The Faculty of Health Sciences and Sport manages a comprehensive collection of sports facilities, which are spread across our scenic campus, including a golf course, floodlit grass and artificial pitches and ten indoor and outdoor tennis courts.

Cutting edge research and analytical laboratories provide the perfect base to develop innovative health and exercise science solutions for society while new performance assessment laboratories help athletes gain the edge on their competitors.

Sports Centre

Our sports facilities are collectively part of the University Sports Centre.

Research facilities

Our research facilities comprise:

  • Exercise intervention laboratory (for exercise training studies using stepping, cycle ergometry or treadmill walking exercise modes).
  • Body composition laboratory (with iDXA scanner, skinfold calipers, multi-frequency impedance analysis).
  • Muscle biopsy room / resting laboratory (area with hospital bed to enable collection of tissue samples or for prolonged resting in stable isotope tracer infusion studies).
  • Resistance exercise laboratory (to provide stimulus to examine skeletal muscle response to loading).
  • Exercise Physiology laboratory (treadmill and cycle ergometry to provide stimulus to examine cardiorespiratory and metabolic responses to exercise using ECG and indirect calorimetry).
  • Neuromuscular function laboratory (with isokinetic dynamometer and surface electromyography including high density EMG, muscle stimulators and ultrasound and laser Doppler equipment for monitoring muscle architecture and blood flow responses to muscle).
  • Nutrition laboratory (fully functioning kitchen to enable meal preparation for nutrition studies)
  • Cell culture laboratory (including two incubators, flow cabinet, and microscopy).
  • Analytical laboratories (two laboratories housing multiple pieces of equipment such as cryostat, automated clinical chemistry analyser, plate reader and washer, gel electrophoresis and quantitative imaging equipment for analysis of proteins, equipment for radioactive sample handling, liquid scintillation counter, qPCR.    

Performance assessment facilities

Our performance assessment facilities comprise:

  • Active rehabilitation laboratory for biomechanical analysis
  • Performance Assessment laboratory with state-of-the-art treadmill
  • A consultancy room for doctors and nutritionists
  • A pilates reformer space
  • Three treatment areas for physiotherapy

Nursing Facilities

Our nursing students use a mixture of teaching environments including dedicated teaching and skills lab facilities.  Clinical placements are mainly taken around the NHS Forth Valley area.

In addition to teaching, a wide variety of support, career, student and recreational facilities are found on the campus.

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