On the move: children and family's communication and wellbeing

21 Feb 2019, 9.00AM–5.00PM
The Maitland Room, Iris Murdoch Building, University of Stirling, Stirling, FK9 4LA
On the move: children and family's communication and wellbeing

The Centre for Child Wellbeing & Protection will host a one-day seminar to bring together practitioners, policy makers, service users, carers and researchers from multiple disciplines to discuss issues of communication and wellbeing for migrant families.

In the context of continuing patterns of linguistic and cultural diversity across the globe, communication matters remain a contemporary pressing issue with concern about inadequate public services for minority language speakers. This event provides space to explore issues of wellbeing & communication for children and families and their education, health and social care needs. The seminar will explore the issues, challenges, and contributing factors (such as child language brokering, brokering across the lifecourse, racism, discrimination, austerity) that arise due to language barriers between speakers with limited English Language proficiency and professionals.

Indicative themes:

  • language practices and child language brokering
  • migrant families
  • gender issues
  • public services