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Quality Improvement for All: Practicum update, September 2014

QI Practicum projects University of Stirling map August 2014Around 230 undergraduate nursing students completed a small scale quality improvement (QI) project (Practicum), as an academic assignment, while on clinical placement earlier this year. Many thanks to all of our clinical colleagues who supported students during their projects.

Our belief is that the most effective way to build QI capacity and capability is to embed QI as a core undergraduate nursing skill for all. The map demonstrates the reach and potential impact of this large scale approach. We are conducting a pilot evaluation to establish what needs to be improved for student learning and for sustainability. We are currently collecting and analysing data.

Learn more about the fantastic work our students are achieving with the Practicum

Stirling's QI work is on the map!

The University of Stirling was the first university in Europe to embed the Practicum into its undergraduate nursing curriculum.

The Institute for Healthare Improvement has launched an interactive map of organisations teaching the IHI Practicum within the undergraduate curriculum.

Check out the map!

Newsletter - May 2014

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February 2014: Practicum Presentations

Mental health students presenting their QI work, February 2014A group of semester 8 Mental Health students delivered an overview of their quality improvement practicum projects to clinical staff at Forth Valley Royal Hospital and academic staff from the University.

They described work in the areas of allergy alerts, medicines management, oral hygiene, and documentation completion.

Newsletter - December 2013

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November 2013:  Undergraduate Students' QI Work

We are delighted and excited to be preparing for all of our undergraduate students (250 approx) to be doing a quality improvement (QI) project as part of their penultimate module in January 2014. We believe that to truly change the QI culture in practice we need to equip future nurses with basic QI skills and knowledge. Our experience of supervising and teaching QI has influenced our belief that to understand QI you need to do QI, therefore we are pushing ahead to move QI theory to QI practice. We have done a lot of work to prepare for this improvement including:

  • students have tested various aspects of the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) Practicum
  • adaptation of supporting paperwork to fit our academic system
  • hold monthly QI Practicum working group meetings with clinical and academic staff
  • continually learn from small scale testingrevise our QI curriculum to ensure students are prepared for the Practicum

Please contact us if you would like more information

October 2013:  Reducing Harm Improving Care - All teach, all learn

We hosted the Reducing Harm, Improving Care (RHIC) Conference at the University of Stirling on Thursday 24 October. The conference was predominantly aimed at undergraduate health and social care students as improvers. This year we aimed to bring together students from medicine, nursing and social work to “All Teach and All Learn” something about improving quality of frontline care for the population of Scotland and beyond.

Organisation and leadership of the RHIC events is rotational and usually determined by geographical location. This conference was a collaborative venture between the University of Stirling and NHS Forth Valley, although many others were involved. Our theme was All Teach, All Learn as this fits with our philosophy of quality improvement (QI) learning – that we all need to know something about QI to change culture and we all have knowledge to share about QI, regardless of position or role.

We featured keynote speakers and three essential QI themes of reliability, resilience and empathy. Workshops had an engaging focus, with practical application. We worked with NHS Forth Valley and undergraduate students to ensure these sessions meet their needs and enable participants to ‘All Teach, All Learn’.

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Newsletter - May 2013

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Newsletter - January 2013

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November 2012

“Reducing Harm, Improving Healthcare” Western General Hospital, Edinburgh, Friday 2 November

A group of enthusiastic 3rd year students attended this conference. The theme of the day was ‘diagnosis and handover’. There were a number of lectures in the morning followed by interactive workshops on-‘Diagnosing Pulmonary Embolism, Improving handovers, Recognising Sepsis and Who’s diagnosis is it anyway?’

Great to see the University of Stirling's Nursing, Midwifery and Health so well represented.

October 2012

We know that to really understand Quality Improvement (QI), you need to actually do QI. That’s why we are keen to get our undergraduate student nurses to undertake a QI project. Our semester 8 (third year)
students have delivered an assessed presentation on something they wanted to change or improve from their clinical practice.

This has evolved over the last few years to reflect quality improvement methods. We would now like to progress this further by getting students to present how they have actually tackled a QI project in practice, rather than hypothetically.

The Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) have designed an online course called the Practicum.
The Practicum aims to walk students through the steps necessary to conduct a QI project. We think the Practicum may be a valuable resource to get our students doing QI. We are currently ‘testing’ aspects of the Practicum. So far we have set up a Practicum Working Group, which includes clinical staff from our three associated boards, we have tested accessibility of the module with students and staff and we have one student currently working through the Practicum. To accelerate our testing we are keen to offer our next semester 8 students the opportunity to use the Practicum to complete their semester 8 work. At this stage, completing the Practicum is voluntary. We are in regular communication with IHI who are keen to support our venture.

September 2012

The first run of our QI Masters level dissertations have been marked and we are delighted and proud of the standard of work which has been submitted. From improving medicine reconciliation to utilising a risk assessment tool for low risk chest pain, the diversity and standard of the work is impressive.

As well as applying theoretical knowledge in insightful ways we are delighted to see their work actually impacting on frontline patient care. For example, one of our students recognised that devising a compulsory weight field for discharge prescribing in paediatrics was necessary for sustainable improvement. This technical change will now be taking place, therefore this forcing function will enable safer paediatric prescribing across the whole hospital.

Of course, like all professional development, this work has been undertaken whilst students manage busy full-time posts, families and other commitments. Their drive to improve quality is vital – as Donabedian reminded us “Ultimately, the secret of quality is love.

Newsletter - August 2012

Check our QI Developments Stirling - Newsletter August 2012

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