Concussion management workshop

13 Sep 2018, 6.00PM–8.00PM
Room Cottrell CA4
Concussion management workshop

This workshop aims to provide information on how to recognise a sports concussion and how a concussion should be managed from the time of injury through to a safe return in sports. In addition, an athlete concussion management protocol, largely based on the Scottish Sports Concussion guidance, will be described.

This protocol will be operational within the University of Stirling, closely monitored by the Sports Development Services and scientists at the Faculty of Health Sciences and Sport. The protocol aims to promptly remove all suspected cases of concussion from the sporting arena and minimise risk to the athletes during a safe recovery period to normal life and sport.

Workshop outline

5.00 – 5.05pm
David Bond

5.05 – 6.00pm
Dr Thomas Di Virgilio
Concussion, the brain and sport: why should I care?

6.00 – 6.20pm
Dr Dajo Sanders
Introducing athlete concussion management protocol

6.20 – 6.50pm
Peter Robinson
If in doubt, sit them out

6.50 – 7.00pm
Q&A / Closing remarks

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