Travellers Cheques/Currency Requisition

Requests for travellers cheques and/or foreign currency should be submitted on the attached form at least five working days prior to departure.

The following notes govern the conditions upon which each Travel Requisition is granted,

1. It is a condition of granting advance of expenses that:

    a) Full account for the advance is provided within 15 working days of return from a trip.

    b) Receipts must be submitted in support of all expenses

    c) Any unspent balances must be returned, to the Cash Office, with the report on expenditure.

2. The travellers cheques/currency requisition should be passed to the Finance Office as soon as possible. The Bank will require at least 5 working days advance notice to order currency. Please also note that the Bank will require those collecting travellers cheques/ currency to present some means of identification and also a copy of the requisition when uplifting their requisition.

3. The Bank will normally determine the denominations supplied

4. Failure to supply details of the advance will be notified to you within 8 working days after the date of return and you will be expected to produce an account within a further 7 days.

5. Failure to produce receipts will necessitate the advance being taxed at the next pay date. It could also prejudice a request for further advances at a future date.

6. Where the Head of Department is ordering for themselves a separate, independent authorization is required.


Travellers Cheques/Currency Requisition

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