November 2017

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The Booker Prize Foundation Universities Initiative with Graeme Macrae Burnet

15 Nov 2017

The University of Stirling is pleased to welcome you to a literary event with Graeme Macrae Burnet, author of His Bloody Project which was shortlisted for the Booker Prize in 2016.

Image of Graeme Macrae Burnet

Autumn Art Lecture: 1967 - a year of rebellion and revolution

16 Nov 2017

The Art Collection is celebrating the University's 50th anniversary by focusing on the cultural impact of 1967, the year it opened its doors to students for the first time.

Image of Zurich Improvisations by Alan Davie

Innovation And Excellence Lecture: Leadership for Sustainable Growth

14 Nov 2017

Join us for the final instalment of out Innovation and Excellence lecture series to celebrate the University's 50th anniversary.

Image of Jim McColl

The Inner Forth: New Connections for Nature, History and People

11 Nov 2017

Forth Naturalist and Historian (FNH) and the Inner Forth Landscape Initiative (IFLI) have partnered on this conference aimed at everyone who wants to know more about this unique landscape at the heart of Scotland.

Image of a Swan

The Happening

11 Nov 2017

On Saturday 11th November the University’s Art Collection is throwing open the doors of the Pathfoot Building for an event celebrating the revolutionary spirit of 1967. The Happening will recreate the artistic and intellectual spirit of the era that spawned flower power, the counter culture and civil rights. The musical revolution of the period provides the centerpiece of events with an exhibition in the Crush Hall highlighting the key songs of 1967.

Image of The Happening

The Travelling Gallery

16 Nov 2017

The Travelling Gallery will visit the University again this autumn, and this time presents an exhibition by Lauren Printy Currie in collaboration with Glasgow Women’s Library. Lauren Printy Currie works in sculpture, writing and installation, creating assemblages that hybridize the material and psychological qualities of objects.

Image of Travelling Gallery

Geography Inspiring People Talks: Crossing Continents and Cultures: from London

8 Nov 2017

When Rebecca Lowe left London to embark on an 11,000km cycle to Tehran, she was deeply unprepared. She was unfit, had no sense of direction and had not cycled uphill for over six years. Join Rebecca to hear tales from her life-changing adventure and learn how she discovered a world of greater warmth, colour and complexity that she ever could have imagined.

Image of Rebecca Lowe And Bike

Making Sense of Intelligence

29 Nov 2017

Intelligence has many meanings. Understanding secret intelligence, what it can and cannot do, how it is managed and deployed, how it supports government decision-making and action, now forms part of an increasing number of university degree programmes. Wider society also has an interest in the topic. This presentation aims to provide food for thought and act as a catalyst for a wider debate.

Image of Campus Welcome

‘Now that you mention it, museums probably are a target’: museums, terrorism and securitisation in the United Kingdom

1 Nov 2017

The museum has been a site of terrorist violence on multiple occasions and in a variety of jurisdictions in the past decade: from the United States and France to Tunisia and Belgium.

An image of the Colin Bell building