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Inverness Graduation


The next Inverness graduation ceremony is due to take place on Friday 1 November 2019 at 12pm. 

  • Register to graduate

    How do I register to graduate?

    You will receive a registration email to your University email by 10 September 2019 to your University email account.

    During the registration process you will be able to choose from two options:

    1. Graduate in person on the date you have been offered
    2. Graduate in absentia

    When is the deadline to register?

    The deadline is Friday 20 September 2019.

    What happens if I don’t wish to attend the graduation ceremony?

    You may choose to graduate in absentia. In this case, you would not attend the graduation ceremony or graduate in person, but your name can be included in the graduation press listing and the graduation t-shirt which is produced prior to each ceremony. Your certificate would be posted to your home address. 

    Check your address

    When you register to graduate, you will have the opportunity to amend your address to ensure that we send your degree certificate to the correct address.  Please note if you do not complete the online registration your certificate will be posted to the home address currently held on your record. It is your responsibility to ensure that this information is correct.

    How much is the fee?

    No fee is charged for the conferral of degrees, or to attend a graduation ceremony, or to graduate in absentia.

  • Guest tickets

    How many tickets will I receive?

    When you opt to graduate in person, you are entitled to two guest tickets to attend the ceremony and graduation reception, plus a ticket for you as the graduand. All tickets are collected on your graduation day, no tickets are sent out in advance.

    When you registration for graduation, it is important that you tell us the number of guest tickets you require – zero, one or two. Please choose the correct number, as you will not be able to alter this after the deadline has passed. Note that all guests, including children, require a ticket to enter the Cathedral.

    Can I apply for additional guest tickets?

    The availability of additional guest tickets cannot be guaranteed.

    If additional tickets are available, information about how to purchase them and when will be sent to your University email account on 25 September 2019.  

    As we cannot guarantee the supply of additional tickets, we advise that you do not make travel or accommodation arrangements for your guests until such time as you have purchased guest tickets for them.

    When will I receive my tickets?

    You will collect all tickets on the day of graduation from the Kenneth Street Hall.

  • Academic dress and photography

    Academic dress hire and dress code

    Throughout the ceremony, and when crossing the graduation stage, all graduands must wear a University of Stirling academic gown and hood appropriate to the award to be conferred.

    You can hire the hood and gown from Ede & Ravenscroft. Get all the information on how to hire the academic dress and what hood you require

    Graduation photography

    On graduation day photography is provided by Ede & Ravenscroft, the official photographer of the University. There are a variety of photography pack options available. For more details please visit the Ede & Ravenscroft website.

  • On your graduation day: venues, ceremony and reception

    What to do on graduation day

    We use several venues for the graduation ceremony and reception, make sure you know where they all are in advance. Download our guide Inverness Graduation - what to do on the day (PDF).


    It is recommended that you arrive at the Kenneth Street Hall by 10:30am.

    Car parking

    There is a small (council owned) car park to the rear of St Andrews’s Cathedral (payment required). Please note that no cars should be parked on the grass area surrounding the Cathedral.

    Graduand registration, guest ticket collection and robing

    On arrival please go to the Kenneth Street Hall to register, collect your graduation ticket and to collect any guest tickets along with your academic dress.

    You must have completed registration by 11.00am for your name to be called in the ceremony.


    The official photography service is located in the Kenneth Street Hall and the Centre for Health Science.  

    Your ceremony

    Your ceremony will commence at 12.00pm. Please ensure you are seated in the correct seat in St Andrew’s Cathedral by 11.20am

    Your guests must be seated in the Cathedral by 11.30am.

    End of your ceremony

    All graduates will process out of the ceremony so we recommend that you pre-arrange a meeting point with your guests re-joining them somewhere within the environs of the Cathedral.

    Graduation reception

    The reception will be held from 1:30 to 3:00pm at the Centre for Health Science where you can celebrate with family, classmates and friends – please retain your graduation ticket as you can exchange this for a celebratory drink and a selection of finger food.

    Car parking is available, but we suggest that guests car share or use alternative modes of transport where possible. Car parking charges are in operation. 

    Purchase your memento

    At the reception you will also find a selection of information stands and stalls selling commemorative graduation souvenirs and merchandise.

    Return of Academic Dress

    Your academic dress can be returned to either:

    • Kenneth Street Hall
    • Centre for Health Science

    Venue accessibility

    St Andrews Cathedral, Kenneth Street Hall and the Centre for Health Science are accessible venues

    What to do if you are running late on the day (or in case of emergency)

    Don’t panic. Please contact 01786 466891 so that we can discuss your options.

Terms and Conditions

Please read our Graduation Terms and Conditions for further information.

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