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Register to graduate

All students must register to graduate, whether attending the ceremony or not.

How do I register to graduate?

We will send a graduation registration email to your University email address in the Spring (for summer graduations) and October (for winter graduations). You should complete the online registration as soon as possible. You must apply by the date specified in your registration email. During the registration process you will be able to choose from these options:

  1. Graduate in person on the date you have been offered
  2. Graduate in absentia, meaning that you chose not to attend the ceremony in person

What happens if I don’t receive an invitation?

If you have not received an email and are expecting to graduate, please contact the Timetabling, Exams and Graduation team at

What happens if I forget to register?

The University aims to accommodate all students who wish to graduate, but only in exceptional circumstances will applications be considered after registration closes. If you are late with your application but still wish to graduate, please contact the Timetabling, Exams and Graduation team immediately on 01786 467059 or

What happens if I don’t want to attend the graduation ceremony?

You can choose to graduate in absentia.

Can I graduate if I have outstanding fees or other debts?

If you have not discharged all outstanding financial liabilities held with the University you may not be eligible to graduate. If you are experiencing difficulty making payment, please contact the Income Office on 01786 466699.

Should I wait to register until I know my exam results?

No, you should register your intention regardless of whether you know the outcome of your exams.

Terms and Conditions

Please read our Graduation Terms and Conditions.

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