When you leave university you will be in the company of around 300,000 other UK graduates. The My Stirling Award will give you the edge in this very competitive labour market. Employers are increasingly looking for graduates that have made the most of opportunities available at university to develop their skills, abilities and experience, and they expect stronger candidates to have the confidence and ability to talk about these experiences.

Gaining the My Stirling Award, and having it listed on your degree transcript, will provide strong evidence for employers that you are a candidate to consider.

Completing the award will enable you to:

  • Gain a better understanding of the workplace
  • Learn more about yourself including your strengths and areas for improvement
  • Develop new skills and be able to speak about them
  • Maintain a record of your learning that can be used as evidence in future applications
  • Improve your confidence

Come along to one of the  My Stirling Award information session, read the My Stirling Award handbook and complete the application form.

Important dates for 2017-18

Introductory sessions on:

  • 19/9 – 1pm to 2pm
  • 27/9 – 1pm to 2pm
  • 12/10 – 4pm to 5pm

Application deadline: Friday 20th October

Student feedback

Cameron Reid, Gold Award Completer

What did you gain from the My Stirling Award?

In doing the My Stirling Award, I realised many things about things about myself and where I would like to go.

I realised that after undertaking opportunities under the My Stirling Award, I see myself, in the future for a long-term career, in a career which creates or develops positive change within the community.

Through the My Stirling Award, I have developed the original skills I set out to do and been encouraged to join networks, such as Junior Chamber International (JCI), which will help me develop my leadership, debating and public speaking skills. Organisations and networks like these are important to my development and I hope to continue with them.

The opportunities which doing the My Stirling Award allowed me to undertake has taken me down a different path than what I originally intended, but a more beneficial one to aid with my personal, and professional, development.

<pWhat advice would you give to someone considering the My Stirling Award?  

The My Stirling Award is a fantastic opportunity to set you out on a personal development path, which you are able to tailor to yourself. There is support and guidance along the way but you are in the driver’s seat and able to take any path you choose.

Hayley Saunders, Silver Award Completer

What did you gain from My Stirling Award?

My Stirling Award has allowed me to grow in confidence and experience. I have participated in activities I may otherwise not have undertaken. Consequently, I feel more equipped to pursue my teaching career and I hope to achieve my full potential.

What advice would you give to someone considering the My Stirling Award?

The My Stirling award is a fantastic opportunity to gain recognition for current and new activities. It also encourages growth in confidence and experience. However, good organisation is required, as you have to manage university work and the activities for the My Stirling Award.


The My Stirling Award is the University of Stirling’s skills award programme. It is designed to recognise the extra-curricular activities of our students. Successful completion of the award is listed on your academic transcript. The award requires participation in at least 2 of the following categories: Work Experience, Campus, Community and Careers.

The award can be completed at 3 different levels (Gold, Silver and Bronze). The requirements for each level are explained in the ‘completing your hours’ section below.

Why should I do it?

It is likely that you will already be undertaking many of the activities required for the award so it makes sense to be formally recognised for these.

The award will also help you to stand out in a competitive graduate labour market by giving you valuable experience to talk about in your CV and at job interviews. 

How can I find out more?

Attend one of our information sessions early in the autumn semester or email skillsaward@stir.ac.uk.

Who can complete the award?

The award is open to all 2nd and 3rd year students.

How do I apply for the award?

Complete a straightforward application form online.

What if I’m not sure what activities I will be doing yet?

That’s fine, we understand that you won’t have all your activities in place yet. Just tell us on the application form what you hope to be doing.

Can I move between levels after I have applied?

Yes you can. You can move up a level if you are finding it easier than expected or drop down a level if need be.

Can I complete the award over 2 years?

No, you must complete the award between 20th October 2017 and 29th October 2018. However, 2nd year students could complete either Bronze or Silver and then move up to either Silver or Gold in their 3rd year.

What is the closing date for applications?

The closing date is Friday 20th October 2017

Do I have to attend an information session before I can apply?

We recommend attending an information session to find out more about the award.

Will I get confirmation that my application has been received?

Not immediately. We receive a lot of applications for the award so we won’t have time to reply to them all individually to confirm receipt. Once the closing date has passed, everyone who has applied will be emailed.

Do you accept late applications?

Late applications will be dealt with on a case by case basis.

Who can sign the verification forms for my activities?

Anyone in a position of responsibility can sign your verification forms. If you are attending a workshop then the person delivering this should be asked to sign. Alternatively you could use a manager, supervisor or fellow committee member (in the case of clubs/societies).

Do I need to submit paper copies of my verification forms?

You should scan or photograph your verification forms and upload these to your e-portfolio. However it’s a good idea to keep the paper copies until the programme has finished in case you are asked for them.

Do I need to have the verification form signed every time I attend an activity?

We require a verification form for each standalone activity. However, for recurring activities you only need the form to be signed once you have completed the required number of hours for that activity.

Can I use activities that I’m already doing?

You can, however a big part of the award is also to encourage you to try new things.

Will you follow up with all the people who have verified my activities?

You should provide us with contact information for the people verifying your activities in case we need to follow up with them. We trust you to be honest in the verification process but may carry out random checks on this. If you are found to be submitting false information then you will not achieve the award. 

Do activities completed in the summer count towards the award?

Yes, the programme runs for the full year so summer activities will count towards the award.

Does being a member of a club or society count towards the award?

Being a member of a club or society doesn’t count on its own. You would need to be contributing in some way – for example as a committee member or by working on a specific project such as fundraising.

What events are accredited under the ‘Careers’ section?

Almost all the events organised or delivered by the Careers and Employability Service will count towards the careers section of the award. You could also consider attending employer led events/open days or undertaking work shadowing.

What if I can’t find the time to complete the award?

If you are short on time then it’s likely because you are undertaking the very types of activities that count towards the award! It should be relatively straightforward to complete the award alongside your studies and other commitments. Remember that you have a full year to do it and there’s always the option to drop down a level too.

What are the requirements for each level?

Bronze: 50 hours across any 2 categories. Plus an eportfolio and reflective summary.

Silver: 75 hours across any 3 categories. Plus an eportfolio, reflective summary and completion of a LinkedIn Profile.

Gold: 100 hours across all 4 categories. Plus an eportfolio, reflective summary, completed LinkedIn Profile and a mock job interview.

It is important to note that you cannot complete any more than 50% of your hours in any one category.


I have a part-time job. Can I use this to fulfil all my hours?

You can use your part-time job for no more than 50% of your hours under the work experience activity. However we would encourage you to engage in an internship or work shadowing to add a new experience.  

Is there support available with the reflective summary etc?

Yes, we are here to help. We will run a session to help you write the reflective summary and provide support with all aspects of the award.

Can I complete my hours with an employer or organisation based outside of Stirling?

Absolutely. As long as the activity fits into one of the 4 categories it doesn’t matter where you complete it.

Can I start building my hours as soon as I have submitted my application?

No, your hours only count from the official start of the programme on 20th October up until final submission on Monday 29th October 2018.

I’m doing a work placement as part of a work experience module. Does this count towards the award?

No, this is an award for extra-curricular activities only. You are unable to collate hours in any activity that you already gain academic credit for.

Can I ‘fail’ the award?

You are given 2 chances to complete the reflective summary, LinkedIn profile and interview to the required standard. If both attempts are insufficient then you will not receive the award.  

Here are some of the activities previous students on the award have undertaken:

  • Part time work
  • Volunteering at the Green and Blue Space
  • Holding a committee position with a club or society
  • Class representative
  • Undertaking an internship
  • Taking part in an alumni mentoring programme
  • Supporting the Student Union with a role or project such as the F team, the V team or the Sports Union
  • Faculty Officer
  • Community volunteering for a local charity
  • Work shadowing
  • Attending events organised by the Careers and Employability Service
  • Attending a careers fair
  • Attending a training course

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