Sex and bats and how beavers roll

Part of the Pint of Science series

15 May 2018, 7.30PM–9.30PM
Curly Coo on Barnton Street, Stirling, FK8 1HH
Kirsty Park, Alan Law and Stu Auld
Sex and bats and how beavers roll

This year, the University of Stirling is hosting Pint of Science in Stirling for the first time. Pint of Science is a national event which brings scientists out of the lab and into your local pub. We are holding three nights of talks on Monday 14th, Tuesday 15th and Wednesday 16th May.

In this session, our speakers from the Faculty of Natural Sciences will look at different aspects of ecology from the reintroduction of beavers, the evolution of sex to some of our most charismatic native species.

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