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The Biology of Inequality – trying to better understand the biological pathways linking our social and economic circumstances and our health

6 Jul 2016, 12.00PM–1.00PM
3T1 (Health Sciences Boardroom, Level 3, RG Bomont Building)
Dr Tony Robertson

Socioeconomic inequalities in health occur within and between countries and across the physical and mental health spectrum, whereby those with lower socioeconomic positions (lower incomes, poorer housing, lower education etc.) have worse health than their more affluent counterparts.

This isn’t just about poverty, it shows a ‘social gradient’ whereby each ‘step up the ladder’ has a significant and positive health impact. Despite this, we still know very little about the biological mechanisms that might help explain the pathways between these social and economic triggers and health throughout the lifecourse.

Understanding this black-box will help us to not only better understand the causes and consequences of how social and economic factors can ‘get under the skin’, but could help us to design better interventions and policies to help reduce these inequalities before the effects are irreversible.

RSVP: All are welcome, please RSVP to Elena Dimova. Please feel free to walk with your lunch. Coffee/tea provided. email:

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