Collection of commercial Debt

Departments are responsible for running reports, through the Agresso Finance system, detailing their outstanding sales invoices. These reports should be monitored regularly by the department to ensure that any disputed accounts are resolved and that reasons for non payment are established and reported to the Cash Office.

Sending reminders to debtors is the sole responsibility of the Debt Control Section within The Cash Office (Finance). In most cases this will consist of a prescribed process dictated by the reminders intervals set up on the Finance system and responses from debtors.

The following steps will be taken by the Cash Office to recover debt.


  • Statement sent on due date
  • First reminder letter sent 30 days after due date
  • Second reminder letter sent 15 days after first reminder letter
  • Final reminder letter sent 15 days after second letter (60 days after due date)
  • Referral to Debt collection Agency


As part of the above process the Cash Office will advise the department, (person who has raised the invoice), when the Second Reminder Letter has been sent. The department is then responsible for contacting the customer to establish the reason for non payment and reporting back to the Cash Office.

The Cash Office will advise the department again when the Final Reminder Letter has been sent. At this point the department should advise if there is any reason that the debt should not be referred to the University Debt Agency for collection. It is important that the department is aware that the debt is now regarded as a potential bad debt and that no further goods or services are provided when the debt is at this level.

Individual transactions will only be withheld from the debt collection process by the Cash Office.

Queries on commercial debt should be made to the Debt Controller by e-mailing

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