Inaugural Lecture: Professor Iain Docherty (Festival of Research 2019)

1 May 2019, 4.00PM–5.00PM
Logie Lecture Theatre
Professor Iain Docherty
Inaugural Lecture: Professor Iain Docherty (Festival of Research 2019)

Governance of Smart Mobility

Professor Docherty will talk about his current research on the Governance of ‘Smart’ Mobility, and why it is crucial that we adopt a more critical approach to the debate on the impacts of new transport technologies, especially the potentially disruptive impacts of autonomous vehicles. This debate is currently dominated by the large technology companies, who are keen to convince us that their innovations will solve apparent mobility problems. But there is as yet little public discussion about how innovations from ride sharing to autonomous vehicles might fundamentally change our patterns of mobility and redefine the places in which we live. The lecture will explore what impacts ‘smart’ mobility innovations might have the economy, environment and society, and how governance itself will need to become ‘smart’ to manage these transitions effectively.


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