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Japan Week: The Zen Way - A long standing practitioner shares his insight (sake talk and tasting to follow)

21 Feb 2017, 6.00PM–9.00PM
Lecture Theatre B4, Cottrell Building, University of Stirling

Consul General Daisuke Matsunaga, of the Consulate General of Japan in Edinburgh, will deliver the keynote lecture The Zen Way - A long standing practitioner shares his insight.

The lecturer, based on his forty-three year experience as a practitioner, will share his insight through attempting An image of Scottish and Japanese flags to answer frequently asked questions:

  • Is Buddhism a religion or philosophy?
  • Is Zen different from meditation?
  • Is Mahayana Buddhism really what the Buddha taught?

Following this lecture there will be an introduction to sake - Let's enjoy Japanese Sake!- and a sake tasting.

What do you know about Japanese ‘sake’ or rice wine?  In Japan, it’s regarded as an essential component of a meal that helps to bring out the flavor of Japanese cuisine.  However, the methods used to produce sake differs in each brewery.  Tonight, the UK representative of the Sake Samurai Association, Ms Rie Yoshitake will introduce you to the deep world of sake and you will then have the chance to taste some real sake!

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