Whatever we Know, there is More: the Cyborg Enhancement of Human Experience

20 Sep 2018, 6.45PM–8.15PM
Pathfoot Lecture Theatre
Liviu Babitz (CEO, Cyborg Nest)
Whatever we Know, there is More: the Cyborg Enhancement of Human Experience

What would it be like to have an extra sense for experiencing the world, something in addition to the usual biological endowment of sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste?

And what would it be like to have a piece of intelligently designed technology physically, permanently and intimately anchored to your body that gave you that extra sense? How would that change the way you encounter, remember and think about reality?

Liviu Babitz can tell you, because, for well over a year now, he has been a real, living cyborg, a technologically enhanced human being. Liviu’s sensory capacities have been augmented by the North Sense, an artificial exo-sense that is fixed onto the upper part of his chest, and that enables him to sense – to experience, not merely to detect – the magnetic field of the planet, and thus to perceive directly where north is.

Liviu will be joined by Professor Michael Wheeler (Philosophy, University of Stirling) and Dr Alisa Mandrigin (Anniversary Research Fellow in Psychology and Philosophy, University of Stirling). Everyone is welcome and there will be time to ask questions and join in the discussion. So come along and glimpse our species’ future.

Liviu Babitz CEO Cyborg Nest

Liviu Babitz is the co-founder of Cyborg Nest, the world’s leading company selling intelligently designed senses. In his previous role, Liviu was the Chief Operating Officer of Videre est Credere, lived undercover and built undercover networks of people who use technology to document human rights violations in places where no one has access.

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