International Summer School internships

As part of our International Summer School, we offer you the unique opportunity to work and study abroad. 

We understand the importance of gaining valuable work experience at every opportunity. That’s why when you enrol on our Summer School, you’ll receive full support from our staff and members of the University of Stirling’s dedicated Careers and Employability Service to secure an internship. We’ll match you with an appropriate business and support you through your internship.

How long does the internship last?

It’s a four week internship and you’ll be working for approximately 35 hours per week, Monday-Friday. Please be aware that every employer is different and your hours of work will depend on their required work structure. We also give you about ten hours of ‘classroom’ time, where your designated careers tutor will support you in your reports and documentation for the internship.

Is the internship credited?

Yes our Summer School internships are credited like other modules in the programme. Internships are unpaid, but count towards your academic completion record.

How will I be assessed?

Formal assessment includes:

  • a five minute presentation on your internship experience
  • three reflective journals, with a maximum word count of 500 for each journal
  • a final project report of around 2,000 words, giving an insight into your internship project

Applying from outside of the EU (including USA and Canada)?

  • Enrol in the Summer School for both Blocks 1 and 2
  • During Block 1, study two modules and receive the equivalent of six US credits
  • During Block 2, carry out an internship at a local business or non-profit organisation and receive the equivalent of three more US credits
  • Due to the requirement to obtain a UKBA Student visa in order to take part in our internship (ISS9IN), you must complete both Block 1 and 2
  • Please note an additional fee for a Student visa will apply

Applying from the EU, EEA or Switzerland?

  • You can enrol in both Block 1 and 2, though you’re not required to do so in order to take part in the internship module in Block 2
  • If you take part in Block 1, you will study two modules and receive the equivalent of ten ECTS credits
  • During Block 2, you will carry out an internship at a local business or non-profit organisation and receive the equivalent of five more ECTS credits
  • EU* students interested in the internship only are encouraged to contact A reduced fee for this option may apply.

Our International Summer School students have successfully completed internships at organisations including:

  • Basketball Scotland
  • Creative Stirling
  • Scottish Children’s Reporter Administration
  • Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders' Museum
  • Forth Valley Disability Sport
  • The Conservation Volunteers
  • Marketing at the University of Stirling Management School