Completed Doctorate Dissertations

Dawn Cameron, 2017 (PhD)

Exploring the application of self-monitoring of blood glucose results in insulin-treated diabetes: A case study of patients, their support persons and health care practitioners

Nidia Rodriguez Sanchez, 2017 (PhD) Hydration and fluid balance: Studies on body composition, drink formulation and ageing
Daragh Sheridan, 2017 (PhD) The Role of Social Support in Youth Sport
Caroline Rennie, 2017 (DNur)

New normal: a grounded theory study of reconciling change in appearance and function for men with head and neck cancer

Georgiana Cairns, 2016 (PhD)

Is the Emperor Naked? Rethinking approaches to responsible food marketing policy and research

Alison Coull, 2016 (PhD)

Leg ulceration in young people who inject drugs; causative factors, and how harm may be reduced - a mixed methods approach

Hazel Hill, 2016 (PhD) Psychosocial support within the everyday work of hospice ward nurses: an observational study
Lewis Macgregor, 2016 (PhD)

Neuromuscular Markers of High Performance Sport Preparation: Muscle Contractile Mechanics

Lindsay Macnaughton, 2016 (PhD) The Relationship of Lean Body Mass and Protein Feeding: The Science Behind the Practice

Siti Roshaidai Binti Mohd Arifin, 2016 (PhD)

Perspectives of Postnatal Depression in Malaysia: Exploring Experiences of Women and Healthcare Practitioners

Mhairi Simpson, 2016 (DNur)

Experiences of Carers of People with Lung Cancer: a qualitative study
Michelle Beattie, 2016 (PhD) Measuring the Patient Experience of Hospital Quality of Care
Jayne Galinsky, 2016 (PhD) A grounded theory study of dream fulfilment in children and young people with life-threatening and long-term conditions and their families
Ruth Astbury, 2015, (DNur) What processes will support effective shared decision making when health visitors and parents are planning to impose the wellbeing of babies and children within the context of the Getting It Right for Every Child (GIRFEC) Policy framework?
Ali Alshraifeen, 2015 (PhD) Influence of Spirituality on Health Outcomes and General Well-Being in Patients with End-Stage Renal Disease
Mary Steele, 2015 (PhD) Development of a theory and evidence informed intervention to promote smoking cessation during pregnancy using narrative, text-messages and images as modes of delivery
James Taylor, 2015 (PhD) The experiences of military veterans prior to and during incarceration in Scottish prisons: An analysis of mental and social wellbeing
Sarah Annesley, 2015 (PhD) A qualitative study of policy and action: How the Scottish Government has implemented self-management support for people with long-term conditions (LTCs)
 Kirsty Darwent, 2015 (PhD) The Experience of Being the First to Breastfeed in a Family: An Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis
David Fitzpatrick, 2015 (PhD) Hypoglycaemic emergencies attended by the Scottish Ambulance Service: a multiple methods investigation 
Mark Grindle, 2015 (PhD) The Power of Digital Storytelling to Influence Human Behaviour


Lesley Scobbie, 2015 (PhD)

The development and initial evaluation of a Goal setting and Action Planning (G-AP) framework for use in community based stroke rehabilitation


Allison Smith, 2015 (DNur)


A qualitative multiple case study investigating information exchange at lung cancer consultations


Vivian J Crispin, 2014 (PhD)

Information exchange between patients and nurses during routine nursing care in ward settings: A qualitative multiple case study

Margaret E Edwards, 2014 (PhD) Confidence in Initiation of Breastfeeding
Alyssa S Galinsky, 2014 (PhD) Promoting physical activity among postnatal women: the More Active Mums in Stirling (MAMMiS) study
Sally E C Boa, 2014 (PhD) The Development and Evaluation of a Goal Setting and Action Planning Framework for Use in Palliative Care (G-AP PC)
Ewan McDonald, 2014 (PhD) Spatial-temporal Analysis of Endocrine Disruptor Pollution, Neighbourhood Stress, Maternal Age and Related Factors as Potential Determinants of Birth Sex Ratio in Scotland
Janet A McKay, 2014, (DNur) A Feasibility and Exploratory Study of Cardiac Rehabilitation in Acute Coronary Syndrome
Naglaa F A Youssef, 2013 (PhD) Health-related quality of life, symptoms experience and perceived social support among patients with liver cirrhosis: a cross-sectional study in Egypt
Nicola Ring, 2013 (PhD) A Critical Analysis of Evidence-Based Practice in Healthcare: The Case of Asthma Action Plans
Ewan E McDonald, 2013 (PhD) Spatial-temporal analysis of endocrine disruptor pollution, neighbourhood stress, maternal age and related factors as potential determinants of birth sex ratio in Scotland
Theresa Ikegwuonu, 2012 (EdD) A Balancing Act: An investigation of people’s experiences and explanations of recurrent hypoglycaemia and help-seeking behaviour
Keith A Colver, 2012 (MPhil) Ambulance Service Treat and Refer Guidelines: A qualitative investigation into the use of Treat and Refer Guidelines by Ambulance Clinicians
Karen E Robertson, 2012 (DNur) The diffusion of joint mother and baby psychiatric hospital admissions in the UK: An historical analysis
Lawrence K Doi, 2012 (PhD) Screening and alcohol brief interventions in antenatal care: a realistic evaluation
Jenny Jones, 2012 (PhD) The acute (immediate) specific haemodynamic effects of reflexology
Marie Ross-Davie, 2012 (PhD) Measuring the quantity and quality of midwifery support of women during labour and childbirth: The development and testing of the 'Supportive Midwifery in Labour Instrument'
David M Bright, 2011 (PhD) Being homeless: The influence of personality and coping styles on health outcomes
Anne Taylor, 2011 (PhD) How people affected with laryngeal cancer source and use different types of information over time: a longitudinal qualitative study
Roma Maguire, 2011 (PhD) Where is the Person in Symptom Cluster Research? The Experience of Symptom Clusters in Patients with Advanced Lung Cancer
Fiona Best, 2011 (MPhil) Patterns of Hormone Replacement Therapy use in women with hysterectomy and bilateral oophorectomy; a retrospective study of women in Central Scotland.
Evonne Curran, 2011 (DNur) The system of aseptic preparation of intravenous drugs in clinical care settings
Angie Docherty, 2010 (DNur) Does the socioeconomic background of pregnant women make a difference to their perceptions of antenatal care? A qualitative case study
Alex Woods, 2009 (PhD) Responses to chest pain. Development and initial evaluation of an evidence-based information resource
Patricia Thomson, 2008 (PhD) Complex factors that influence patient and partner and dyad outcome 4 months after coronary artery bypass grafting surgery
Catherine B Hutchison, 2008 (DNur) A randomised controlled trial of an audiovisual patient information intervention in cancer clinical trials
Morven I Miller, 2008 Evaluation of a nurse-led intervention (SNA-P) to improve patients' experiences of chemotherapy-related nausea and fatigue
Annetta Smith, 2008 (PhD) An action research inquiry exploring the transfer of pain knowledge from a continuing education course into practice
Maggie Styles, 2008 (MPhil) 'The STORK Study' : the Scottish trial of refer or keep : Midwives' Intrapartum Decision Making
Lisa Kidd, 2008 (PhD) An exploration of patients' perceived control, self efficacy and involvement in self care during chemotherapy for colorectal cancer
Michael Gilbertson, 2008 (PhD) Injury to health: A forensic audit of the Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement (1972-2005), with special reference to congenital Minimata disease
Gail Eva, 2007 (PhD) Spinal cord compression secondary to cancer: disability and rehabilitation
Barbara Farquharson, 2007 (PhD) How people present symptoms of acute coronary syndrome to health services: An analysis using the commonsense model of self-regulation
Audrey Morrison, 2007 (PhD) An Exploratory Study of Priority Setting in Gynaecology Nursing Practice
Fiona Kelly, 2007 (PhD) Well-being and expression of self in dementia: interactions in long-term wards and creative sessions
Rohini Terry, 2006 (PhD) Memory for Pain - Recalling the quality and intensity of expected acute pain
Susan Baxter, 2005 (PhD) An Examination of how Nurses use the Waterlow Scale for Judgement and Decision Making in Continuing Care
Juping Yu, 2005 (PhD) Attitudes towards sexual behaviour of British born Chinese teenagers
Jennifer Tocher, 2005 (PhD) Postoperative pain in patients undergoing Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Repair: Satisfaction with and Expectations of Pain Management.
Dianne Cameron, 2004 (PhD) Living with the Urge: A Study Exploring the Experiences of People who Self-Injure
Margaret Keith, 2004 (PhD) Analysis of a worker-based participatory action research approach to the identification of selected occupational health and safety problems in Canada using mapping.
James T Brophy, 2004 (PhD) Cancer and Work in Canada with particular reference to occupational risk factors in breast cancer patients in one community and related selected research methods used to investigate those factors.


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