toner Cartridges and Waste Toner Bottles

The agreement with Konica Minolta also includes recycling arrangements for empty toner cartridges and full waste toner bottles through an authorised recycling partner.  You may choose to accumulate a few such items before requesting collection, but whenever a collection is required it can be arranged by completing a Facilities Request Form.  Please be sure to state on the form that the items are for Konica Minolta cartridge recycling.  It is important that empty cartridges for collection should be put into the cartons in which the newly-installed full cartridges were delivered, in order to make it easier to pack them in the boxes used for the purpose and also to ensure that any leakage of residual toner from empty cartridges or from waste toner boxes is contained as effectively as possible.



What to do if there are problems with the Staff Print system.

1.  Your departmental MFD is not working due to a technical fault - see list of departmental MFDs: Printer Locations   There are also MFDs in these public places: Library Art Wall, Level 2 Library; Cottrell print suite 2A18; Cottrell 4V3a; Pathfoot - 2 MFDs in C7.

2.  Your departmental MFD is not working due to a problem with the server  - in the first instance you can try using a different MFD.  There are 2 print servers and the MFDs are split over the 2 servers so that in the event of a problem with one server, the whole staff print service doesn't go down.  Please contact Graphics and Print Services for further information on alternative print locations (

3. The whole staff print system is not working - contact the Information Centre to report this and get advice on what to do.  If the whole system is down and not likely to be fixed quickly, our Print Specialist can unpause the print queues to allow you to send your print jobs directly to a printer. This document contains the print queues for all of the different MFDs to allow you to send your job directly to the printer - please note that it is best to copy the link to the printer and paste it into the Start>Search bar then press enter to add the printer: Contingency print queues

Please note also that sending a job directly to a specific printer will not work under normal circumstances, only when you are directed to do this by the Information Centre or by IS Service Message (all staff email from Information Services).  When printing directly to an MFD, you will not be able to logon at the MFD to release your print job and your job will come out of the printer immediately.  Information Services will send a 2nd IS Service Message when the problem with the system has been fixed and we are returning to the normal print queues. 

Maintenance or Service

Users are expected to clear jams and replace toner and waste toner items. For all other replacement parts or to arrange a service call, please go to and follow the on-screen instructions or call 0871 574 7200. On first visit to the Konica Minolta website you should sign-up an create a login.

Printer purchase/retention

Purchase/retention of printers

It is expected that the vast majority of staff will either use the high volume print facilities in Graphics & Print Services or an MFD device. Generally these facilities are cheaper to operate than a desktop printer and all staff are asked to consider their requirements carefully when looking at options for print.

A member of staff wishing to make a business case to keep a desktop printer (non-mfd printer) or purchase a new printer may send their case to the Director of Information Services.

To discuss options or for further guidance, please contact Graphics & Print Services.

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