Staying in your accommodation

The Scottish Government has set guidelines to help prevent COVID-19 transmission. This means there are extra guidelines for students living in University accommodation. The guidance is in place to keep our whole community safe. Please read all of this guidance so you know what is expected of you.

The first 10 days of the semester

For the first 10 days after you move in, you'll be asked to follow guidelines on the use of common areas. Accommodation Services staff will make regular contact and visits to offer care and assistance, and to make sure the accommodation Community Code is being upheld.

  • Only people who live in your flat should be in your flat
  • You must not invite others to visit
  • You should keep your distance from others, even within your flat
  • You must follow the cleaning regime required in your flat

Protecting yourself and your flatmates

To keep everyone in your home safer, you must:

  • Follow good personal hygiene, washing your hands regularly
  • Clean shared areas, kitchens/shower rooms/toilets before and after every use
  • Wash, dry and put away dishes as soon as possible after use
  • Take out rubbish daily, double bagging waste where necessary to prevent spills
  • Only use the lifts if you are unable to use the stairs
  • Ensure any social gatherings in your accommodation or in any communal accommodation social spaces follow the government guidelines 
  • Limit social gatherings in your flat to those who live in your flat for the first 10 days of semester
  • Pay your rent via the online portal to minimise in-person contact

Fire alarms 

  • If an alarm sounds, evacuate as normal. Keep your distance from others as much as practical at the muster point. Do not return until advised to do so by a member of staff or the fire service
  • Take extra care when cooking, do not smoke in the building, do not use kettles etc in your room, only activate self-heating pots in the kitchen, release the steam before taking to your room to eat

Guidance on visits home

Before visiting home you should carefully read the Scottish Government guidance on travelling safely.

If you or a flatmate develop Coronavirus (COVID-19) symptoms

If you develop COVID-19 symptoms, advice on what to do is available via the NHS Inform Stay at home guide. If you self-isolate, please let the University know by completing this short online form.

How to self-isolate in your accommodation

Read our detailed guidance on self-isolating in your accommodation.

Helping each other

Everyone has a role to play in protecting the Stirling community.

  • If you know of someone who is self-isolating check in to see if they need anything, via phone or social media
  • Be considerate of your flatmates – follow the rules
  • Let us know if you are self-isolating by filling in this form
  • Respect the visitation rules, even if you are invited round to another flat