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Tapas, Templates and Temperance

28 Sep 2018, 2.00PM–3.45PM
Maitland Room, Iris Murdoch Building
Dr Neil Hamlet
Tapas, Templates and Temperance

At this event, Neil will present a variety of brief insights from his public health lens to the interplay between housing and wellbeing.

How ‘Rafters’ and ‘Relationships’, ‘Bricks’ and ‘Biology’, ‘Homes’ and ‘Hope’ work together across the life-course to make or break our experience of wellbeing in ourselves and our society.

Any examination of human disconnection and disadvantage leads us into a web of complexity as we try to unpick cause from consequence, rights from responsibilities. Neil will introduce us to some ‘templates’ which may help us to revise how we approach working in this area. In particular the 5Rs – Rafters, Relationships, Resources, Restoration, and Resilience. Finally the concept of ‘temperance’ – but not in its usual meaning will be applied to ourselves and our organisations in how we journey with and empower our clients into positive futures no matter their pasts.

The event is led by the Salvation Army Centre for Addiction Services and Research, University of Stirling. Read more about the Centre.

Neil has worked in public health for the past 17 years in Highland, Forth Valley, Lanarkshire and for the past 11 years as a Consultant in Public Health Medicine in Fife.

His initial medical training was General Practice but he spent 10 years in Nepal as Director of an NGO running a TB and Leprosy Control Programme for the Nepali Government and latterly as Medical Director for the organisation in Kathmandu.

His remit is wide ranging but essentially about population wellbeing, and the reduction of health inequalities and the social and environmental factors that underlie disadvantage in its many forms. He is passionate about the importance of housing as a key foundation for creating and sustaining health and wellbeing across the life-course.

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