Abtin Rezaeenia

MSc Marketing

Marketing & Communication Manager, Dhamecha Group

For me, studying at University of Stirling was indeed a life changing opportunity in which I do and I will carry on its impacts on my personality forever. If you believe that you have enough passion and love for learning and you would like to feed your curiosity with contemporary knowledge while you are living in the most beautiful campus among British universities, then I assure you that Stirling University is definitely the right place for you. I have been working as a marketing manager in different industries since I left Stirling University.

However, I still feel that I need to learn more and I need help from my tutors in the MSc Course and I must admit that they are always welcoming and helpful. It is amazing to see what I learned during the MSc course is helping me (when I enter to a new industry) to look at the business from different angles/outside the box to highlight the gaps and draw a clear SWOT analysis. In addition, the opportunity that I had in MSc programme to work within the team of students from over 8 different cultures and backgrounds has provided me with a great ability of networking with my MSc marketing friends across the globe. I hope that you will be able to experience the great time that I have had at Stirling Uni and if you are a gentleman please do not miss the opportunity of wearing a Scottish kilt on your graduation!

Adam Featherston

BA (Hons) Marketing

Director, Software Channel EMEA, Hewlett Packard

How has your Stirling degree helped you in job-seeking and career progression?
My Stirling degree got me through the door and into the interview and assessment process.  Without a degree from a good university, I would not have had the opportunity to try to convince my prospective employer of my suitability.  Once on the shortlist, many of the assessment activities were familiar because of my Stirling experience e.g. the need to take on a team task with a group of people I’d never met, in a limited time, under intense scrutiny of the recruiters. 

What kind of contacts did you make at Stirling and how did these help you? 
When I graduated there was no Facebook or LinkedIn, and the phrase “social networking” had not been coined.  More than a decade later, I still keep in touch with many of the people I met at Stirling.  Although we have all taken a diverse range of career directions (Advertising, Biology, Teaching and Marketing), we still share experiences and job related dilemmas.  Employers seeking new talent to bring into key graduate positions will rely on social / business networks to seek out, assess, and contact candidates (perhaps before the candidate is even thinking of applying), so you should use social networks and your Stirling network to your advantage. 

How did your experience at Stirling differ from that of friends and colleagues who studied elsewhere? 
I think your University experience is what you choose to make of it.  For me, the campus was key - studying in a beautiful, self-contained environment was a great aid to focusing my mind on work when it needed to be. The strong social element both on and off-campus, and the ease of access to larger cities like Glasgow and Edinburgh, meant that I could still enjoy a broader experience. I think Stirling offers a strong sense of involvement and belonging from the start - some of the larger city Universities with student populations spread across a larger area, perhaps lacked that central focus. 

What made you choose Stirling? 
Initially, it was a desire to venture out of my home city to somewhere totally new. The fact that I was undecided on a precise course of study and that Stirling offered a modular degree structure with the flexibility to mix and match, and alter direction as I learned. Both of those things were strong influencers, but I think visiting on a spring afternoon and taking a stroll around the campus got me hooked - I couldn’t imagine a better place in which to set my mind free. 

How did you enhance your CV to break into your chosen sector? 
I would give this advice to you: layout is important - crisp, clear, not overcrowded.  Content-wise, include an opening statement with impact which describes who you are, and why your strengths are suited to the job or company.  Tailor the CV to the job or company - don’t send the same generic CV to lots of employers; find something in the description of the job role, or the company, that is unique - and reflect it in your resume. And take extra time and effort over the covering letter/email, as it is important to make that vital first impression. 

Is your career what you expected or has anything changed? 
I still work for the company I joined upon graduation and my career has been based on navigating around the organisation building different skills within very different types of business. A broad base of skills and experience is essential to be able to drive a career track forward - it’s not all about “promotion, promotion, promotion” and not every career move needs to be forward. Think of it like chess - sometime you go sideways (or even backwards) in pursuit of your goal. My career is based upon building a solid and broad foundation of knowledge, skill and experience in order to move forward. What other activities would you recommend to build up my skill set? My time at Stirling offered a lot of opportunities to build career-relevant experience before actually graduating.  For example, I was introduced to a summer programme which placed undergraduates into blue-chip companies on real business projects which paid a reasonable wage.  Exchange programmes are also great experience builders.  Above all, any real-life experience you can gain is incredibly useful - in some courses, there might be opportunities to do internships with companies - this is invaluable experience. In my case, we worked on “real” projects in industry during the penultimate year of my business-related qualification.  

What advice can you give to current students preparing for life after graduation? 
Start planning early.  If I tell you that 90% of graduates hired into my company on our associate programme were previously student interns during their final undergraduate year, then you start to get the picture.  Be targeted, and be creative.  My wife wrote to potential employers and said she was willing to work for free for a fixed period of time over her final year summer break, as she wanted to build experience in her target industry. One company took her up on the offer.  Upon graduation, they offered her a job without even an interview. She’s now a senior publisher with the same company. Think about what you can do to make yourself stand out.  Remember that whilst your University career revolves around an academic subject matter, your learning at Stirling is much broader than that. 

How does your time at Stirling shape you as an individual? 
Are you someone who can interact with others easily, influence them positively, and take control of a situation? Someone who can lead and inspire? These are the important elements in a successful career, and more often than not, your potential employer during your interview is thinking not “Is this person qualified?” but rather “Would I be comfortable working with this person?”   And that is a quality hard to define - my advice is to embrace everything Stirling has to offer, balance work and play, and strive to be the rounded candidate your employer feels they can work with. Be the best you can be, and make Stirling your springboard to success. Good luck!

Aimee Creighton

BA (Hons) Retail Marketing

Home country: County Down, Northern Ireland

I decided to apply for Stirling as I was interested in a career in fashion and marketing but felt I needed to select one course that was more business-orientated as fashion courses generally carry a strong design element. The course flexibility and travel opportunities are what attracted me to Stirling specifically.

I found that the funnelling system of the modules has set me up with a good all-round knowledge. Studying general business-based modules in first year and then gradually getting more specific each semester—alongside allowing me to select some of my own modules—has given me the chance to “taste test” a lot of different study areas. In recent weeks I have found this invaluable as I have begun to work in a small company which doesn’t have specific departments, therefore a small knowledge of areas such as HR and finance is handy!

I  really enjoyed the group assignments which are associated with retail marketing. I believe that learning how to work well with others is essential if one wants to work in the real world, as it is rare you make decisions without consultation of a small team of equals. I would also say that being allowed to do the consultancy project in 4th year has really helped me stand out from other students with similar degrees as it gave me real experience alongside applied academic knowledge! 

The only thing I would say I regret throughout my time in Stirling was not throwing myself into new things from the very beginning. My advice to future students would be to try and meet as many different people as possible and don’t be afraid to enter into things alone!

I am lucky that I managed to get a graduate job while still at Stirling and began working straight after my term finished. I have found that I have been able to apply a lot of the things I did in my final year of Uni to my job  such as my dissertation and the consultancy project. I also think that the ongoing assistance of the University staff has been useful. Knowing my old lecturers are happy to give me advice and references if needed will undoubtedly have an impact.

I had a great four years at university, the fact that I got the grades I wanted and a job in the end is just an unbelievable bonus!

Aisling Ni Chonaire

MSc Behavioural Science for Management

What influenced you to choose Stirling Management School to study your course?

Primarily the calibre of the teaching staff, as well as the scholarship opportunities.

What are the benefits you found as a result of studying at Stirling?

There are so many to choose from! The small class allows you to get to know the lecturers and teaching staff a lot better. The courses provided are really interesting and also multifaceted, such that assessments cover many different areas such as policy reports, presentations, group projects, experimental design, analysis and much more. The course also allows you to delve deeper into your own specific interests as well as broadening your knowledge of other areas. In practical terms, the campus is beautiful, the cost of living is very reasonable and there are lots of places to visit in and around the campus.

What specific feature(s) did you like most about the course?

The variety of the assessments, although the course work is heavy, you do develop a strong work ethic. I find that it doesn’t feel taxing because the topics are so interesting and students are given the opportunity to build on their own respective interests. A really practical skill that I learnt from this year is to feel comfortable and confident public speaking and giving presentations. 

What advice would you give to prospective students considering coming to Stirling?

The more you put into the course, the more you will get out of it. Be proactive about learning and researching, and never be afraid to ask for advice or to share your ideas.

What impact do you think your studies will have on your future career?

Having secured an Assistant Advisor position with the Behavioural Insights Team, the MSc has already proved its worth and quality. I will be working with the research team within BIT, who are responsible for the design, implementation and analysis of the randomised control trials within the organisation.

Albert Mantel

MSc Energy Management


Portfolio Manager, Energy2market GmbH


When I was confronted with the decision to study an MSc Energy Management at the University of Stirling, many questions were going through my head. Will it be hard to study in a foreign language? Will there be benefits for my professional life? How will it be to live abroad?

After graduating from a German University (in BA Energy and Resource Management) and working for several German energy companies, the University of Stirling seemed to me a reasonable way to gain further academic knowledge about the energy industry. Furthermore, it was obvious for me that it would be an interesting and useful experience to study abroad.

It didn’t take long to understand that it was the right decision to study an MSc Energy Management at the University of Stirling.  Surrounded by competent teachers who always found time to promote the students personally, I was able to gain a deeper understanding of several academic fields related to the energy industry.

The composition of students on our course was probably the most international I have ever seen. Students from Africa, Europe, Asia and America were represented and created all together an amazing atmosphere where everyone had the chance gain an enormous amount of intercultural skills.

These new knowledge and skills I have gained during my time in Stirling turned out to be very useful for my professional life. After graduating in 2011, I’ve started to work directly for an innovative German energy company (Energy2market GmbH) which develops and operates the first virtual power plant that provides system services (secondary control reserve) to the German transmission system operator. In the position as a portfolio manager I am in charge of the renewable energy portfolio, which is the centerpiece of the virtual power plant. It seems to be just the beginning of an interesting career.

The decision to study Energy Management in Stirling was not an easy one, but it turned out to be one of the best decisions in my life. Of course you can think about studying in New York, Berlin or London, but if you consider to start a successful energy career… I’ll recommend Stirling.

Anna Marekwica

BA (Hons) Economics & Human Resource Management

Network Service Project Manager, Lloyds TSB Scotland

I chose to study at the Management School for two reasons. First of all because of the flexibility of course choices that's on offer - I wasn't sure what I wanted to specialise in, so a combine degree really appealed to me, and at Stirling University you can combine literally any subjects. The second reason was the campus and its facilities. I'm very active and do lots of sports (I'm in the Waterpolo team and also regularly use the gym, the pool, and other sports facilities), so Stirling was an obvious choice.

Anuj Aggarwal


Facilities Manager, Johnson Controls India

Thanks to the diverse bunch of students, the international exposure was second to none. The interactive and practical approach to education was very different and far more effective, than what i was used to in India. Stirling is among the top places to experience the best of British country side and a modern metropolitan living, this combination makes it a winner in my book.

Mr Brian Finlay

Human Resource Management

Home country: United Kingdom

I was attracted to the University of Stirling because of the location and the beautiful settings of the university. I had also researched universities throughout the central belt and felt that the university offered flexibility to adapt your degree after year 1 and 2. I initially chose a BA (Hons) Degree in Human Resource Management and French but found myself wanting to study more business and marketing modules so changed to a solo BA (Hons) in Human Resource Management after year 1.  The main benefits I found about my time at the University of Stirling is how much I enjoyed individual study and research. The library facilities are great both on and off campus. The electronic remote access to journals and other resources when you are away from campus are phenomenal. The university also ensures that advice and knowledge on how to use relevant programmes available online is kept up to date and facilitates your learning fantastically.

I thoroughly enjoyed all of my learning from my BA (Hons) modules and especially enjoyed the critical approach to HRM theory and practice. I felt not taking professional advice about HRM at face value really enhanced my learning and allowed me to form my own opinions on the topics. I was able to express these opinions in my essays and by creating a strong argument to back up my point of view. I found the lecturing staff to be open minded to everyone’s varying opinion on some controversial topics and they encouraged open debate during seminars. The HRM course really covers work and employability from all aspects and discovered areas of this topic I had never considered relevant before. My favourite modules revolved around the sociology of work and unemployment. I went on the complete my dissertation on working relations amongst employees in the service sector and this inspired me to continue researching in this area through post graduate studies and hopefully a PhD.

On reflection I would have liked to take up more clubs or societies. I didn’t really consider the benefits that these would have had to my studies as the wide variety of clubs and societies could compliment your degree.  After speaking to people who had joined the Business Club they had held debates and discussions about contemporary issues in the business world and had mixed this with socialising which I would have enjoyed. I would encourage new students to get the most out of their university experience and get stuck in with everything it has to offer. Being a mature student and having other responsibilities I did not have the time to invest in additional sports or societies but feel it could contribute positively to a student’s experience.

My studies have completely changed my career aspirations. I returned to higher education as a mature student and after years of experience in retail management I aimed to get into corporate human resources. I now aspire to complete my PhD in a sociology or work/employment relations topic followed by a part time higher education lecturing career and part time working in the HR for a charitable organisation. I have also been inspired politically during my wider research around policy and working conditions modules to start writing political letters for a National newspaper and would like to develop this into a political blog that revolves around work and employment in the future.

Your learning at the University of Stirling is driven by you and you can take it as far as you want to with the great supportive lecturing staff and different resources at your disposal. I utilised both the academic staff and learning facilities extensively in year 3 and 4 which resulted in me gaining a first class BA (Hons).  I never expected to ever gain such a high grade and the most important skill I have learned from my time at the University of Stirling is to be critical and explore topics fully and understand opposing arguments.

Mr Calum Burns

UG Business Studies

Home country: Scotland

I chose to study at Stirling Management School as the programmes on offer afforded me the opportunity to have a material impact upon the direction of my studies.  I was aware that a Business Studies degree would afford me the opportunity to learn and engage with a broad spectrum of business disciplines which I felt would benefit me later in my career.  Whilst studying at Stirling I have been able to tailor my degree to suit my interests and career ambitions.  As such I have been exposed to a broad range subjects and in 1st and 2nd year I was able to develop in alternative areas such as economics and career development skills.  In addition, I have been able to pursue my passion for sport in line with my degree whilst at Stirling and as such I have undertaken a 4 year Football Scholarship which has been a fantastic experience.

I feel as though I have benefitted from the flexibility present within the course choices at Stirling. This has enabled me to challenge myself in certain areas and engage with a number of contemporary business challenges.  I particularly enjoyed the level of engagement and discussion present within a number of modules throughout my studies. In seminars, these discussions provided me with a more balanced and thorough insight into a number of business disciplines.

I would recommend utilising the programme flexibility and taking full advantage of the opportunity the university affords its students to control the direction of their degree.  Similarly, I would recommend that students fully embrace the sporting culture present at the university as all students have the opportunity to use elite level sporting facilities alongside professional athletes.  I would also recommend that students challenge themselves continually across all levels (professional, academic and personal).  Challenging times present opportunities for students to learn a lot about their interests and develop skills relevant to the graduate job market.

I will begin my graduate career in August joining Barclays Bank PLC in London on their Personal & Corporate Banking Graduate Programme.  My studies have enabled me to gain knowledge and skills which was used in the application process.  Furthermore, the research skills developed at university will be beneficial throughout my career in order to provide informed solutions to corporate challenges.  I have thoroughly enjoyed my 4 years at the University of Stirling which has culminated in securing a job that would have seemed unthinkable back in 1st year. Whilst at university I have been able to bond with fantastic peers who will remain friends for life. I think it’s important to point out to any prospective student that university is not easy (in my opinion) and if it was everyone would attend. However, the rewards throughout and at the end of your degree make the stress and strain more than worthwhile.

Chen Xie

MSc Marketing

Home country: China

I was influenced to study in the Stirling Management School as the ranking for the school was good and there is a long history attached to the University.  It is a beautiful campus and the Scottish people are very warmhearted.  The MSc Marketing course was very suitable for me.    The benefits of studying at Stirling is the good attitude toward studying.  I made lots of really good friends and completing the course gave me more choice when trying to find a job.

The course was very good,  in particular the Professor who was patient, fun, experienced and explained things in a more easy understanding way. 

After you graduate you will miss this place.  

Mr Clemens Doellerer

International Business

Home country: Germany

Firstly, I wanted to do a Master’s degree in an English-speaking country; Scotland was then recommended to me by a colleague. Secondly, I compared the structure and content of many International Business programmes from all over Scotland and chose the University of Stirling because it attracted me the most. Additionally, the city of Stirling seemed like a nice place to live – I like smaller towns with a lot of nature around compared to big cities such as Glasgow. As the whole package seemed right I applied and was offered a place.

As expected, I found several benefits from studying at Stirling: On the one hand, this concerns the city which was small, cosy, it was easy to become familiar with all the important places, close to nature etc. On the other hand, this concerns the university: it was a small programme, the lecturers know you personally, everything is close together, the feeling of being a “class” develops soon etc.  I liked that our lecturers were very international and not all from the UK. This helped with a subject such as International Business, because there are naturally different opinions and points of view being discussed. 

Additionally, I appreciated it was possible to choose our own focus. I am interested in HRM and therefore it was perfect to be able to select modules from this area.

I also liked the personal support that was granted to us students by the course director, the admin team and all other lecturers. I felt that someone was always there to help if needed. Coming from Germany, where education is free, this attitude from the side of the university was new, unexpected and positive.

Imagine Stirling as a small and cosy town with everything you need and close enough to Edinburgh and Glasgow so that you can live the “big city life” from time to time as well if desired. For me it is the perfect place to do a one-year master’s degree.

The programme and the university will have a very familiar atmosphere as well. You will easily find friends and enjoy your student life.

I would definitely recommend living in university accommodation, as you don’t need to worry about anything such as furniture, lease etc. for the one year you will be living in Scotland. I chose to live off-campus to have some distance to the university, but this is a matter of taste, I guess. In addition, the accommodation was only for postgrads, so I felt that I was amongst people like me.

My studies will definitively enhance my employability and my salary. Having the title “MSc in International Business” gives me a broad range of job opportunities as it is relatively general. But as I mentioned earlier, having an emphasis on HRM helps to distinguish myself from other job applicants.

Additionally, I believe that doing a master’s degree abroad in an English-speaking country is another advantage I have compared to people who have “only” studied in Germany.

Craig Black

MSc Marketing

The benefit of studying MSc Marketing at Stirling is the course design has led to me gaining practical marketing skills alongside a wealth of knowledge in the subject.   

Key features I like about the course are the practical, real life projects and high quality business simulators.  The lecturers are excellent and the scenic campus provides a great atmosphere to study.

I would advice prospective students coming to remember that everybody is in the same position when starting – you will be nervous but don’t worry.  Relax and Enjoy the course.

I feel I now have a more positive job prospect and higher-level of career aspirations after studying on the MSc Marketing course.

Cristina Rechy-Pereda

MSc Marketing

Senior Marketing Specialist, Symantec Mexico
Describe your time at Stirling:
Studying the master's degree at University of Stirling gave me the tools to get more managerial skills. One of the biggest capabilities I got was the ability to structure and start projects from scratch, which is one of the most common challenges on a daily basis. They make you see the general picture and strategically organize and prioritize next steps. I consider that as a huge value added to have better control in project, time and client management. The professors have real working experience, so they guide students to what it really applies to the marketing field. Additionally, the professors are open-minded to accept any suggestion about the course depending on your interests. Also, working with people from different backgrounds makes your knowledge and expertise wider about how things are being done in other countries.

Briefly describe your career history to date:
Before studying at Stirling, I had Public Relations experience in the IT sector with companies like Symantec, SAP, APC and Kodak. I then got a job as Marketing & Public Relations Co-ordinator with the Department of Science and Technology of the Organization of American States (OAS) in Washington, D.C.  I was responsible for designing and planning public relations and marketing programs; identifying and prioritising prospective partners and business alliances; implementing the project by developing a strategic insight profile of the department.  I am about to start a new job with Symantec Mexico as a Senior Marketing Specialist. Within this role, I will be focusing on prospect client development, demand generation in awareness/consideration/purchase, regional projects coordination in Latin America, Marketing product launches, foreign product marketing visits coordination.  My professional career wouldn't be possible without studying the MSc in Marketing at University of Stirling. 

What attracted you to this career?  
The possibility to keep growing in the Communications and Marketing fields, and the dynamism of Marketing. 

How did you get into your current job? 

List three things that you love about your job: 
Challenge, dynamism, and the people. 

What advice would you give to current students in terms of preparing for life after graduation?
To network, to identify key players in any organization, to keep your mouth shut or to express out your ideas (both likes and dislikes, agreements or disagreements) with the right people at the right moment, that sales and marketing will always be rivals so get ready to be strong enough and smart.

Daniel Gilbert

BA (Hons) Retail Marketing

I applied to Stirling University simply because of its’ first-rate reputation for retail studies. The course provided me with a very well balanced insight into Retail Marketing and covered both the theoretical and practical applications to a very high level.’

David Rees

MSc Management

Teaching Assistant, University of Stirling

At the end of my MSc in Management provided a good opportunity to reflect on what I gained from the course. As a mature student, with two decades of I.T. roles behind me, I hoped to learn the management theory which underlay much of my experience in business. This has certainly occurred, but I've learned considerably more. The first semester provided the theory I was seeking -- the second semester built on that theoretical framework to tackle three substantial topics: Project Management, Operations Management and Strategic Management; the last two being subjects completely new to me. Much of the material in both semesters is stretching, and the assignment workload is heavy. The saving grace in all this are the lecturers and support staff: they are without exception both knowledgeable and helpful.  Perhaps the high point for me was the Business Game, where teams of students compete over several weeks to run a company. This is tough (most teams went out of business) but tremendous fun, and a great opportunity to put theory into practice.  It's been a good year, and I'm glad I decided to study Management at Stirling.

Desiree Yun Jie Choo

BA (Hons) Retail Marketing (Singapore)

My biggest takeaway is the knowledge gained, not only from a Singapore perspective, but also from the lecturers who flown in from Scotland to conduct the lectures and seminars at SIM. They gave us a bigger picture of the retail world

Dr Dimitra Chormova


Home country: Greece

Obtained a PhD in plant biology from the University of Newcastle. Pursued a career in academia at the University of Edinburgh, where I was involved in and completed successfully two large-scale science projects in plant biochemistry, delivering ground-breaking results published in high impact factor journals and presented at international conferences. Continued my career specialising in cell wall biochemistry at INRA, a world-renowned research institution in south of France. Throughout my education and work experience I gained a highly transferable skills set that can be used in a variety of roles and sectors. Dealing with and designing complex experimental and analytical tasks, operating efficiently within a team context, building and maintaining relationships with different personalities in multi-cultural environments.  

My MBA was a learning experience, has played a significant role in shaping and reforming my personal and professional future goals. Initially, I believed that I would face difficulties going through the degree since I did not have a relevant business background. Nevertheless, I realised that this was not the case. My personal and professional qualities gained through my education and career helped me to undertake the degree with my skills rather than with my knowledge. Additionally, through the course I realised that my competencies were highly transferable within a business context; this made me feel confident about myself, and about my abilities. Overall the course was a highly experiential and challenging learning journey from the beginning until the end. 

The last part of the degree involved conducting a significant piece of individual research and analysis, followed by the writing up of a dissertation. The main inspiration for choosing this subject was the two strategy consulting modules of the course. I decided to research the main reasons for the increasing number of micro-distilleries in Scotland, especially given the recent popularity of gin and the renaissance of the retro era. However, during my education and career in science I had the opportunity to conduct high quality quantitative research based on designing and statistically analysing experiments. Through these processes I managed to develop excellent analytical and problem solving skills on a quantitative level. Deciding to apply a qualitative approach in my dissertation was a challenge, but at the same-time an invaluable learning experience. Through this experience I understood the importance of different philosophical research concepts, and I discovered the power of narratives. Conducting qualitative research made me realise the significance of different experiences and the way people express them in order to make sense of the world, particularly through the use of language as the main tool of communication. The insights are something that I will find invaluable as I undertake the next stage of my career journey. 

Ms Dita Dewi

MSc International Business

Home country: Indonesia

The School environment influenced by decision to choose to study at Stirling.  Apart from the knowledge I received from my course, I also learnt about the different cultures amongst the other students on the course and particularly enjoyed the interaction with other international students.  I would advise prospective students to book their accommodation as soon as possible and be careful of falling in love with the city of Stirling!  I am confident that my studies will improve my career path.  

Dr Tikhala Chibwana


General Manager, Blantyre Newspapers Ltd

Stirling University is literally set in a wonderful park but the MBA programme was no stroll in the park. It was demanding as it was exciting. The academic teaching and supervision stretched me to the limit while equipping me for future challenges. It was a turning point in my career. I got a world class qualification from a world class university in a world class setting. With colleagues from over thirty countries, the term global village just took a new meaning for me. The Stirling experience is like no other and I would not hesitate to recommend it for anyone thinking of post graduate studies.

Duncan MacArthur

BA (Hons) Business Studies

Home country: Scotland

The Business Studies course offered flexibility with a broad range of subjects covering all areas of management and business organisations. This was useful and helped me to decide on a future career path.

Stirling has excellent on-campus sporting facilities and I was offered a sports scholarship which enabled me to balance studies and competing.  They also have a good Career Development Centre which provided me with help and advice to gain a summer internship at the end of my 3rd year.

The broad range of subjects enabled me to choose those that related to my future career path. We were also given the opportunity to hear from and meet a number of business leaders and see how some course content applied in the real business world.

I will start on the Customer and Business Operations graduate programme with Centrica in October. In particular the management modules that I studied will be useful because I will be leading a group of staff. The group assignments element of my course will also help me in group tasks.

Edwein Yeo Chin Leong

BA (Hons) Retail Marketing (Singapore)

Anyone who wants to do well in retailing, including small business owners, would benefit from this course.

MSc Eleni Maria Pagoni

MSc Marketing

Home country: Greece

I always wanted to do a masters in the UK. The University of Stirling had the best funding opportunities compared with those of other big Scottish universities. Taking the very good reputation of the university and the Marketing programme into account, the University of Stirling was the best choice for me.

It was a very international and diverse environment and I learned a lot from working with a variety of different cultures. The location of the city is ideal for someone who wants to explore Scotland as well as other countries in Europe. While being very close to both Edinburgh and Glasgow, I could enjoy a laid back everyday life on campus. I believe that the beauty of the campus is something the University of Stirling can brag about.

There was a variety of creative and practice-based assignments that helped me learn a lot and become more confident about my discipline. I personally like group work and the course offered me plenty opportunities for that. The support of the admin and teaching staff was of paramount importance during the year and improved tremendously my experience in the university.

It was a once in a lifetime experience for me that developed my knowledge and my personality. I made friendships and had a great time even when I had a really heavy workload. The environment of the campus and the atmosphere helps to control your anxiety and relax, which I think it is very important, especially for masters students. Just enjoy your time and everything the university, the city and the country has to offer.

I am currently a foreign language teacher trainee at the University of Manchester, which isn’t exactly relevant with my masters, but something I always wanted. I wouldn’t have known about it and the opportunities the UK offers for graduates to get into teaching if I hadn’t done my masters here. The knowledge I obtained throughout my studies helped me get accepted in the programme, even though I had a different background than the one they were asking for. The academic skills I developed at the University of Stirling result to me having a very good academic performance here which allows me to focus more on the practical aspects of my training and absorb all the new information I am exposed to.


Eleonora Theotokatou

MSc Retail Management

Owner, Daily Fresh at Work

Briefly describe your career history to date:
My first job after I left Stirling was as a Sales Develop for Carrefour Retail Chain.  I then progressed on to Marketing Manager at Carouzos (a branded clothing retail chain in Greece) before I decided to set up my own company providing business catering facilities. 

What attracted you to this career?
I always wanted to work at an ongoing & challenging business environment. 

How did you get into your current job? 
After 5 years in other companies, I decided to run my own business. Research showed a gap in the market and I decided to join the business catering segment. 

Describe what your current job involves: 
Business planning, marketing research, sales control, production control. 

Describe a typical working day:
Early in the morning we take care of the first material in order to guarantee the best quality of our food. Strategic plans and decisions follows, payment approvals is an everyday process as well.

In what way did your time at Stirling shape your career to date?
After passing a year at Stirling I became an open-minded person. My studies at Stirling showed me the way to search for solutions. The skills that I attained help me to define all the critical points before of every decision.

List three things that you love about your job:  
Communication with customers & personnel
Food producing procedures
Business plans for new openings

List the things you dislike about your job:
Payments approvals
Human resource issues

What advice would you give to current students in terms of preparing for life after graduation? 
Make your hobby your daily job!

Eric Tan


Managing Director, MatrixScience

Describe your career history to date:
I’m a Senior Executive with 23 years of International MNC management experience in APAC including Japan. I’ve managed and developed senior staff in APAC countries with different cultures. I have proven business acumen through successful negotiation and completion of many multi-million pound projects in various countries (China, Thailand Singapore, private and public sectors). I have a strong track record in meeting P&L/Op Inc. responsibilities. In-charge and participated in a number of M&A negotiations and implementations. I’ve built up sales channel from the ground in China and gained major market shares in difficult economic environment. I’m well respected and regarded in various industries and by peers, superiors and business associates globally.

How has your Stirling degree helped you in job-seeking and career progression?
My Stirling MBA allowed me to accelerate my progress to senior management position and to be recognised by my peers in a cross cultural environment.

What kind of contacts did you make at Stirling and how did these help you?
I didn’t make significant contacts although I made some new friends when I revisited the campus on a few occasions after I graduated.

How did your experience at Stirling differ from that of friends and colleagues who studied elsewhere?
I am able to stand out compared to those who did their MBA in Singapore or part-time. Scottish business is also well recognised in the Far East.

What made you choose Stirling?
I chose the University because of its beautiful campus and that it is part of the Scottish Business School.

How did you enhance your CV to break into your chosen sector?
The MBA added and enhanced my knowledge gained through my work experience. Is your career what you expected or has anything changed? My career progressed as I planned it and it increased my geographical coverage beyond my expectations.

What other activities would you recommend to build up your skill set?
I’d recommend you join industries networking organisations be prepared to look beyond your home country for opportunities.

What advice can you give to current students?
Do networking with students from other countries to gain cultural insight. Exercise good independent decision making and get a good result. Do your best in whatever you choose and believe in it, but remember to have plan B.

Onyesobusie (Eso) Gwam


Key Account Manager, Frigoglass

Describe your career history to date:
After graduating from Stirling, I got a job as an Account Officer at the Union Bank of Nigeria, where I stayed for 4 years before moving to the Intercontinental Bank as Relationship Manager where I managed the bank's business accounts and provided personal banking services to premium account holders.  In 2011, I moved to Iworld Global Services as a Financial Analyst.  I decided to move away from the financial services sector this year, and recently took up a position as Key Account Manager with Frigoglass. 

What attracted you to this career?
This particular job was an opportunity to work in the manufacturing sector and learn about a whole new industry. I've spent most of my working life in services, specifically financial services, so when this came along I decided "why not try something new". The role I'm in is different because it's hands on and requires a great deal of practical and detailed knowledge of both the client and my industry. 

How did you get into your current job?
I got this job mainly by spreading the word that I was looking for something new, apparently someone took note and introduced me to the HR Manager of my current organisation. We had a chat and he thought I fit the bill, escalated the interview to the specific department and the rest is history (so sorry for the cliché). 

Describe what your current job involves:
Frigoglass in Nigeria provides packaging for drinks and pharmaceutical companies (bottles, crates and crowns). Key accounts management simply means managing the company's important relationships. It's a step above sales because it involves planning, forecasting, liaising with the supply chain and other departments to ensure that the customer receives the correct order at the right time. The Key Account Manager is the human face of the company who transmits information between the customer and the company and vice versa. 

Describe a typical working day:
I really can't say what a typical day is at this point because I am currently shadowing the other key accounts managers as part of my induction training so I get to help on different assignment. However, a constant feature is analyses of a variety of reports: stock, sales, deliveries and a lot of calls to customers. 

In what way did your time at Stirling shape your career to date?
The MBA programme at Stirling helped me develop a deeper understanding of 21st-century business management. Apart from the well structured management modules which have exposed me to contemporary business issues, I also picked up public speaking skills as a result of taking part in several seminar presentations. The Stirling MBA developed my research skills a great deal, my previous job was in management consulting and this required quite a lot of research. My MBA improved my financial literacy too in terms of interpreting financial statements. During an interview I was asked to name all the items that would typically be found on a trading profit and loss account and I was able to name them without really thinking about it, that was the MBA kicking in! 

List three things that you love about your job:
The people, the learning experiences and the variety in terms of being able to meet lots of different people. 

List three things you dislike about your job:
Movement within Lagos is pretty difficult because of traffic snarls, so I hate sitting in traffic to and from client visits (still new here, so I haven't developed any pet peeves yet). 

What advice would you give to current students in terms of preparing for life after graduation?
Don't think an MBA is an automatic ticket to a 6 or 7 figure salary, sometimes you have to compromise on the huge salary in order to develop the skills and experiences that will land you the big thing. When I was initially searching for work in the UK and here in Nigeria, I got frustrated quickly because I wasn't getting the kind of offers that I felt an MBA 'deserves' but now I know that flexibility is important when trying to settle down after taking a break from work. Flexibility and an open mind are very important.

Hayford Tawiah

MSc Marketing

Marketing is a challenging area as the concepts and theories constantly evolve and students have to read throughout the course to stay current with the research.  I feel the programme equipped me with the skills I need such as team work, presentation and communication skills in order to be successful moving forward. Importantly, the teaching staff and administrators are fantastic and ever ready to help students.  

I could not have studied anywhere else because simply put, I feel at home here in Stirling. Every activity here in Stirling is centred on the students. Student's needs are attended to with swift response. Simply put, they are capable of assisting me as my career moves forward. It was without hesitation that I have chosen Stirling University for my PhD Course for the next 3 years.

Hazel Alexander

BA (Hons) Retail Marketing

‘The programme provides a well-rounded understanding of both the retail industry and key marketing principles in addition to developing skills I could apply to a variety of commercial and business situations.’

James Swanson

BA (Hons) Marketing

After struggling to discover what subject I wanted to study at university, I made the decision to study marketing – It has been one best decisions I have made. Marketing is incredibly versatile and graduates can adapt effectively to work in a wide array of industries. 


Stirling University is known as Scotland's University for Sporting Excellence, however the Stirling Management School equally has an impressive reputation of excellence and prestige. This is the reason I decided to study Marketing over a sports degree. The Stirling Management School has a faculty list of reputable academics, leading lectures as well as good connections with the industry. Therefore, Stirling graduates are looked upon favourably by prospective employers.


During my final two years in the Stirling Management School, I have benefited from smaller class sizes. This has allowed students to have a valuable relationship with module coordinators and allow them to provide students with effective assistance when required. Additionally, I have been exposed to a number of well taught and challenging marketing modules, which I believe will be advantageous to me in the future. These modules include; Understanding Consumers, Marketing Communications and Marketing Decisions. Whilst other marketing modules were valuable, these three were of particular interest and value to me.


One of the best things I’ve been given to opportunity to do at Stirling was partake in the Marketing Society Star Student Awards. I was fortunately chosen along with one other marketing student to represent the Stirling Management School at the awards day in Edinburgh. I was incredibly honoured and greatly appreciated being selected by the Stirling Management School. The apprentice style day clearly demonstrated that I made the right decision to study marketing, the subject’s industry versatility and reaffirmed my love for the subject.


My advice to future students would be to really engage in your chosen subject area, get as much work experience in that subject as possible and learn from the vast array of knowledge available at the Stirling Management School. I plan to take the knowledge and experience I have acquired from Stirling University and apply it to my next academic journey in America, where I intend to study a master’s degree in Sports Marketing and Management. 

Ms Janine Fink

International Business

Home country: Germany

The aspect which first attracted me was the fact that the University of Stirling has a great reputation for Business and Management studies in the U.K. Furthermore, it is well known that many students from the University of Stirling find a job within 6 months of graduation. I also heard a lot of good recommendations from former students about the excellent student life at the University and that Stirling is a great city to live in. In comparison with other Universities, the price-performance-ratio is very good. When I saw pictures of the University I already fell in love with the place. It became even prettier when I first arrived. The campus itself feels more like a park and therefore the students can relax while studying for the next examination. 

I found out that many people appreciate the fact that you chose to study at a University with a great reputation. When applying for jobs recruiters and therefore companies are always looking for future employees who studied in a foreign country.  Thanks to a number of group work projects in different courses I had the opportunity to learn how to work with people from other countries. This also gave me the chance to learn even more about countries I have never visited and that prejudices are not always true. I have made friends for life and we already planned to visit each other.

I chose to study the Masters in International Business at Stirling because it offers a wide range of modules which are very interesting and appealing. In addition to business modules, we were also able to choose modules from Marketing and HRM. These modules gave every student an even broader insight into the business environment and more knowledge which will help you to find the perfect job in the future.

The lecturers are always very helpful and support every member of the course. Thanks to a wide range of tests, everyone has the chance to find their strength and to get the best grade possible.  I would recommend this course to everyone who is interested in an international career path.

The University of Stirling is a great place to meet lots of new and different people from all over the world. I have never met so many people with different cultures. It is a great experience because you will learn a lot about other nations just by talking and hanging out with your classmates or your housemates. If a student wants to experience the ultimate cultural exchange, they should choose the University of Stirling because most people coming to the University are from a foreign country. 

Li (Lily) Jing

MSc Retail Management

Customer Relationship Manager, Decathlon Sports Co Ltd

Briefly describe your career history to date:
I started my working career with an exhibition company in China as a Project Manager. After I graduated, I worked in Decathlon as a Store Department Manager, before I moved to my current position in 2010. 

What attracted you to this career?
Since my major in Stirling was Retail Management, finding a related job was always my target after graduation. 

How did you get into your current job?
I searched for Store Department Manager positions on a recruitment website and sent off my CV. 

Describe what your current job involves:
Operational management of the Decathlon customer card programme; providing functional support to stores regarding detailed questions; and co-ordinator of a new CRM project development with IT Department and France CRM team. 

Describe a typical working day:
Email and phone calls with store/supplier plus paperwork (writing reports, training materials etc). 

List three things that you love about your job: 
New area - it is a new project within the company which I need to study in order to develop
It is retail-related which is linked to my major
Opportunities for future development - it is a good place to learn more about retailing and international company working style. 

List three things you dislike about your job:
As a global company, some projects can't be very localised
Since CRM is a new area to the company and some projects are not yet finished, work can be very routine and time-consuming
Expansion of staff means that we have relocated a few times within one year

What advice would you give to current students and recent graduates? 
Find a job to practice before thinking too much of long-term development.

Jingjing Yu

MSc Banking & Finance

Home country: China

A friend of mine came to study at the University of Stirling Management School a few years ago and recommended this course to me. The campus is beautiful and spacious; and I have found the lecturers have been helpful and friendly. The weekly seminars have been a great help putting the theory learnt in lectures into practice.

Joseph Martin

BA (Hons) Business Studies & Marketing

I really loved Stirling University campus and its sports facilities. So for that reason I really wanted to study here. I chose Stirling Management School because of their superb reputation and various courses.

One of the biggest benefits of studying here has been the thorough knowledge of Business and Marketing I have gained which will prepare me well for my future career. On top of this I have gained knowledge in several other areas including law and sports. I have also achieved a superb social life from studying at Stirling.

I have had a wonderful time at Stirling University and would recommend it to anyone.

Joseph Welstead

BSc (Hons) Management

I chose to study in Stirling because I believe the university provides a high standard of education in the Management School. I also chose Stirling because of the excellent on-campus sports facilities - I swim and use the gym over 20 hours a week!

Karen Gibson

BA (Hons) Marketing

My course is really enjoyable and I'm thoroughly enjoying the variety of modules that are on offer – and meeting different groups of people from other subject areas of the Management School.

In my opinion, Stirling University was the best option in Scotland for studying marketing- I even had the opportunity to spend my 3rd year of study in North Carolina, USA, which was a truly amazing experience.

Kerr Hunter

MSc Marketing

Communications & Marketing, Stirling Council

How has your Stirling degree helped you in job-seeking and career progression?
I originally studied Politics at the University of Glasgow. I graduated in 2006 and moved to London and worked in advertising. After realising that the Marketing/Advertising area was something I was very interested in, I move back to Scotland and enrolled in the MSc Marketing course at the University of Stirling. This course has helped me immensely, as the job I have now required me to have an additional qualification in Marketing. 

What kind of contacts did you make at Stirling and how did these help you? 
I made most of my contacts with lecturers. The staff were so friendly and helpful and I’ve also made great friends with fellow students who I am still in touch with. 

How did your experience at Stirling differ from that of friends and colleagues who studied elsewhere? 
I was in a fortunate situation as I attended another University beforehand. The Stirling experience is different from some other Universities as it is campus based. To that end, the experience is more personal and tight-knit. You see a lot of familiar faces, which is good to make you feel welcome and at home. 

What made you choose Stirling?
Stirling was the best choice for me as it provided the course I wanted to do and it was relatively local. 

How did you enhance your CV to break into your chosen sector?
When writing a CV it is important to tailor your information to the specific job/sector that you want to work in. Using your experiences but relating them to specific requirements of the job is important and this will show how skills relate to tasks expected of you. 

Is your career what you expected or has anything changed? 
I love what I do, and the background theory and skills I learned at University were fundamental in my current understanding of the business. Using what I learned and putting them in to practical use is very rewarding. 

What other activities would you recommend to students build up their skill set?
I would recommend that you partake in extra-curricular activities such as pupil council/sports/hobbies. All these experiences allow you to gain confidence in yourself, gain new contacts, learn new skills and also break up the academic side of University life. 

What advice would you give to current students? 
As much as it sounds trite, attend all your lectures, but also try to think how YOU would use that specific fact/skill/info in the wider world. Trying to relate what you are learning to everyday life/the work place makes it much easier to understand, and you may remember it better too.

Ms Kerstin Hansen

MSc Behavioural Science for Management

Home country: Germany

Having a business background, I developed a strong interest in human decision-making processes and which psychological factors influence those processes. This is the reason why I decided to study for the Masters in Behavioural Science for Management.  During my studies at Stirling, I developed really strong academic and analytical skills and learned how to handle, collect and also interpret large amounts of data. The psychological knowledge that is transferred to students from renowned researchers is highly relevant and applicable to everyday life.

The small classes and ratio of staff to students provides you with the opportunity to discuss ideas, thoughts and concerns in great detail and makes the study experience really intense. In addition, the administrative staff of the Management School were always very supportive.  One piece of advice I would give new students is to bring a pair of wellington boots with you!

The company I am working for is currently making radical changes to their structures and work processes where I can use my psychological knowledge to support the upper management level to productively manage change. 

Konstantinos Ioannidis

BA (Hons) Business Studies & Marketing

I applied to the University of Stirling Management School as it has a great reputation among UK’s universities.  Its high prestige and the level of education influenced me to choose Stirling for my business degree.  As student you have the chance to be involved in many activities and engage with the local businesses as well. On top of this, you have the opportunity to develop your skills and talents.   Studying at Stirling has allowed me to meet people from all over the world and discover new cultures whilst expanding my knowledge.


My course was structured very well. There was balance between studying and time for personal life. The link between lectures and seminars was perfect and enabled me to have a better understanding of the learning.  Furthermore, guest lecturers from local businesses were visiting the University throughout the year to deliver lectures, which enabled me to have a deeper insight of the real business world.  Also, the visits to local businesses allowed me the opportunity to discover more about the functions of a business but also to discover the link between the theory and practice.

The new accommodation buildings, new gym equipment and new library are some of the features which shows that the university really cares for its students. Stirling is a beautiful town, full of opportunities and activities. 

I am currently employed and working as Business Development Executive. My degree from the University of Stirling  had a great impact and helped me get my dream job in Marketing. Having a degree from Stirling enables your future career as it is well-known throughout the world.

I had an amazing time at the University of Stirling.  Four years of studying passed by so quickly, because they were the best four years of my life.   I met new people, developed new skills, experienced new things and became a professional. Stirling is a big part of my life and will always be in my heart.

Le Long

MSc Banking & Finance

Home country: Vietnam

I think the University of Stirling Management School is a great place to study Banking & Finance. I have developed my knowledge and experience on real world economics and have also had the opportunity to learn more about Scotland and the UK. The University staff are helpful and have made me feel quite at home. I have improved my confidence and am looking forward to using my knowledge and experience in the future.

Lu Wang

MSc Banking & Finance

Home country: China

I chose to come and study at the University in Stirling because of its high ranking position. I have found the MSc Banking and Finance course of a very high standard with professional and knowledgeable lecturers. I have improved and developed my knowledge which will be beneficial to my career in banking after I complete my dissertation.

Michelle Ooi

BA (Hons) Retail Marketing (Singapore)

I love everything that I have learnt, particularly the group discussions as they help me to be more open to different ideas that might not cross my mind.

Mr Matt Hand

BA (Hons) in Economics and Management Science

Home country: England

By completing this survey you will allow Stirling Management School to use the content for marketing purposes both online and within our printed marketing materials.  Please ensure that you complete the attached form and return it together with a good quality head and shoulders image.   The responses may be edited for use within our marketing materials and online but the context of your response will remain unchanged.

What really attracted me to Stirling University and the Stirling Management School was the flexibility of their degree courses. Having enjoyed studying both Economics and Business Studies at school I didn’t want to give either up, so the ability to combine both of these subjects was something I found really appealing. The modular system offered by the university also gave me the opportunity to discover and explore other subjects I had an interest in, such as a marketing module I took in second year. I also found the location of the university really attractive and the amazing sports facilities really stood out.   The passionate lecturing staff helped to encourage me throughout my studies. In particularly in my dissertation supervisor who encouraged me to combine my love of flying with my final year dissertation module. Most importantly I learnt that hard work does pay off and you can achieve if you are willing to put the work in.

I would certainly recommend visiting the university and exploring the beautiful campus and amazing sports facilities. There are so many opportunities available to students at the university both academic and social and supportive people around to help you achieve.  Since leaving university I have been training to become an Airline pilot and have recently accepted a job offer from a major European airline. The analytical and problem solving skills I developed during my time in Stirling have helped me to achieve this. Working in groups and performing class presentations also served to develop the interpersonal skills essential on the flight deck. 

Muhammad Chowdhury

MRes Business & Management

Home country: Bangladesh

I chose the University of Stirling because I felt confident about its teaching quality.  The course seemed a perfect match and met my expectations and the teaching staff seemed fantastic - they were highly qualified in their respected fields.

My MRes course was rigorous and well-structured.  The course focused on the core aspects of management research.  I am currently employed as an academic and corporate consultant.  I now feel better equipped to pursue my doctoral level research work, which I was not very confident about before doing my MRes in Stirling.  In my commercial career as a corporate consultant, it will help me to gain more confidence in strategic planning and decision making for the companies I do consultancy for.

Stirling provides an excellent academic and research environment and facilities where students can be assured of getting a degree from a world class, well-recognised university, while at the same time enjoying one of the most beautiful campuses in the world.  The city of Stirling itself is a marvellous place to live in. During my stay in Stirling I got to find out more about the Scottish people, their culture and heritage, and also met many international students.  I had a fantastic experience in Stirling and my expectation was fulfilled completely.

Ms Nadia Thomson

Business Studies

Home country: United Kingdom

When I initially started my academic studies I was uncertain about which career path I wanted to follow in the future and therefore wanted to choose a University which offered subject flexibility. I found that Stirling University offered this with little restriction, allowing students to combine a number of subjects which they felt passionate about. Being a local resident, there was always the option to explore universities further afield, however the University of Stirling offers so much to so many and is one of the most beautiful campuses in Scotland, so why look elsewhere?

Being a local resident, having a top university on my doorstep was something pretty special as I didn't have to uproot my life in order to gain a degree. However, being confused about where I wanted to take my degree, the flexibility for change was something I took great comfort in. Not every university allows such flexibility so if you are in a similar position to myself, I highly recommend considering Stirling University. 

I liked how each student could almost hand-pick their degree; each semester we were offered an extensive list of modules which were not degree specific. This really is a strength of the university as you graduate with a degree which is unique to you, built around your personality and passions.

I would say, take the time to research what the university offers extensively, you'll be here a while so you have to make sure it fulfils your expectations. The university offers so much more than academic support, look deeper and see what it offers beyond that, the list is endless.

The University has made me grow as a person. When I initially enrolled I was extremely shy and through the support provided I have flourished into a confident young graduate. Although sometimes difficult, the university has taught me to persevere and that is something I will continue to remember in future careers. Not only this, the diversity present at the university has provided me with the knowledge and skill set to work with individuals from different backgrounds, which I feel has prepared me for a professional working environment.

I would like to thank the University of Stirling for a memorable four years, where I have grown as a person, met some wonderful people and gained a first class degree. I am extremely proud to call myself a Stirling University Graduate and can't thank you enough for the ongoing support.

Natalia Dunk

BA (Hons) Retail Marketing

Graduate Trainee Area Manager, Aldi

The course at Stirling was varied and interesting; it managed to mix a wide range of practical activities with theoretical approaches that really helped to illustrate the changing nature of retail within both a UK and international context. 

Why did you apply to Stirling?
Stirling University appealed to me for a number of reasons, but what really swayed me was the beautiful campus and student friendly semester structure.

Why did you choose BA Retail Marketing? 
One of my A-Level subjects was Psychology, this and part-time work in retail, elicited a particular interest in the nature of retail and consumer behaviour. 

Was there an opportunity to gain practical information from guest speakers/store visits etc? 
During the course we attended a number of store and warehouse visits as well as guest lectures from a variety of experienced retail and marketing personnel. We all found that being able to speak to people who apply theoretical concepts in the real world helped to really illustrate the concepts. 

Where are you currently working?
Aldi as a Graduate Trainee Area Manager. 

How did the course benefit you in your current position? 
All of the modules are applicable to my current position for example, Logistics and Supply Chain Management is a vital component of the Aldi business model. 

Ms Natalia Griem

Business Studies & Psychology

Home country: Germany

The University of Stirling was one of the only Universities in the UK where I could study a combined degree in Business Studies and Psychology, which is exactly what I wanted to study. The flexibility in Stirling’s degree programme timetabling, coupled with the excellent academic reputation, were the main reasons why I chose Stirling. It was nice to know that I was not bound to study a degree for 4 years that I did not fully enjoy. In addition to these academic reasons, the beauty of Stirling’s campus, combined with the friendly staff and student environment, reassured me in my decision. My personal interests in sports and other extra-curricular activities were met by the wide range of student clubs, sports teams and the excellent sporting facilities available at the University of Stirling.

Studying at Stirling has made me a lot more open-minded and internationally oriented, because I met and worked together with students from all over the world. I also learned to work independently and to meet my own personal deadlines, which simultaneously improved my time-management skills that I needed to juggle the various aspects and demands of the course. The flexibility of the degree programme allowed me to choose courses that particularly interested me so I could tailor the course to suit my personal interests. Having completed the dissertation has made me more confident in carrying out research and writing up the results.

I really enjoyed the mixture of lectures and seminars throughout the course, which allowed a large group of students to be taught by one lecturer on various topics, as well as for students to discuss these topics in more detail with their peers and tutors in seminars. This enabled us to form a better understanding of key concepts, as well as broaden our horizon by hearing other people’s perspectives. Furthermore, the integrated computer lab classes allowed us to develop practical skills that will be very useful for any future career in this field.

I encourage students to get involved within the University as soon as possible, ideally in their first year of study. In addition to the large number of sports teams and societies available for students to join, there are various great opportunities for students to get involved in the academic side of the University. For example, becoming a course representative, or even a school officer, enables you to communicate between students and staff to help improve the quality of the course. Additionally, the Careers Centre offers many personal development workshops and organises career fairs to support students in growing their employability skills. Getting practical experience through internships also helps you understand more about your own interests, and provides you with invaluable insights into the real work life.

The content of my combined degree courses enabled me to focus and develop some of my key interests from both fields that I hope to pursue in my future career, while simultaneously also showing me which aspects of the fields I do not want to work in. Having studied both Business and Psychology has clarified for me how I can translate my personal interests in both fields into a stimulating future career. The course Social Entrepreneurship, which I took during my study abroad semester in Sydney, has directly impacted my decision for my future career since I plan to work in that field in the near future. The teamwork and communications skills that I developed over my time at University will also be very useful for my future career.

Thi Thanh Hoa Nguyen

MSc Marketing


What was your number one reason to pick the UK?
My number one reason to pick the UK is that the master program duration is just one year.

Why did you choose this course and institution?
I chose MSc Marketing at the University of Stirling because of two reasons. Firstly, the program curriculum is diverse, including soft-skill modules, practical projects, and field trips. The second reason is that the University gave me a scholarship to attend it.

How easy was it to settle into life at the university?
It was not easy for me to get used to university life at first. However, it didn’t take long to settle into life there. The instructions were available everywhere, so it was not difficult for me to access what I needed. When I had any difficulties with my studies, I was free to contact lecturers and got help from library staff for searching documents or materials. The Career Development Centre was so useful for me, too. I love the environment at the university.

Tell us a little about the course?
The course I took is about Marketing. It offered me soft skills I had never been trained in the bachelor program. Those were useful and interesting. Especially, for Marketing Management and Retail Management Applications, I had a chance to run a real project with my classmates.

What’s the most priceless thing you’ve learned during your time in the UK?
I have learnt a lot of things when I studied there. The most priceless thing is to try my best to make my dreams come true. 

What’s next after you’ve completed your UK education?
I am a lecturer and want to share what I have learnt from the University to my students. I am planning to study further and get PhD degree. I hope that I could have a chance to come back to the University again.

Patrick Nowald

MSc Marketing

Advertising Cost Manager, Lidl UK

Describe your career history to date:
I became a Trainee District Manager for Lidl UK and after a few months of training I was visited by one of the Board Directors who came into one of my stores and offered me a job in Head Office in London.  I got relocated to London to take up the position of Advertising Costs Manager and have been in this position for almost two years now. 

How did you get into your current job?
I found out about the job from the Times “Top 100 employers” book that is available at the Stirling University job centre for free and was attracted by the development opportunities, the salary and other benefits like a company car, contributory pension, private health care etc. 

Describe what your current job involves:
At the moment I am responsible for the entire advertising budget, press bookings and rate/contract negotiations with all national and a lot of regional newspapers that we advertise in. 

In what way did your time at Stirling shape your career to date?
My studies have proven to be useful as things that seem logical and obvious during your time in University often get forgotten once applied in the real world - a good example is standardization vs. adaptation. On one hand we aim to provide our customers with the exact same experience in any of our stores throughout the UK but on the other hand, not all stores are the same size and therefore can’t hold all of our product lines, which causes a lot of issues when it comes to National Newspaper advertising, Online advertising and even the printing of our leaflet. Regionalisation of our offers is one solution, as legal restraints, such as the prohibition of promoting alcohol in Scotland for a short period of time, causes us to advertise different lines at different times throughout the UK. It is challenges like this, the early responsibility and my personal development in the company that I love about my job and other than the fact that I think London is overcrowded there is absolutely nothing wrong with it.

What advice would you give to current students in terms of preparing for life after graduation?
Don’t think of University as obtaining a degree at the end and that this is the only thing employers will look at. I was quite surprised during my interview that it was actually my extra-curricular activities and the fact that I never wasted my holidays, but did internships or other unpaid projects that made me so attractive to them. It’s a great accomplishment to have a degree at MSc-level on your CV but to stand out from the crowd you need to be able to show your future employer that you are actively looking to push yourself and are enthusiastic about taking on new challenges.

Philippa Last

MSc Management

Trainee Manager, NHS

My experiences with the Management MSc has already helped me understand management issues within the NHS and will allow me to have a sound understanding when incorporating the Public Health and Leadership MSc part time. I really developed personally over the year at Stirling University coming from a science background with no previous business knowledge. So I would again like to thank you for all the support, without the Distinction pass in Management MSc being a competitive candidate for the NHS Graduate Management would not have been possible.

Pia Charlotte Faeth

MSc International Human Resource Management

Home country: Germany

After some time in an HR-job I had the desire to do my MSc. I have always used every opportunity to spend some time in other countries and I wanted to study abroad as well.  My partner Jonathan is from Stirling, and I fell in love with the beautiful university campus the first time we went to visit his “old university”.  When I saw that Stirling University offered a specialised Masters in International Human Resource Management the decision was an easy one.

The most obvious benefit is that my English skills improved enormously, which is very important as English is becoming used more and more as the universal language of business.  In addition, my cross-cultural sensitivity has improved by working and communicating with many different nationalities.  Besides the fact that I now have a broader understanding of the current issues in International Human Resource Management, I think these other experiences provide essential skills which employers look for nowadays.  I particularly liked how diverse and multinational my classmates and lecturers were because it made the lectures more interesting, with many different perspectives on each issue.  There was always a pleasant working atmosphere and enough time to have plenty fun amidst the hard work.

What I really liked about Stirling, apart from the stunning campus, is that everything was close by - the city centre, the gym, the next pub!  The campus is almost like a small village which makes it easy to get to know people quickly.  The various student societies support this as well.  Stirling might not be a metropolis but has enough entertainment to offer, and it is affordable to live in!  When you are a student abroad you not only need to watch your money but you also don’t want to take weeks to find your way around, feeling like a stranger. Stirling is an easy place to quickly feel at home in, and after a couple of weeks you will be settled in and can really focus on your studies. 

My MSc at the University of Stirling was very demanding and challenging but has paid off with some great achievements.  The Department’s staff, but especially my supervisor was very helpful and supportive at all times.  His excellent supervision and his belief in my abilities has made me realise my potential, and I am now starting my PhD.  Studying at Stirling has not only allowed me to learn about my area of interest but also about myself.

Quek Kai Lin

BA (Hons) Retail Marketing (Singapore)

The course has equipped me with a comprehensive range of analytical problem-solving and professional skills that enables me to identify and analyse business problems, and gather relevant data so that business and marketing plans can be effectively implemented. “In addition, the course has enabled me to integrate retail experience with the corresponding retail philosophies, concepts and international practices.

Mr Razin Mohamed

MBM Business and Management

Home country: India

What first attracted you to choose the University of Stirling to study your course?

As I am originally from India, I always wanted to go to a University which had diversity in its students. My experience at Stirling gave me an opportunity to study alongside students from 11 nationalities on the course. The university on whole has students from about 120 countries which again make it a fruitful experience for any student who travels abroad for higher education.

What are the benefits you found as a result of studying at Stirling?

The most important thing I gained at the university was self-confidence. The whole structure and the various events that the university organised helped me to communicate with other nationalities in English. As a result, it has improved my usage of the language and also helped in improving my accent when I communicate with people.  Secondly, most of the modules in the MBM program had a lot of group working assignments and group presentations. These experiences have helped me in sharing my ideas with my classmates and also gave me the opportunity to learn from my peers.  Some of the modules where in conjunction with the MBA cohort and it gave us "workplace" experience having people from different age groups and experiences working on the same project. To conclude I would say that at the university I gained these transferable skills which I believe is important for any successful person.

What specific feature(s) did you like most about the course? 

Block teaching has helped students on the course to completely focus on one module at a time. This has helped in improving my understanding of concepts that were taught on the course. The best part of the course was the flying start leadership program that helped students in easier transition towards the university life. This two-week long induction program helped us to gain key information about university, the program itself and also gave us the opportunity to sharpen our business acumen by exchanging ideas with other management school students and also by meeting external clients during the business networking event.

What advice would you give to prospective students considering coming to Stirling?

The University of Stirling has a very beautiful campus and is centrally located in between Glasgow and Edinburgh. For me the university gave me a “home away from home” feeling and I didn’t feel like I was missing my home. The university tutors are very friendly and are approachable anytime during the semester. The university also has a personal tutor for each student to discuss any kind of personal and academic issues that they come across during their studies. To sum up the university, the beautiful campus, the amazing sporting facilities and its wonderful academic and non-academic staff makes life easier for any international student travelling into Scotland. I would say “it can’t get any better” for any university student.

Are you currently employed? If so, please tell us what impact do you think your studies will have on your future career?

After graduation, I moved to the Middle East. Currently I am working with Alitco Group in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia as a Mechanical Engineer. The transferable skills I attained from marketing management, project management and strategic management modules have helped me to work efficiently in my present position. As I gain sufficient work experience and increase my knowledge from on the job experiences, I believe that it will add value to the degree I attained from the university and hopefully end up with a highly rewarding career.

I would like to thank the university and its staff for providing me with a high quality education and experiences which I will cherish for a life time.

Robbie Crow

BA (Hons) Marketing

The University of Stirling is, in my opinion, one of the best institutions to study Marketing in the United Kingdom. This is because there is an even balance of both practical and strategic marketing; from theory-based courses in first year to business-advisory projects in fourth, creating a hand in hand concept which is crucial to the real world. Whilst at Stirling I was able to apply many of the concepts I had learned from an early stage in my University career, and I was able to use my understanding to help many charities from all over the UK.


The special thing about Stirling for me is the way that it concentrates on many areas of marketing, and not just on the ‘corporate’ aspect. The importance that they place upon societal marketing – encompassing social enterprises, charities and all-other third sector organisations – is evident from the start, thus informing students of all marketing career choices and not limiting them only to the typical corporate trajectory. They are not afraid to think outside of the corporate world – however, if corporate is what you want then corporate is what you can get. 


I studied Marketing as my main subject, but I was able to pick from many other areas of expertise in the business world because of the wide choice offered at Stirling. My work after University is now focused on the long-term advancement of charities in the United Kingdom, and I hold board-level appointments within two large-scale organisations. If you want to have lecturers and tutors who will remember and get to know you, study courses that you will find intellectually and physically stimulating and make friends that will last an eternity, then Stirling is the clear choice for you.

Mr Ross Adrain

Human Resource Management and Psychology

Home country: Scotland

The most important thing that influenced me to choose Stirling was the course combination. The fact I could study across two schools really appealed to me as it meant that I had the opportunity to study exactly what I wanted to. Few universities in Scotland offer Human Resource Management and Psychology as a joint honours programme. In addition, after visiting the university on an applicant day I knew Stirling was the right place for me. I attended lectures held by the Stirling Management School and I was completely sold. The lecturers were so helpful and willing to answer any queries from prospective students and parents. 

One of the most important benefits is the link between academic study and the workplace. Stirling prepares all their students to excel in their chosen career path by developing skills throughout their courses. For example, in all my modules I had experience at working in teams and giving presentations. It was clear to me throughout my degree that I was building skills that would enable me to be successful in the workplace.  In addition, the Career Development Centre and the work of the Employability Manager were hugely beneficial throughout my time at Stirling at helping me gain an internship and subsequently a graduate scheme.  I really enjoyed the varied forms of assessment in each of my modules. I found it really useful that we were assessed in essays, presentations, group work and seminar participation. I really liked that my class size was relatively small compared to other universities which offer similar courses. We were provided with a huge amount of help and support and we were really encouraged to succeed in our studies.

I would advise prospective students to make the most of every opportunity! Stirling is a wonderful place to live, work and study.  In addition, take advantage of the flexibility that degree programmes at Stirling provide. In the early stages of your degree you are given the opportunity to study subjects in other schools and try out different things. This is a great opportunity and really develops your knowledge and skills in different ways.

I’m just about to start a graduate HR role with Royal Bank of Scotland. Undoubtedly, my studies at Stirling will have a huge impact upon my future career. I feel my degree has provided me with the necessary skills and knowledge to succeed in HR. I think the breadth of knowledge I have from studying both HR and Psychology will be beneficial in any job role. In addition – and perhaps most importantly – my studies have developed my self-awareness and self-confidence. This will prove beneficial no matter where I end up in my career. 

Aim high!  It’s important to think about what you want and where you want to be and just to go for it. It’s also important to focus on your own employability.  Think about doing extra-curricular activities, part-time work and internships and placements. Gaining experience is essential – it’s not just about the degree, employers care about who you are. 


BA (Hons) Business Studies & Marketing

Everyone on the programme knows everyone else; staff and students alike, there is a sense of community at Stirling, making for an extremely friendly atmosphere!

Mr Rowan Tunnicliffe

MSc Behavioural Science for Management

Home country: United Kingdom

Stirling is one of the few places in Europe that actually offers a course in Behavioural Science, and despite being a new course it’s already very respected, and was recommended to me by a friend. I wanted to pursue a career in academia and the staff in the Behavioural Science Centre are very highly regarded in the area of behavioural economics, so to work with them was a really attractive prospect. The Stirling campus and surround area is beautiful and the facilities are great, especially the sports centre. The living costs are also very affordable compared to other parts of Scotland and the UK, and the city is good because there’s very easy access to the countryside, but if you want to visit a larger city, then the train to Glasgow only takes about half an hour, with Edinburgh not much further.

The course was taught in a very friendly and relaxed atmosphere; and because the group was relatively small, it meant that everyone’s view was heard and nobody was left behind. The content was also really interesting and relevant to a real world context. The regular workshops, conferences and external speakers were also very interesting, helpful and applicable to what we were learning.  There can be a lot of work involved with the MSc, which is actually really interesting and worthwhile, but it’s also easy to get so caught up in it you miss out on other things. Definitely make a conscious effort to make and maintain friendships and other interests – even if it’s just a few hours per week. (Also invest in a good umbrella and waterproof coat!)

I’m currently doing a PhD, so the impact the MSc will have for me is slightly different to most people, but it was useful as it introduced me to a lot of relevant literature, and provided me with contacts in academia. The dissertation also taught me a lot about the research process.  

Ryan Duncan

BA (Hons) Business Studies & Marketing

Education Liaison Officer, Edge Hill University

Since graduating from Stirling, I went on to work within the Marketing and Student Recruitment Department at Edge Hill University. I loved my time at Stirling, and would say that my degree in Business and Marketing gave me an in depth knowledge of both interlinked areas, as well as additional topics such as Retail Studies. 

As a sixth form student I had little knowledge as to what I wanted to specialise in, or where I wanted my career to take me. It was therefore the broad range of modules, both compulsory and optional which originally appealed to me. The campus, and to an extent the city of Stirling, was also a major factor in my decision-making process. 

During my time at university I got involved in a lot of extra-curricular activities, more out of interest and fun, than the skills gained. Looking back, these experiences were invaluable to me gaining employment a matter of weeks after graduation. I was a student ambassador and flat assistant, and during my final year I was Senior Student Ambassador, a role which ultimately gave me the experience to undertake my current job. Additionally I undertook a couple of volunteering projects, an internship with the university Career Development Centre, and worked as a camp counsellor at an American summer camp for three summers. Both academic and support staff across the university were helpful, friendly and supportive throughout my time as a student.

I have no doubt that I would not have the job I do now, had it not been for the skills I developed at university, both in and outside of the classroom, and the people who supported me.  To current or potential students my advice would be to make the most of every opportunity you can, and have fun doing it. Looking back although I did a lot, there are a million other things I wish I had done while I could have. I am still good friends with many of the people from my course, and who I lived with during my time at Stirling, and would recommend the experience to anyone.

Saittachote Pattananuphab

MSc Marketing

The MSc Marketing course provided the practical marketing skills I needed for personal development and has definitely been useful for my working life in the future. The University staff are excellent, and sport centre is brilliant.  I really enjoyed the teambuilding activities that were delivered on the course as they helped the students learn how to work better together and communicate in different ways.   I really want to recommend the University of Stirling to new prospective students. This place will support you very well. If you are looking for great place to study and to enjoy your time within a beautiful environment in Scotland, then why not choose Stirling?

Sandeep Joshi


Product Research and Development Executive, abdi Ltd

Life in the UK for me began much like it does for a lot of ambitious young blokes from Mumbai. I saw several different types of dreams being nurtured in several different minds. But the first part of student life in Stirling was explorative in nature for me. Interacting with people from different cultures and ways of life truly broadens your mind. But it is up to the individual to seek out and absorb all the information this world has on offer.

Describe your career history to date?
In addition to the enormous libraries and online portals which I had access to during my MBA, the learning came to me through a different medium…the people. I fought my way through the various academic challenges that came my way and in no time, the enriching experience came to an end. I was high on ambitions and whilst a student, I continued my research on the best ways of grabbing employment opportunities in the UK. But unfortunately, my graduation was around the same time when recession was at its ugliest best. I found myself in crossfire where a single job advertised attracts thousands of applications. My ‘big break’ came in the form of a 3 month internship with a growing Financial Training and Consultancy Company. I knew that this wasn’t the time to celebrate. This was the time to prove myself to be an irreplaceable unit of the workforce. No company would get rid of someone who they understand handles responsibilities / departments which would struggle without his/her contribution. I played to my strengths and ensured that neither my growth in the company stops nor my learning. This has paid off as my company considered me an asset too valuable to lose and have provided me a three-year sponsorship which they commit to extend for another three when the time comes. It is certainly a matter of pride for me that bespoke tools I developed are being used extensively by companies like the National Health Service in the UK and the British Council worldwide. And when I trace my footsteps back to my first day in the country, I would say it was well worth it for me.

Although no form of training can really prepare you enough for the ‘real world’; the Stirling MBA certainly opened me up to a world of opportunities. My time at Stirling enabled me to focus on building up my skill-set and create that extra edge that I would never develop if I had remained in the protected environment of my own country.

My advice for aspirants would not just be to work hard, but to work smart. Analyse your market, get the know-how and strategize your way to your dream job. But to begin with, grab the bull by its horns and grab every learning opportunity that comes your way.

Seymur Guliyev

MSc Marketing

I chose the University of Stirling MSc Marketing as I wanted a course that offered a balance of theory and practice and one which offered an accreditation. The MSc Marketing course at Stirling was one of the first in the country to be accredited by the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM).  The MSc Marketing provided me with an understanding of the concepts and systems underlying marketing practice and allowed me to develop my skills of diagnosis and implementation in marketing management and research processes.  I particularly enjoyed the  field trips that were organised as I gained a better ‘real’ understanding of the concepts in practice.


I am now working as an export marketing professional in crude oil and oil products export marketing division at the State Oil Company of Azerbaijan Republic/SOCAR. At the same time, I am delivering marketing lectures in 3 different universities in Azerbaijan and one of them is the first ranked university of our country.  In addition, I act as a marketing consultant for AzMarketing Consulting and Research Company in Azerbaijan and I am also currently completing a PhD in Marketing.  The University of Stirling was a springboard during my admission for PhD.


Of the many reasons students come to Stirling, is for its academic reputation and research standards. One factor is the outstanding beauty of the University's campus. With Stirling placed in the geographical heart of a nation that blends the historic and modern, it is one of Scotland's most attractive places to live. Stirling combines the charm of an historic destination with the buzz of a contemporary city.

Shengwei Du

MSc Banking & Finance

Home country: China

I chose to come to the University of Stirling because of its’ rated academic background and the environment in which to study. During my studies here I have improved my academic knowledge, my English language skills and made new friends. My fellow students are very studious and we have worked well together; I have really enjoyed my time studying at the University of Stirling.

Sneha Agrawal


Director, Aarambh Projects Private Limited

My MBA at Stirling University gave me the independence of thought and ability to understand the businesses. It gave me the confidence and courage to launch a venture of my own! I am thankful to the professors and management.

Thea Brønlund

BA (Hons) Business Studies & Economics

Home country: Norway

Thea Brønlund swapped Scandinavia for Stirling studies four years ago.  Her international journey continues, with the new graduate poised to start a job with Bloomberg as a Global Market Data Analyst in London. In her new post, she will provide the numbers, algorithms and analysis which makes Bloomberg the most sought-after financial data source in the world.

More than 80 percent of Stirling honours degree graduates this summer achieved either a first or 2:1. Thea, who is fluent in four languages, will be taking happy memories of Stirling with her.

She said: “I chose the University of Stirling for many reasons. I have always wanted to study abroad and it was recommended by a fellow Norwegian who had studied here. The University has all the resources you need, including fantastic sport facilities, as well as great flexibility with your degree.

“I love the location, the natural setting, and the fact that it is a small place with historic elements. It is convenient that it is so close to Glasgow and Edinburgh. Overall, the student environment is amazing.”

Studying at Stirling gave Thea the opportunity to become a Saltire Scholar with the Saltire Foundation. Through this programme, she secured a Project Management internship last summer with Envision Solar, an exciting global entrepreneurial company in San Diego, USA.

Back on the University campus and Thea completed a photography project through Stirling’s Professional Development and Practice module. Students of Stirling saw Thea capture on camera 66 students of differing nationalities for a specially-curated University exhibition which gained great plaudits and has been developed into an online gallery.

She said: “Through my time in Stirling, I have gained friends from all over the world, which I will keep in touch with now that I graduate. I love meeting friends from different cultures and learning about their ways. I feel like my life is truly enriched from this experience and it has opened up new opportunities for the future.

“At University I really got to love economic data, which was one of the subjects I received the best grades in. I am very analytical, and cannot wait to start my career in such a dynamic and multi-cultural company as Bloomberg. They are based all over the world with opportunities to move around.

“Bloomberg has a young working environment and really takes care of their employees, starting with high wages and good benefits. I feel like I am truly lucky and blessed about this opportunity and I believe that my time at the Saltire Foundation has helped me to land this full-time position.”

Ms Tina Berking

MSc International Business

Home country: Germany

One of the greatest influences in choosing to study at Stirling University was definitely the beautiful Campus.  

As a self-financing student value for money was very important to me, at the same time as securing a degree from a well-recognized University, so the value for money ratio seemed excellent to me.  Some of the great benefits of studying at Stirling University were the closely intertwined course and teaching content with a broad international scope of study.  Furthermore, I appreciated the support of all teaching staff and their constant availability in case I required help.  I particularly enjoyed the variety of assignments such as presentations, individual as well as group reports, class tests, and exams and also the diversity of learning styles offered by the use of case studies, business simulations, specific questions, open questions, group work etc.  The great support and motivation from some tutors during the year, aroused a great deal of interest for the field of research.  I would advise prospective students to embrace the opportunity of participating in the free academic events which the University offers as well as joining a couple of amazing student societies and/or the University’s modern sport facilities during the one-year programme.


After completing my course at the University of Stirling at the end of August 2016, I moved to San Francisco where I am currently undertaking an internship in IT & Innovation Consulting to gain further work experience in the field of Technology and Innovation Management. I would not have secured this internship opportunity without my internationally orientated Business Degree from Stirling University. The MSc. will also be of great advantage to me securing an exciting and well-paid job in Berlin when I return from the US next year. 

Vikash Kumar


Owner, UK Telecom Distribution Ltd

After I graduated, I started working for Lycatel as the Area Manager for Scotland and Northern Ireland.  I then decided to set up my own company, UK Telecom Distribution LTD and have recently launched a calling card for the UK and Ireland.

Vivek Manchanda


Salesforce Consultant, Excelian Limited

How did your time at Stirling prepare you for life after graduation?
The programme was really well designed which really helped you to understand and focus on your career plans. During the MBA we had to prepare many presentations in groups or individually, which helped increase my confidence to speak in front of people. We had many guest lectures from professional people which helped me develop an understanding of UK business culture and working conditions. 

Briefly describe your career history to date:
Prior to starting my MBA, I worked as a salesforce developing in India for two years with a company called ASTADIA.  After I graduated, I joined Excelian Ltd as a Salesforce Developer, and now I am working as a Salesforce Consultant. 

How did you get into your current job?
I got contacted by job agents, and as I was looking for the same job which I used to do in India, it was quite easy to enter the market. 

Describe a typical working day:
My current job involves developing company internal CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems using salesforce (online CRM platform 'Cloud based'), as well as developing company websites and different kinds of client and employees portals. 

List three things you love about your job:
New challenges; learning more about business; and the co-operative atmosphere. 

List three things that you dislike about your job:
Timing...as an IT firm employee, there are no proper working hours - sometimes you have to work for eight hours and sometimes even eleven hours in a day. 

What advice would you give to current students and recent graduates?
I would advise all the students that they should start doing market study about the new technologies and job market in their last semester/year.  If they have any past experience, they should continue in the same field as this will give them plus points to enter the market.  I have seen many students who try to change their fields after doing an MBA or other masters course which makes it really hard for them to get a good job due to no experience.

Xuexue Zheng

MSc Banking & Finance

Home country: China

The highly ranking status of the MSc Banking and Finance programme at the University of Stirling is the reason I chose to study here. I have found that I have improved my knowledge through both independent study but also whilst working in groups; and am sure that with the competences and knowledge I have gained during my time here, it will help me in my career working in the banking industry in China.

Mr Yufan Zhang

MSc Banking & Finance

Home country: China

The banking and finance programme is a renowned programme at the University of Stirling. I have found the lecturers very professional and learnt a lot which will help me in my career in banking. I believe the University of Stirling is a great choice to make for MSc Banking and Finance programme.

Yuhao Xu

MSc Banking & Finance

Home country: China

The study environment at the University is perfect and the library has vast selection of study books which are very helpful for self-study sessions. The lecturers are friendly and professional and willing to help students in every aspect of their work.

Yuling Wang

MSc Banking & Finance

Home country: China

I chose to study at the University of Stirling Management School because it was recommended to me; and I have enjoyed the learning environment.  The campus is safe and very green. Stirling is in central Scotland which makes it easy to travel all around and visit the country. I have found the teaching environment in the Management School beneficial and enjoyed learning from knowledgeable lecturers. I have also thoroughly enjoyed the activities during the Flying Start programme at the beginning of the year. 

Yunhe Wang

MSc Banking & Finance

Home country: China

I chose to come and study at the University of Stirling because of its good reputation and the campus, which is the most beautiful I have seen in the world. The University facilities are state of the art – and I have particularly enjoyed using both the library and the gym. 

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