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Margaret Kinross in Stirling: Contextualising Healthy Ageing and the Lifecourse

14 Nov 2018, 5.30PM–7.30PM
Iris Murdoch Building
Professor Catherine Hennessy

Catherine Hennessy joined the University of Stirling in March 2018 as Professor of Ageing and co-lead of the Ageing and Dementia Research Programme. Her career in government and academia has included research in the areas of healthy ageing, the delivery of health and social care, and older people’s social inclusion and participation. As a social gerontologist with a background in anthropology and public health, her work typically involves cross-disciplinary collaboration with a focus on contextual factors. In her inaugural lecture she will highlight the role of context on healthy ageing and the lifecourse through examples of her research with diverse groups in the United States and the United Kingdom. As a vehicle to discuss this research and explore key influences on healthy ageing, she will use the life of Margaret Kinross, a lifelong resident of Stirling who lived into her 99th year.

You can find out more about Catherine and her work.

Registration will open from 5.30pm and the Inaugural Lecture will begin at approximately 6:15 p.m. Refreshments will be available on arrival.

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