Study on a part-time basis

It is possible to study on a part-time basis for a degree or personal interest during the day. Most part-time students can achieve their degree in five years, however they can take longer if they wish.


Award of credit for prior qualifications

Can I receive credit for previous qualifications?

Yes! We award credit on admission for certain qualifications gained before coming to Stirling which means you may be able to shorten the length of time at University to get a degree.

What can it count towards?

Though it may not necessarily add up to an entire year’s exemption, any credit given can contribute to your final degree. Credit is normally at first year University level (SCQF Level 8), but subject-specific credit can be at any level, although normally at the first two years’ University level (SCQF level 8 and 9).

What is it normally given for?

The most common credit awarded is for prior degrees, HNDs and professional qualifications. (Please note, we currently don’t normally award credit for HNCs, apart from specific articulation agreements.)

School leavers whose grades and subjects are of a certain level may be able to enter into Year 2. Please see the relevant page for your chosen programme.

It may also be possible for such students to join in February with partial year credit. Credit for A-levels or Advanced Highers can be given at a rate of two University module credits for each relevant qualification.

Students who hold an existing degree are normally given credit to the equivalent of one year’s study if the degree programme permits.

Does it happen automatically?

Credit is awarded automatically if we deem it suitable on application. However, if you wish to request credit for other professional qualifications, please contact us prior to entry. Credit cannot be awarded retrospectively once you have started your programme.

Building your Degree

How do I build and complete my degree?

Part-time students can progress at a pace which suits them, taking either one or two modules at a time, starting in September or February. The number of modules part-time students take each semester will determine the length of time it will take to complete the degree. Whilst there is no time limit to complete a degree most part-time students who are able to take two modules each semester complete their degree in five years. In some cases students can gain credit for previous qualifications, enabling them to achieve a degree qualification in a shorter period.

The system is flexible enough to allow students to change from full-time to part-time quite easily, and to continue collecting credits while they do so.

How much do I have to study each week?

Part-time students will join full-time students in undergraduate classes, with one module of study generally requiring a minimum of three separate one hour sessions each week. You will have the option of taking one or two modules per semester. 

In addition to attending classes, students are expected to undertake independent study for each module. On average, students are expected to study three hours for every hour in the classroom researching coursework.

Do I need to enrol for a full degree?

No. Students can enrol for single modules of study (on a stand-alone basis). Some of these are half modules, providing you with a ‘taster’ of university life without making a full commitment to studying a degree. In addition, if you don't have the normal entrance requirements then you may initially be offered a module or half module on a stand-alone basis. After successful completion of one or two modules you can transfer onto the part-time degree programme, carrying the credit achieved from the stand-alone module(s) into your degree.

Can I study to Honours level?

To study to Honours level, most students will have to come onto the programme on a full-time basis nearing the end of their studies. Final year dissertations require full-time study and many specific Honours modules are only available during the day.

Students who are thinking of undertaking the Honours programme in their chosen field should discuss this with their Adviser of Studies as early as possible in their academic programme.

How much will part-time study cost?

Payment plans are available to allow you to pay in instalments. Fees are subject to annual review. Information on how to pay fees is sent out with registration details.

To find out how much a course will cost please go to the following links:- 

Financial support may be available for some students depending upon your individual situation. For further advice please contact:-

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