Faculty Staff

NameDesignationAreaEmail address
Prof Jayne Donaldson Dean of Faculty Pathfoot Building jayne.donaldson@stir.ac.uk
Morag Hunter Faculty Manager Pathfoot Building  m.e.hunter@stir.ac.uk
Lynne Black   Faculty Assistant Pathfoot Building l.m.black@stir.ac.uk
Evonne Fleming Clerical Officer Pathfoot Building e.a.fleming@stir.ac.uk
Ashley Hamilton Administrative Assistant (Undergraduate) Pathfoot Building ashley.hamilton@stir.ac.uk 
Liz Harris Administrative Assistant Pathfoot Building elizabeth.harris@stir.ac.uk
Lorraine Kerr Assessment Co-ordinator Pathfoot Building lorraine.kerr@stir.ac.uk
Mary Frances Kerr Finance Administrator Pathfoot Building m.f.kerr@stir.ac.uk
Barbara Kettlewell Faculty Administrator Pathfoot Building b.j.kettlewell@stir.ac.uk
Sarah King Learning and Teaching Administrator (on leave) Pathfoot Building sarah.mountford@stir.ac.uk
Moira Maron Administrative Assistant Pathfoot Building moira.maron@stir.ac.uk
Gerry Mason Learning and Teaching Administrator Pathfoot Building gerry.mason@stir.ac.uk
Kaye Mason Programming Officer Pathfoot Building kaye.mason@stir.ac.uk
Anne Patrick Programming Officer Pathfoot Building a.m.patrick@stir.ac.uk
Aprill Smith Assessment Co-ordinator Pathfoot Building a.e.smith@stir.ac.uk
Katerina Sochorova Receptionist Pathfoot Building katerina.sochorova@stir.ac.uk 
Sheryl Sproule Research Co-ordinator Pathfoot Building sheryl.sproule@stir.ac.uk
Matthew Turk Continuing Professional Development Co-ordinator Pathfoot Building health.sci.cpd@stir.ac.uk

Health Sciences Staff (Stirling)

NameDesignationAreaEmail address
Dr Ashley Shepherd Head of Health Sciences Pathfoot Building  ashley.shepherd@stir.ac.uk
Dr Purva Abhyankar Lecturer Pathfoot Building purva.abhyankar@stir.ac.uk
Federico Andreis Lecturer Statistician Pathfoot Building federico.andreis@stir.ac.uk 
Ms Kathryn Angus Research Officer Pathfoot Building kathryn.angus@stir.ac.uk
Mrs Lorraine Armstrong Clinical Academic Fellow Pathfoot Building lorraine.armstrong@stir.ac.uk
Dr Catherine Best Statistician/Health Researcher Pathfoot Building catherine.best2@stir.ac.uk
Dr Carol Bugge Associate Professor Pathfoot Building carol.bugge@stir.ac.uk
Agnieszka Burns Lecturer in Acute Nursing Pathfoot Building agnieszka.burns@stir.ac.uk
Dr Dawn Cameron Lecturer Pathfoot Building dawn.cameron@stir.ac.uk
Kate Clarke Lecturer Pathfoot Building k.m.clarke@stir.ac.uk
Margaret Conlon Lecturer Pathfoot Building margaret.conlon@stir.ac.uk
Dr Julie Cowie Lecturer Pathfoot Building julie.cowie@stir.ac.uk
Mrs Liz Cornwallis Lecturer Pathfoot Building elizabeth.cornwallis@stir.ac.uk
Dr Susanne Cruickshank Reader Pathfoot Building susanne.cruickshank@stir.ac.uk
Mr Bill Culbard Service User Advisor Pathfoot Building w.r.culbard1@stir.ac.uk
Dr Nicola Cunningham MacMillan Lecturer Pathfoot Building n.a.cunningham@stir.ac.uk
Gwen Drysdale Lecturer Pathfoot Building gwen.drysdale@stir.ac.uk
Claire Eades Lecturer Pathfoot Building c.e.eades@stir.ac.uk
Dr Josie Evans Associate Professor in Public Health Pathfoot Building josie.evans@stir.ac.uk
Marianne Fairley-Murdoch Lecturer Pathfoot Building marianne.murdoch@stir.ac.uk 
Dr David Fitzpatrick Senior Lecturer Pathfoot Building david.fitzpatrick@stir.ac.uk 
Ms Allison Ford Research Fellow Pathfoot Building a.j.ford@stir.ac.uk
Alison Hackett Lecturer Pathfoot Building alison.hackett@stir.ac.uk
Janet Hamill Lecturer Pathfooot Building janet.hamill1@stir.ac.uk 
Prof Sally Haw Professor of Public & Population Health Pathfoot Building  s.j.haw@stir.ac.uk
Dr Carina Hibberd Lecturer Pathfoot Building carina.hibberd@stir.ac.uk
Mrs Hazel Hill Lecturer Pathfoot Building  h.c.hill@stir.ac.uk
Aileen Ireland Research Assistant Pathfoot Building  a.v.ireland@stir.ac.uk
Anne Lackie Practice Education Facilitator NHS Forth Valley anne.lackie@nhs.net
Emma Lamont Lecturer Pathfoot Building emma.lamont@stir.ac.uk
Dr Kirsty Loudon Lecturer Pathfoot Building kirsty.loudon@stir.ac.uk
Christina McColl Practice Education Facilitator NHS Forth Valley christinamccoll@nhs.net
Suzanne McGregor Practice Education Facilitator NHS Forth Valley smcgregor4@nhs.net
Ms Colette McIntosh Senior Lecturer Pathfoot Building collette.mcintosh@stir.ac.uk
Susan Murray Statistician/Health Researcher Pathfoot Building susan.murray1@stir.ac.uk
Lynne Paterson Practice Education Facilitator NHS Forth Valley   
Dr Tony Robertson Lecturer Pathfoot Building tony.robertson@stir.ac.uk
Dr Gemma Ryde Research Fellow Pathfoot Building gemma.ryde@stir.ac.uk
Mrs Julia Scott Senior Lecturer and Associate Dean (Learning and Teaching) Pathfoot Building julia.scott@stir.ac.uk
Fiona Smith Senior Lecturer (Acute Nursing) Pathfoot Building fiona.smith@stir.ac.uk
Ivor Smith Lecturer Pathfoot Building ivor.smith@stir.ac.uk
Janet Smith Lecturer Pathfoot Building j.g.smith@stir.ac.uk
Janine Stewart Practice Education Facilitator NHS Forth Valley janine.stewart@nhs.net
Dr Kathleen Stoddart Senior Lecturer Pathfoot Building k.m.stoddart@stir.ac.uk
Lorna Stoppard Lecturer Pathfoot Building lorna.stoppard@stir.ac.uk 
Mrs Maggie Styles Lecturer Pathfoot Building  maggie.styles@stir.ac.uk
Dr Anne Taylor Lecturer Pathfoot Building a.d.taylor@stir.ac.uk
Angela Wallace Honorary Professor NHS Forth Valley  
Ashleigh Ward Lecturer Pathfoot Building a.l.ward@stir.ac.uk
Dr Karen Watchman Senior Lecturer Pathfoot Building karen.watchman@stir.ac.uk
Prof Andrew Watterson Professor of Health Effectiveness Pathfoot Building a.e.watterson@stir.ac.uk
Dr Joyce Wilkinson Lecturer Pathfoot Building j.e.wilkinson@stir.ac.uk
Ms Caroline Wilson Teaching Assistant Pathfoot Building caroline.wilson@stir.ac.uk
Jennifer Young Lecturer Pathfoot Building jennifer.young@stir.ac.uk

Institute of Social Marketing Staff

NameDesignationEmail address
Prof Linda Bauld Professor of Health Policy and 
Director of Institute
Dr Nathan Critchlow Research Assistant nathan.critchlow@stir.ac.uk 
Fiona Davidson Project Manager for GCRF fiona.davidson@stir.ac.uk 
Fiona Dobbie Research Fellow fiona.dobbie@stir.ac.uk
Mr Douglas Eadie Researcher douglas.eadie@stir.ac.uk
Dr Niamh Fitzgerald Senior Lecturer niamh.fitzgerald@stir.ac.uk
Ms Allison Ford Research Fellow a.j.ford@stir.ac.uk
Prof Gerard Hastings Professor gerard.hastings@stir.ac.uk 
Ms Anne Marie MacKintosh Senior Researcher a.m.mackintosh@stir.ac.uk
Danielle Mitchell Impact Student danielle.mitchell1@stir.ac.uk
Andrea Mohan Research Assistant a.r.mohan@stir.ac.uk 
Dr Crawford Moodie Research Officer c.s.moodie@stir.ac.uk 
Susan Murray Statistician/Health Researcher susan.murray1@stir.ac.uk
Ms Aileen Paton Research Co-ordinator aileen.paton@stir.ac.uk
Dr Richard Purves Research Fellow r.i.purves@stir.ac.uk
Dr Sean Semple Associate Professor sean.semple@stir.ac.uk 
Clare Sharp Impact Student clare.sharp1@stir.ac.uk
Ms Lesley Sinclair Research Officer l.a.sinclair@stir.ac.uk
Ms Martine Stead Researcher and 
Deputy Director of Institute
Isabelle Uny Research Assistant isabelle.uny@stir.ac.uk 


NameDesignationAreaEmail address
Prof Helen Cheyne Royal College of Midwives Professor of Midwifery and Deputy Director of NMAHP RU NMAHP Research Unit h.l.cheyne@stir.ac.uk
Dr Edward Duncan Associate Professor NMAHP Research Unit edward.duncan@stir.ac.uk
Dr David Fitzpatrick Visiting Research Fellow NMAHP Research Unit david.fitzpatrick@stir.ac.uk
Dr Emma France Senior Lecturer NMAHP Research Unit emma.france@stir.ac.uk
Dr Fiona Harris Associate Professor NMAHP Research Unit  fiona.harris1@stir.ac.uk
David Hill Research Fellow NMAHP Research Unit david.hill@stir.ac.uk
Prof Pat Hoddinott Chair in Primary Care NMAHP Research Unit  p.m.hoddinott@stir.ac.uk
Dr Gaylor Hoskins Clinical Academic Research Fellow NMAHP Research Unit  gaylor.hoskins@stir.ac.uk
Mrs Lorna Kerr Unit Manager NMAHP Research Unit  
Dr Emma King Research Fellow NMAHP Research Unit  
Keir Liddle Research Assistant NMAHP Research Unit keir.liddle@stir.ac.uk
Prof Margaret Maxwell Professor & Director of NMAHP RU NHAHP Research Unit margaret.maxwell@stir.ac.uk
Siobhan McDermott Admin Assistant NHAHP Research Unit siobhan.mcdermott@stir.ac.uk 
Matthew McDonald Research Assistant NMAHP Research Unit matthew.mcdonald@stir.ac.uk
Dr Jennifer Murray Research Fellow NMAHP Research Unit j.m.murray@stir.ac.uk
Avril Nicoll PhD Student NMAHP Research Unit avril.nicoll@stir.ac.uk
Nikki Rousseau Research Fellow NMAHP Research Unit nikki.rousseau@stir.ac.uk
Dr Lesley Scobbie Research Fellow NMAHP Research Unit lesley.scobbie@stir.ac.uk
Dr Karen Semple Research Assistant NMAHP Research Unit karen.semple@stir.ac.uk
Andrea Sinesi PhD Fellow NMAHP Research Unit andrea.sinesi@stir.ac.uk
Karen Stanton Clerical Assistant NMAHP Research Unit karen.stanton@stir.ac.uk
Heather Strachan Research Fellow NMAHP Research Unit heather.strachan@stir.ac.uk
Sarah Wane Research Assistant NMAHP Research Unit sarah.wane@stir.ac.uk
Anne Whittaker Associate Professor NMAHP Research Unit anne.whittaker@stir.ac.uk 


Sport Staff

NameTitleRoomTelephone - (01786)Email contact
Stuart Galloway Reader, Head of Sport 4B142 Cottrell  46 6494 s.d.r.galloway@stir.ac.uk
Justine Allen Senior Lecturer G13, Pathfoot 46 6474 justine.allen@stir.ac.uk
Calum Arthur Lecturer J3, Pathfoot 46 7345 calum.arthur@stir.ac.uk
Joe Bradley Senior Lecturer J8, Pathfoot  46 6493 j.m.bradley@stir.ac.uk
Naomi Brooks Senior Lecturer 4B135, Cottrell  46 6478 n.e.brooks@stir.ac.uk
Pete Coffee Senior Lecturer G11, Pathfoot 46 6253 peter.coffee@stir.ac.uk
Jenni Connelly Lecturer 3A74, Cottrell  46 6399 jenni.connelly1@stir.ac.uk
Paul Dimeo Senior Lecturer J13, Pathfoot 46 6499 paul.dimeo@stir.ac.uk
Gillian Dreczkowski Lab Manager 3B142, Cottrell  46 6297 g.m.dreczkowski@stir.ac.uk
Iain Gallagher Lecturer 4B133, Cottrell  46 6024 i.j.gallagher@stir.ac.uk
Chris Grigson Technician 3A70, Cottrell  46 6469 chris.grigson@stir.ac.uk
Lee Hamilton Lecturer 4V6, Cottrell  46 6475 d.l.hamilton@stir.ac.uk
Angus Hunter Associate Professor and Associate Dean (Research) 3A77, Cottrell  46 6497 a.m.hunter1@stir.ac.uk
Andrew Kirkland Lecturer E12, Pathfoot 46 6490 andrew.kirkland@stir.ac.uk 
Emma Lyons Lecturer E16, Pathfoot  46 6473 emma.lyons@stir.ac.uk
Stephen Macdonald Lecturer Pathfoot   stephen.macdonald@stir.ac.uk 
John Mathers Senior Lecturer E16, Pathfoot  46 6496 j.f.mathers@stir.ac.uk
Brian Minikin Lecturer E12, Pathfoot 46 7686 b.r.minikin@stir.ac.uk
Colin Moran Senior Lecturer 4B131, Cottrell  46 6510 colin.moran@stir.ac.uk
Stephen Morrow Senior Lecturer J9, Pathfoot 46 6495 s.h.morrow@stir.ac.uk
Marie Overbye Lecturer J9, Pathfoot   marie.overbye@stir.ac.uk
Irene A Reid Lecturer E27, Pathfoot  46 6492 i.a.reid@stir.ac.uk
Claudio Rocha Lecturer J4,
46 6388 claudio.rocha@stir.ac.uk 
John Taylor Research Fellow E21, Pathfoot  46 6479 john.taylor@stir.ac.uk
Kevin Tipton Professor of Sport, Health and Exercise Science 3A75 Cottrell  46 7816 k.d.tipton@stir.ac.uk
Niels Vollaard Lecturer 3A70 Cottrell  46 6488 n.vollaard@stir.ac.uk
Oliver Witard Senior Lecturer 3A68 Cottrell   46 6298 oliver.witard@stir.ac.uk
Sarah Zipp Lecturer     sarah.zipp@stir.ac.uk

Honorary Staff

NameDesignationAreaEmail address
Derek Casey Honorary Research Fellow    
Jane Dunbar Honorary Lecturer    
Lorelei Faulkner-Gibson Honorary Lecturer    
Stephen Leslie Honorary Professor  NHS Highland  
Gordon Mackay Honorary Professor    
Mrs Therese McGoldrick Honorary Senior Teaching Fellow    
Prof Catherine Niven Professor Emeritus    
Rory O'Neill Honorary Professor   rory.oneill@stir.ac.uk
Dr Richard Simpson Honorary Professor   richard.simpson@stir.ac.uk
Prof Tommy Starrs Professor Emeritus    
Terry Veitch Honorary Lecturer    
Kenneth Walker Honorary Professor NHS Highland  
Angela Wallace Honorary Professor NHS Forth Valley  
Angus Watson Honorary Professor of Colorectal Surgery NHS Highland ajw11@stir.ac.uk

Doctorate Students

NameDesignationAreaEmail address
Craig Adamson Clinical Doctorate Student (Nursing)

NHS Grampian


Christopher Aitchison Clinical Doctorate Student (Paramedicine)

The Scottish Ambulance Service


Mrs Lorraine Armstrong Clinical Academic Fellow   lorraine.armstrong@stir.ac.uk
Danika Attard PhD Student   d.m.attard@stir.ac.uk
Tina Barrows Clinical Doctorate Student (Nursing) NHS Highland tina.barrows@stir.ac.uk
Simon Browes Clinical Doctorate Student (Nursing)  Nottingham s.a.browes1@stir.ac.uk
June Brown Clinical Doctorate Student (Nursing) NHS Grampian j.g.brown@stir.ac.uk  
Karen Campbell Clinical Doctorate Student (Nursing) Napier University & Macmillan k.e.campbell@stir.ac.uk
Dr Clare Carolan Clinical Academic Fellow   clare.carolan@stir.ac.uk
Emma Caton Clinical Doctorate Student (Nursing) East Lancashire e.j.caton1@stir.ac.uk 
Campbell Chalmers Clinical Doctorate Student (Nursing) RNIB Campbell.chalmers@stir.ac.uk
Ross Chesham PhD Student   r.a.chesham@stir.ac.uk 
Steve Chinn PhD Student   stephen.chinn1@stir.ac.uk 
Kathleen Clarke Clinical Doctorate Student (Nursing)   k.m.clarke@stir.ac.uk
Karn Cliffe Clinical Doctorate Student (Midwifery) Dublin  k.c.cliffe@stir.ac.uk
Michael Connolly PhD Student   michael.connolly1@stir.ac.uk 
Colin Crookston Clinical Doctorate Student (Paramedicine) Scottish Ambulance Service


Suzanne Croy Clinical Doctorate Student (Nursing) Abertay


Helen Davies  Clinical Doctorate Student (Nursing) Aultbea and Gairloch


Francis Devine PhD Student  


Alexandra Donkin Clinical Doctorate Student (Nursing) UCLH a.m.donkin@stir.ac.uk  
Nadine Dougall Lecturer   nadine.dougall@stir.ac.uk
Claire Eades Lecturer   c.e.eades@stir.ac.uk
Kirsteen Ellis Clinical Doctorate Student (Nursing) NHS Healthcare Improvement Scotland k.s.ellis@stir.ac.uk
Pamela Flynn PhD Student   pamela.flynn@stir.ac.uk
Nicholas Fuller PhD Student   n.w.fuller@stir.ac.uk
Carolyn Gaskell PhD Student   c.a.gaskell@stir.ac.uk
Lynda Gibbons Clinical Doctorate Student (Nursing) Ireland Health Service l.j.gibbons1@stir.ac.uk
Lynne Gilmour PhD Student   lynne.gilmour1@stir.ac.uk 
Zamiwe Hara Clinical Doctorate Student (Nursing) NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde zamiwe.hara1@stir.ac.uk 
Laura Hulse Clinical Doctorate Student (Nursing) NHS Highland laura.hulse@stir.ac.uk
Christopher Hartley PhD   christopher.hartley@stir.ac.uk
Caroline Hiscox Clinical Doctorate Student (Nursing) NHS Grampian caroline.mcquillian@stir.ac.uk
Linda Hume Clinical Doctorate Student (Nursing) National Autistic Society linda.hume1@stir.ac.uk
Monica Inglis Clinical Doctorate Student (Nursing) NHS Forth Valley monica.inglis@stir.ac.uk
Ololade Ibrahim PhD Student   o.m.ibrahim@stir.ac.uk
Julie Johnson Clinical Doctorate Student (Dietetics) NHS Highland julie.johnson1@stir.ac.uk 
Wendy Johnson Clinical Doctorate Student (Physiotherapy) NHS Lothian w.j.johnson1@stir.ac.uk 
Christopher Johnston PhD Student   c.f.johnson@stir.ac.uk
Baraah Khan PhD Student   b.a.khan@stir.ac.uk
Daniel Jones PhD Student   daniel.jones@stir.ac.uk 
Deborah Kirby Clinical Doctorate Student (Dietetics) NHS Highland deborah.kirby@stir.ac.uk
Spyridon Kokolakis PhD Student   spyridon.kokolakis@stir.ac.uk
Alexis Kyriacou PhD Student   alexis.kyriacou@stir.ac.uk
Keir Liddle PhD Student   keir.liddle@stir.ac.uk
Seonaid MacKay PhD Student   s.c.mackay@stir.ac.uk
Marianne Lind Clinical Doctorate Student (Midwifery) NHS Fife


Kirstin MacGregor PhD Student   kirstin.macgregor1@stir.ac.uk 
Jacqueline Macrae Clinical Doctorate Student (Nursing) NHS Healthcare Improvement Scotland jacqueline.richardson@stir.ac.uk
Andriana Manta PhD Impact Student   andriana.manta1@stir.ac.uk
Donna McGowan Clinical Doctorate Student (Nursing) NHS Highland and Macmillan d.l.mcgowan@stir.ac.uk
Karen McMahon Clinical Doctorate Student (Nursing) UWS karen.mcmahon@stir.ac.uk
Fiona MacNeill PhD Student   fiona.macneill@stir.ac.uk
Martin Malcolm PhD Student   martin.malcolm@stir.ac.uk
Karen Methven Clinical Academic Fellow   k.e.methven@stir.ac.uk
Danielle Mitchell PhD Impact Student   danielle.mitchell1@stir.ac.uk
Wendy Mitchell Clinical Doctorate Student (Nursing) NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde w.l.mitchell@stir.ac.uk
Andrea Mohan PhD Student   a.r.mohan@stir.ac.uk
Kenneth Murray PhD Student   k.j.murray1@stir.ac.uk 
Yvonne Murray Clinical Doctorate Student (Nursing) The State Hospital yvonne.murray@stir.ac.uk
Marlene Murty Clinical Doctorate Student (Nursing) NHS Ayrshire and Arran marlene.murty@stir.ac.uk
Avril Nicoll PhD Student   avril.nicoll@stir.ac.uk
JP Nolan Clinical Doctorate Student (Nursing) Health Services Ireland j.n.nolan@stir.ac.uk
Sharon Oswald Clinical Doctorate Student (Nursing) NHS Forth Valley sharon.oswald@stir.ac.uk
Andrea Pascall PhD Student   a.m.pascall@stir.ac.uk
Linda Patterson Clinical Doctorate Student (Nursing) NHS Ayrshire & Arran l.f.patterson@stir.ac.uk
Vicki Price Clinical Doctorate Student (Nursing) NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde vicki.price1@stir.ac.uk 
Noreen Reid Clinical Doctorate Student (Nursing) Weldmar Hospicecare Trust, Dorset noreen.reid@stir.ac.uk
Christopher Rice Clinical Doctorate Student (Nursing)   christopher.rice@stir.ac.uk

Karen Rimicans

Clinical Doctorate Student (Nursing) The Falkland Islands


Suzie Robinson-Southey

Clinical Doctorate Student (Nursing) King's Lynn/ YAS


Monika Rybacka Clinical Doctorate Student (Nursing) RNU Oxford monika.rybacka1@stir.ac.uk 
Pamela Scott Clinical Doctorate Student (Nursing) NHS Forth Valley pamela.scott@stir.ac.uk
Clare Sharp PhD Impact Student   clare.sharp1@stir.ac.uk
Colin Shore PhD Student    
Andrea Sinesi Research Assistant   andrea.sinesi@stir.ac.uk
Cameron Smith Clinical Doctorate Student (Nursing) Robert Gordon University cameron.smith1@stir.ac.uk
Joanna Smith PhD Student   joanna.smith@stir.ac.uk
Simon Taylor PhD Student   simon.taylor1@stir.ac.uk
Robert Thomson Clinical Doctorate Student (Nursing) NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde robert.thomson@stir.ac.uk
Kate Toft Clinical Doctorate Student (Speech and Language Therapy) NHS Lothian katherine.toft1@stir.ac.uk 
John Veto Clinical Doctorate Student (Podiatry) NHS Lothian j.a.veto@stir.ac.uk
Ashleigh Ward Lecturer   a.l.ward@stir.ac.uk
Julie Warrender Clinical Doctorate Student (Nursing) NHS Grampian julie.warrender1@stir.ac.uk 
Flora Watson Clinical Doctorate Student (Nursing) NHS Grampian and Macmillan f.c.watson@stir.ac.uk
Jennifer Wilson Clinical Doctorate Student (Nursing) NHS Forth Valley and Macmillan jennifer.wilson@stir.ac.uk


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