Belgian Refugees in Scotland during the First World War

26 Apr 2019 to 1 Sep 2019, 9.00AM–5.00PM
Pathfoot Building, behind Reception
Belgian Refugees in Scotland during the First World War

Each year, the Art Collection’s exhibitions, events and workshops are directly inspired by the research of the University. This year the focus is on refugees and migration, under the umbrella title ‘Experiences of Exile’.

November 1918 marked the centenary of the end of the First World War. Throughout this time ceremonies were held to commemorate those who fought and died during the conflict across the world. The ‘war to end all wars’ claimed the lives of around 8.5 million soldiers and countless more were wounded. At the home front too, civilians were compelled to participate in the War economy by working in factories or by dawning uniforms. The end of the War in Britain ushered in a new democratic age as women and working-class men received the vote for the first time. The end of the War also saw civil discontent and violence spread across Britain and her Empire. This account of the First World War is well known, but it does not tell the full story. It overlooks the many forgotten histories which exist of the conflict. This exhibition discusses one; the exile of the 250,000 Belgian refugees who fled to Britain.

Exhibition organised by Kieran Taylor, a second year PhD student at the University of Stirling. His research examines the lives of Belgian refugees in Scotland during the Great War. His research is match funded by the University of Stirling and Glasgow Life.