The Art and Science of Academic-Industry Collaboration: Towards an Implementation Science

16 Oct 2020, 12.00PM–4.00PM
The Art and Science of Academic-Industry Collaboration: Towards an Implementation Science

Hosted by the Behavioural Science Centre, Stirling School of Management with support from Economic Futures and the International Association for Research in Economic Psychology


What practical steps can social scientists take to test ideas in practice? A standard answer is that they should run a randomized controlled trial but this answer assumes away the many intermediate steps required in setting up such a trial e.g. persuading stakeholders to commit time and energy to the trial; formulating a mutually satisfactory research design etc. This conference brings four collaborative researchers together to talk about their experiences of setting up and running collaborations. The goal is to derive from these discrete experiences some general lessons and some open research questions regarding collaboration. Ultimately, we seek to complement the current focus in behavioural and social science on what to implement with a science of how to implement it.

Join the conference online via this link on Friday, 16 October.

Event timeline
12:00pm Welcome, overview and goals for the event. Dr David Comerfield - Stirling Behavioural Science
12:10pm Talk: Say when! Promoting household waste separation with behavioural insights in Argentina. Dr Anna Pegels - German Development Institute
12:40pm Talk: The human factor! Success and failure in two RCT-s for securing financial future. Dr Leonore Riitsalu - University of Tartu, Johan Skytte Institute of Political Studies
1:10pm Break  
2:30pm Talk: Cyber security in small organisations Prof. Edward Cartwright - De Montfort University
3:00pm Talk: Lessons from non-academic collaborations: Project with Yale Health Center, GovlabPhl and others Assis. Prof. Ernest Baskin - Saint Joseph's University
3:30pm Q&A