March 2020

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Beneath the Troubles, the Cobblestones: Recovering the ‘buried’ memory of Northern Ireland’s 1968

30 Mar 2020

‘1968’ has become synonymous with a period of revolt and rebellion that swept the globe in the period stretching from the mid-60s to the mid-70s. In recent years, ‘1968 studies’ have been increasingly focussed on the transnationalism of the period with an ever-growing list of countries being added to those thought of having experienced a “68”.

Voices of 68 event

Travelling Gallery

26 Mar 2020

The Travelling Gallery bus is once again visiting the University of Stirling.

travelling gallery

Evening Lecture: Word and Image in Modern Painting

11 Mar 2020

This talk will explore the ways in which modern artists employed text, sometimes for simple reasons of composition but often to reveal new levels of meaning.

An image of a loch

Retail Armageddon or Reinvention?

3 Mar 2020

Experts to discuss future of retail at public event

people on high street

Kieran Dodds Art Lecture: The Universe is Made of Stories Not Atoms

23 Mar 2020

In conjunction with his exhibition at Stirling which explores seabird cities, Kieran Dodds will talk about his work.

Puffin seabird being examined

Photography Exhibition Launch

7 Mar 2020

You are invited to an afternoon launch to meet the artists and enjoy all of the exhibitions currently taking place in the Pathfoot Building.

Black and white photo of people standing in Pathfoot gallery

Bruce Gittings: Chile - A Land of Surprises

11 Mar 2020

Chile is remarkable for its geographical and biological diversity. A keen observer of landscape and people, Bruce argues that Chile’s culture owes as much to Britain as it does to Spain.

Chile a Land of Suprises

Firsts and Nearly Firsts

11 Mar 2020

Before the next instalment of the RSGS 'Inspiring People' talks programme with Bruce Gittings, the Society will be holding a free exhibition at the Stirling University venue with the theme of 'Firsts and Nearly Firsts'.

RSGS firsts and nearly firsts