Guidance for students attending classes

To keep you and others safe, you need to take some extra steps in accordance with Scottish Government and University recommendations and requirements. Check this page regularly for guidance on COVID-19 changes for students. We'll update this and how we're making campus safer as Government regulations and recommendations change.

Simple steps to keep you and others safe

We know that this may not feel like your normal University experience and you may be anxious about coming onto campus but, by following these simple steps, you will help ensure that both you and others are safe.

Before you arrive

When you're on campus

When you're on campus, here are the things you need to do to keep yourself and others safe.

Scanning in

When you arrive on campus, you need to scan in twice. Once when you enter the building and again when you enter your classroom. You do not need to scan into different buildings during the rest of the day, but you do need to scan into each classroom you enter separately. By scanning the QR codes you will get access to a short form you need to complete.

For ease, you can also use the University of Stirling App to access the form. On the teaching room form, you will be confirming that you and members of your household are not feeling unwell and have no symptoms of COVID-19 and are not awaiting the results of a COVID-19 test.

Wear a face covering

You should wear a face covering in all teaching and learning spaces when Stirling is in Level 3 or 4 of the Scottish Government COVID protection levels). See further guidance on the use of face coverings.

Taking breaks

During scheduled breaks in teaching, you can stay in your current room and eat your lunch/snacks and drink. Food outlets are open on campus and you can order food on campus via the new app.

Cleaning your area

At the end of the teaching session, you should clean the area you have used, using the sanitising wipes available to cleanse all surfaces. 

Moving around the campus

Follow the University guidance such as maintaining a physical distance and wearing a face covering.


  • Regularly check your University email account and the module Canvas site for updates.
  • Follow the guidance of the lecturer facilitating the class at all times.
  • Comply with University guidance whilst on campus.
  • If you begin to feel unwell during your class, let the lecturer know as soon as possible and put on a face covering. You will then need to leave the class and self-isolate, by waiting in a designated isolation room, if you cannot safely travel home immediately. Campus Security will advise you of the details of an appropriate isolation room. They can be contacted on 01786 467999 or extension 2222.
  • Should you experience symptoms of COVID-19 you should follow the University and public health services guidance on reporting.