How to win at sports using maths

8 Mar 2018, 7.00PM–8.00PM
Lecture Theatre B4, Cottrell Building, University of Stirling
Dr Adrian Worton
How to win at sports using maths

This lecture is part of a series of public lectures organised by Computing Science and Mathematics, University of Stirling.

Until recently, most cases of maths in sport were either relatively simple (such as designing point-scoring systems) or using maths to explain how certain sporting techniques worked (such as the Fosbury flop). After the high-profile success of 'Moneyball' strategies in baseball, using mathematics to influence on-field tactics has rapidly spread across the sporting world. This talk will look at some of the latest methods that are being used, and discuss where the industry of sporting analytics can go next. For example, can we come up with a formula that will help Scotland win the World Cup (almost certainly not).

All are welcome to attend this free event, there is no need to book a place.

Further information

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