Inaugural Lecture: Professor Selina Stead (Festival of Research 2019)

30 Apr 2019, 4.00PM–5.00PM
Logie Lecture Theatre
Professor Selina Stead
Inaugural Lecture: Professor Selina Stead (Festival of Research 2019)

Integrating aquaculture and fisheries for conservation and food security: insights from research on rule-breaking, sharks, salmon, sea cucumbers and small islands

Governments want biologically diverse seas and oceans, economic prosperity and healthy people. In a world approaching nine billion people and serious problems caused by income inequality, I argue for a new global aquaculture policy built on systems thinking and open innovation (Stead, 2019).  Insights from my dual career as an academic and Chief Scientific Adviser in fisheries and aquaculture will be shared to show how we can conserve and sustainably use marine resources (United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goal 14, Stead 2018). The benefits of interdisciplinary research in impacting policy will cover: rule-breaking in Marine Protected Areas; shark feeding physiology; salmon behaviour and sexual development; sea cucumber biology; poverty reduction and small island resilience.

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