Community Open Doors: The Daily Mile

18 Mar 2017, 11.00AM–4.00PM
University of Stirling campus
Community Open Doors: The Daily Mile

The Faculty of Health Sciences and Sport invites you to get fit and have fun while walking The Daily Mile!

As part of Open Doors Day, we have set four fun routes around the campus where you can learn all about the Daily Mile and the University's research while exploring our beautiful campus.  While you exercise your brainAn image of a celebratory 50 years logo at our various Open Doors day events, you can also exercise your body by walking The Daily Mile.  

Along the way, talk to Elaine Wylie, (the founder of the Daily Mile), pupils who are already experts in The Daily Mile and speak to our University researchers on the health benefits. Our research students and staff are examining the effects of The Daily Mile on pupils' health and well-being, and they will be on hand to explain the four different areas of research: physiology, cognition, physical activity and behaviour/well-being.

We will have four Daily Mile stations based throughout the campus, and you can speak to our staff there or along the route.  You can visit the stations in any order, but make sure you collect stickers stickers from one of the staff as you complete each stage.  You will also receive a special certificate once you've completed at least three out of four stations.



Talk by Elaine Wylie, founder of The Daily Mile, and Dr Colin Moran, Faculty of Health Sciences and Sport, University of Stirling. 

11am - 12.00

Join Elaine and Colin as they do The Daily Mile.

12 - 1pm

Children from schools participating in The Daily Mile share their experiences along the route.

1 - 2pm

We welcome children and families to participate in The Daily Mile.  We want to get as many people as possible doing The Daily Mile at the same time...join us and make it happen!