Under Threat: In Search of Life by Christian Ziegler

8 Nov 2019 to 31 Dec 2020, 9.00AM–5.00PM
Pathfoot Gallery 1
Christian Ziegler
Under Threat: In Search of Life by Christian Ziegler

Each year, the Art Collection's exhibitions, events and workshops are directly inspired by the research of the University. This year the focus is on environment, and with the umbrella title ‘Under Threat’ we highlight a variety of pressing issues. We also however wanted to celebrate the beauties of our natural surroundings.

This exhibition celebrates the tropical splendour of the world’s most diverse ecosystems, but is also a call to action to protect rainforests worldwide.

“We are losing our tropical rainforests and the species that live there. Over the last 50 years logging, cattle ranching, mining and large-scale agriculture have irreversibly transformed the world’s tropical landscapes. In today’s era of accelerating change- where booming human populations demand more land to feed spiralling consumerism- the deforestation frontier marches onward. All over the world, humans are squeezing our wild places and pushing animals to the very edge of extinction” Christian Ziegler

Christian Ziegler is an internationally known photojournalist specializing in natural history and science-related topics. He is a regular contributor to National Geographic Magazine, and has been widely published in leading publications. Using engaging, informed storytelling, Christian’s aim is to highlight species and ecosystems under threat and share their beauty, and importance with a broad audience.