Check in to buildings, locations and teaching rooms

As part of the University's COVID-19 safety measures, you need to let us know what buildings, locations and teaching rooms you visit each day.

All students and staff must check in each day by:

  • scanning a QR code
  • completing a short form in your browser

You do not need to check out.

Note: there is a separate process for visitors.

Staff and student check-in

You must check in by scanning a QR code and filling in a short form.

There are two different QR codes, with a separate form for each. These are for:

  • checking in to buildings/locations on campus
  • checking in to individual teaching rooms

Note: this does not replace QR codes in operation throughout University accommodation, for check-in, visitors and reporting self-isolation. You should continue to follow these existing processes in addition to scanning in to buildings/locations and teaching rooms.

Daily check-in to buildings/locations on campus

Each day you must let us know all the buildings/locations you will visit. This is to assist contact tracing.

The QR code will take you to a form. You should tick all items that apply and then submit.

You need to do this once a day. If you are also visiting teaching rooms, you must follow the teaching room check-in process too.

You can also access and bookmark the form in your browser.

Daily buildings/locations check-in form


Check-in to teaching rooms

Every time you enter a teaching room, you must let us know so we can monitor attendance and assist contact tracing. This is in addition to the daily check-in to buildings/locations.

The QR code will take you a form. Enter the teaching room number and submit.

You need to do this every time you enter a different teaching room. You may have to fill out this form multiple times a day.

You can also access and bookmark the form in your browser

Teaching room check-in form

Check-in easily using the app

The new Stirling University app has buttons that take you to each of the check in forms. Download the app to check-in quickly and easily each day.  

If you forget or lose your phone

If you do not have access to your phone, you will need to register through an internet browser. You should take a note of the short URL on QR code posters. Enter this into the browser to complete the form.  

If you do not have your usual device, you must access a browser to complete these forms. 

Visitor check-in

Visitors should fill in the short check-in form. This information is used to assist NHS Test and Protect contact tracing. Visitors do not have to use QR codes.

COVID-19: visitor check-in form

What check-ins are for

This information is captured to help with contact tracing. If someone on campus has been diagnosed with COVID-19, it will be provided to the NHS Scotland Test and Protect team.

Find out more about NHS Scotland Test and Protect.

Your data

Form data is collected in Sharepoint. This is held internally by the University and is protected against loss and theft by Office 365 Cloud Protection. Your data will only be passed on to the NHS in the event of a COVID-19 diagnosis on campus. If your data is not passed on to the NHS, it will be deleted after 21 days.