Inaugural Lecture: Changing the Future of Ageing

2 May 2018, 5.30PM–6.30PM
Logie Lecture Theatre
Professor Ian Philip
Inaugural Lecture: Changing the Future of Ageing

People are living longer. Extra years of life can be enjoyed, or be characterised by sadness, loss of independence, social isolation and poor health. Concerns about population ageing are not new. Scottish academics identified the key issues in the 1950’s and 60’s. These include a failure of health and care systems to change to reflect the needs and priorities of older people, and lack of support and education of caregivers.

In this lecture, I will describe the origins and scientific development of the EasyCare project for educating and empowering caregivers to respond better to the needs of older people, its impact in poor, middle income and rich countries, and plans for changing the future of ageing through a global Discovery network led by the University of Stirling.

Professor Philp is Professor of Global Ageing Studies at the University. He is the Co-Founder and Chief Scientific Officer of the EasyCare Academy, a global social enterprise dedicated to changing the future of ageing. He has a background as a doctor specialising in the care of older people, researcher, educator, and policy advisor to the World Health Organisation and governments around the world. He was awarded a CBE in the in 2008 for services to healthcare and older people. He is a frequent media commentator on longevity and most recently presented the ITV series: “100 Years Younger In 21 Days”.