October 2019

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The John Damien Lecture 2019

11 Oct 2019

We, humans, are endlessly fascinated with how we and other species see the world. What do animals understand of their companions, do animals have a “mind” or consciousness? And most importantly, can we humans find ways to understand the mind of other species?

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Alan Dimmick Open Archive

9 Oct 2019

Photographer Alan Dimmick was University Artist in Residence in 2017-2018. His photographs will be on show alongside some from the early days of the University from the archive collection.

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Peacemakers: an interactive installation

14 Oct 2019 to 18 Oct 2019

The Peacemakers loom consists of a 181cm in diameter, 104cm high, circular, wooden French knitting loom. Visitors are invited to join the artists in a repetitive, simple action of knitting and to building peace through the sharing many small actions and kind words.

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Blue Planet II

9 Oct 2019

These series used breakthroughs in polar and marine science and cutting-edge technologies to bring viewers face to face with compelling stories of the natural world. Mark will talk about the science of the Polar Regions and our oceans, the ins and outs of the television production process and the legacy of these shows in raising awareness about environmental protection.

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Under Threat: Liberating Landscapes

18 Oct 2019 to 31 Dec 2020

Each year, the Art Collection’s exhibitions, events and workshops are inspired by the research of the University. This year we focus on environment - exploring those under threat and celebrating the beauty of our natural surroundings.

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