Wire Wool: an intervention on a Bertoia Diamond Chair

29 Nov 2021 to 31 Aug 2022, 9.00AM–5.00PM
Pathfoot Gallery 1
Wire Wool: an intervention on a Bertoia Diamond Chair

In February 2020, artists Gardner and Gardner brought their peacemakers’ loom to the University. Staff, students and visitors to the Pathfoot Building joined the artists in the repetitive, simple action of knitting and to build peace through actions and kind words. This shared action created a single textile piece, symbolic of the conversations and the temporary community of peacemakers created around the loom. This piece is now transformed into a textile artwork utilising a Bertoia chair from the University’s furniture collection.

At the time of creation we were all unaware of what 2020 would bring and it was planned that the Wire Wool: an intervention on a Bertoia Diamond Chair would be on display in the Pathfoot Building in summer 2020. We are delighted to finally be able to display this beautiful artwork in the space where the wool was created.

Making it was the most wonderful experience. As we were weaving the yarn, using a stitch based on an embroidery chain stitch, we remembered some of the people and conversations that took place around the peacemakers loom, which was quite moving.

Gardner and Gardner on creating Wire Wool

Heidi Gardner and Peter Gardner make temporary, site-specific installations and interventions, often set within the context of worshipping communities and their buildings, introducing a conceptual element into the sacred architecture. Their work responds to these environments, interacting with light, structure, scale and surface.