The Spiritual in Chinese Landscapes

03 Nov ‘15

4.00PM - 6.00PM
Speaker: Professor. David Jasper (University of Glasgow) and Dr. Andrew Hass (University of Stirling)

Venue: D1, Pathfoot Building, University of Stirling

In the modern world of the West, nature remains largely synonymous with the material, the quantifiable, the measurable, and hence with that which can be harnessed, utilized, even exploited. Not so in the East, whose traditions have never allowed the separation of the material and the immaterial. And no better is this seen "visually and conceptually" than in the painting and ink art tradition of Chinese landscapes. 

This seminar will explore this rich Chinese aesthetic by referring to one of Chinaâ s foremost contemporary artists, Ding Fang, and in particular to his painting Peak Under the Heavy Clouds on loan to the Art Collection, and currently on display as part of the Reflections of the East exhibition.  To what extent is the traditional aesthetic still adhered to by contemporary Chinese artists? Has there been any influence by the West on the modern Chinese approach? What does it mean for a landscape, for a natural scene, for nature itself, to be spiritual? And can ancient traditions of the East teach us something about our approach to the natural world today? All these questions will be explored by two speakers who have worked closely with Ding Fang in China.

Reflections of the East is the umbrella title for several exhibitions showcasing the work of five artists who share a creative relationship with China.  For further information

This event is open to staff, students and the wider community.


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