The Future of Housing in the UK

5 Dec 2018, 2.00PM–4.00PM
3S11-15 Colin Bell Building
Prof Ken Gibb, Dr Kim McKee
The Future of Housing in the UK

The UK Collaborative Centre for Housing Research is a major investment by the Economic and Social Research Council and the Joseph Rowntree Foundation that was launched in 2017. It is a consortium of 14 institutions led by the University of Glasgow. The centre is a multidisciplinary partnership between academia, housing policy and practice. Over the course of the five-year programme, CaCHE researchers will produce evidence and new research which will contribute to tackling the UK’s housing problems at a national, devolved, regional, and local level.

In this seminar, hosted by the Public Services and Governance research group, centre director, Prof Ken Gibb will reflect on the centre’s achievements in its first period and future plans, within a context of ongoing challenges in the UK’s housing market and housing policy.

A key change in the UK’s housing market over the past twenty years has been the growth of the private rented sector, leading many to the view that there is a “generation rent” priced out of home ownership and left in precarious short-term lets for extended periods of their lives. New member of PSG, Dr Kim McKee, will present her research on “generation rent” and precarity in the contemporary housing market.

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