Processing and recording of Income Receipts

The University receives income that relates to invoices that have been already raised on the Agresso finance system or general income where an invoice does not exist on the Agresso finance system.

Income Received relating to an invoice on Agresso

If payment relates to an invoice that already exists on Agresso then you do not need to use a Cash Office Income form. Please send the payment direct to the Cash Office with relevant details – i.e. Invoice No. Account No.

Income Received does not relate to an invoice on Agresso

All cash and cheques received in a department that does not relate to an invoice(s) already raised on Agresso should be recorded on the appropriate Cash Office Income form and delivered to the Cash Office on a daily basis. (It is noted that some departments have special arrangements that enable to pay receipts to the Bank direct)

The Cash Office has a different form for cash and cheque receipts and please ensure that you use the appropriate form according to the income you are lodging. When completing the form please provide the following,

  • A valid Account code.
  • A valid and complete V.A.T code.
  • A suitable narrative.
  • Details of each cheque.
  • Separate Cash into notes and coins into the denominations requested.

Cash Office Income forms should be completed in duplicate as it will be returned to you as receipt of your lodgement.

General points on dealing with Cash holding

The custody of all cash holdings must comply with the requirements of the University’s Fidelity Guarantee insurance conditions (link).

No deductions may be made from any cash collected on behalf of the University prior to paying into the Cash Office.

Personal or other cheques must not be cashed out of money received on behalf of the University.

Cheque Income Form

Cash Income Form

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