Community Open Doors Day: Printing display and workshop

18 Mar 2017, 11.00AM–2.30PM
Seminar room C7, Pathfoot building, University of Stirling
Community Open Doors Day: Printing display and workshop

The Faculty of Arts and Humanities invites you to a printing display and workshop.  Find out about our 19th century printing press and see it in action!

The Columbian Press in Pathfoot will be in operation during the open day. Visitors will have the opportunity to learn about hand composition, the history of the press and see a practical demonstration of typesetting.An image of a celebratory 50 years logo There will also be a hands on workshop where you can have a go at setting some type.  You can also print a commemorative bookmark as a memento of the day.

Each session lasts 30 minutes and will begin at the times shown below.  Additional sessions can be added if required.  Note that there will be a break between 12.30 and 1pm. 

Session 1:     11- 11.30am
Session 2:     11.30 – 12
Session 3:     12 - 12.30pm
Session 4:     1 - 1.30pm
Session 5:     1.30 - 2pm
Session 6:     2 - 2.30pm

Our Community Open Doors Day aims to bring every part of the campus alive by inviting the local community in to join us in celebrating the anniversary. The programme includes: engaging talks; a Science Fair in the Atrium; a chance to explore the history of the University through the Archives; participation in a series of fun activities; and an adaptation of the daily mile challenge to tie the events and activities together.