1970 Edinburgh Commonwealth Games: Game of Firsts

6 Apr 2022 to 31 Aug 2022, 9.00AM–5.00PM
University of Stirling Library
1970 Edinburgh Commonwealth Games: Game of Firsts

This exhibition has been created by students undertaking the Interpretation and Exhibition Design module, as part of their assessment. It also utilises the University’s Commonwealth Games archive.

The 1970 Edinburgh Commonwealth Games was a trailblazing event for sports history. It created a sense of excitement throughout Scotland as many people were thrilled the Games were being hosted in their country for the first time. People queued for hours for tickets and massive crowds gathered trying to catch a glimpse of the athletes. The exhibition tells us the interesting stories behind the record-breaking athletes, the changing role of women in the Games, as well as insights into the opening and closing ceremony. The exhibition includes a variety of objects from the Games: the Edinburgh 1970 Team HQ tie pin, memorabilia coins, medals, mascot, athletes’ t-shirts, entry tickets, tartan, brochures, and other fascinating objects.

The exhibition runs from April to August in the University of Stirling Library.