Arriving at your accommodation

All you need to know about arriving at your University accommodation.

Please plan your travel carefully taking into account the latest government guidance for Covid-19 and remember that Scottish government guidance may be different from the rest of the UK.

COVID-19 restrictions

All of mainland Scotland is under level 4 restrictions. Staff and students should continue to follow the latest public health and University guidance. 

Current restrictions

  • This semester can be completed online from home.
  • Students who have not yet returned to term-time accommodation should remain in their current household until Government restrictions are eased
  • Those in the shielding category should not come to campus at all.
  • Those who are clinically vulnerable (though not on the shielding list) must complete a risk assessment before travelling to campus. Contact your dean/director to make these arrangements.
  • Students whose international travel arrangements cannot be changed/delayed are permitted to return.
  • If, for essential purposes, you must return to campus accommodation, (for example your home location is unsuitable for study or you need to access health and wellbeing support), you must notify us before you travel by emailing so that we can understand your circumstances and provide support.
  • All international arrivals must quarantine (self-isolate) for 10 days, regardless of proof of a negative pre-departure test.

You can find more information about the University's response to the restrictions on our regularly-updated Coronavirus page

Coming to University accommodation

There are currently extra considerations for coming to University accommodation to help keep the community safe. This includes making sure any student arrivals are planned and staggered.

All students will need to book their arrival slot – but the process is different depending on whether you are a returning student coming back to your accommodation, or a new student arriving for the first time.

If you book a slot and develop COVID-19 symptoms

The following applies to all students, new and existing:

If you have booked your timeslot and develop symptoms of COVID-19 when you are due to travel to Stirling, please DO NOT travel. You should self-isolate following the government guidelines and rebook a slot when it is safe for you to do so.

If you know someone in your household has developed COVID-19 symptoms or has been confirmed as having COVID-19 symptoms in the last 10 days, please DO NOT travel. You should self-isolate following the government guidelines and rebook a slot when it is safe for you to do so.

If you have questions about this, contact us on and we can assist you.

Use the links below to read the guidance tailored for your situation.

Existing students – returning to accommodation

If you’ve already started University, and now need to return to your accommodation after being away, you will need to:

  1. Book an arrival slot via Eventbrite
  2. Book no-symptoms tests (x2) for your return
  3. Follow the guidance for new households until you and your flatmates have a negative test result

Booking your arrival slot

Returns must be arranged in advance to help protect the University community. You must book your arrival slot via the Eventbrite – not through the accommodation dashboard as you did when you first arrived.

Once you know when you are travelling back, book your accommodation arrival slot. Choose a time window on a date that suits. 

If none of the available slots aligns with your travel plans, email so we can make arrangements for your arrival.

Co-ordinate with your household if possible

Try to coordinate arrival slots with your flatmates if possible. As you will have to re-form a household, it makes it easier if you are all coming back to campus as close together as possible. We know this can’t always be accommodated, but if you can it will make the transition back to your term-time household easier.

Once you’ve booked your arrival slot, then you need to book a test.

Booking your no-symptoms test

All returning students are advised to get a no-symptoms test as part of their transition back to University. These are available on campus and are quick, free and reliable.

Two tests are needed, around 3-5 days apart. Book these as soon as you’ve confirmed your accommodation arrival slot. You book your first, and then the second once you have your first results.

We’ve written guidance on the test itself and what you need to do. This is on a separate page which includes a booking link.

Re-forming your household

Even though you’ve lived with your flatmates for a while, the interruption to this means you are forming a new household again. The same guidance applies to the first time round. Remind yourself by reading our staying in your accommodation page.

In essence: be sensible, follow FACTS and make use of the free testing on campus to check you are well.

Remember: some people can carry COVID-19 without having any symptoms. The household forming rules are there to help keep you all safe.

New students – arriving at accommodation

Book your arrival slot

You can choose your arrival date and time now via your accommodation dashboard. You can access this from your student portal. 

If the timeslot does not suit your arrangements

If the available timeslots are not suitable (e.g. your flight arrives at 7pm and there are no corresponding slots left) let us know when you expect to arrive through the online booking system. This will allow us to prepare for your arrival.

Information about helpers

To ensure a safe arrival procedure we ask you to limit the number of helpers to one other person. That person should help you move your belongings into your room and then leave as soon as practicable. Your helper should avoid touching surfaces in the flat and use the public toilet facilities on-site if necessary. They should not use the toilet facilities in your flat.

You and your helper should wear face coverings during your arrival and move in. Remember to wash your hands often and thoroughly.

If you need to self-isolate

Please let us know you will be self-isolating. You will self-isolate in the room that you will stay in for the whole year, so you can unpack and settle into your room.

We will provide a welcome pack for new students. It will include an extra set of bed linen, a welcome food pack (please let us know of any dietary requirements) and information that will allow you to organise the delivery of groceries to your flat. Whilst in isolation, there will be a rota in place to allow you to use the kitchen and shared toilet/shower facilities safely, without breaching any of the Government guidelines. Your flatmates will know that you are isolating for 10 days and we’ll make sure that you can meet them online.

We will check in on you by email during your isolation period to make sure that you have everything you need.

Read our detailed guide on how to self-isolate and information about self-isolation for international arrivals.

Picking up keys

Once you’ve booked your timeslot we will send you a welcome email with everything you need to know. On campus our buildings are clearly signposted and key collection points very close to your accommodation. If you arrive at an off-campus location you may have to pick up your key at one of our staffed buildings prior to going to your accommodation. 

Our reception areas will have a queuing system in place to ensure physical distancing, please be aware you may have to queue outdoors. 

Key collection points: undergraduate students

Key collection points for accommodation buildings
Column one is the location for collecting keys for the buildings in column 2.
Key collection pointBuilding
Andrew Stewart Hall

Andrew Stewart Hall

Fraser of Allander House

H H Donnelly House

Pendreich Way

Beech Court

Beech Court

Polwarth House

Juniper Court

Juniper Court

Muirhead House

Alexander Court

Alexander Court

Alexander Court Townhouses

Centro House

Centro House

John Forty’s Court

John Forty’s Court

Spittal Hill

Union Street, Stirling

Union Street

Bayne Street

Lower Bridge Street

Key collection points: postgraduate

Key collection points for accommodation buildings
Column one is the location for collecting keys for the buildings in column 2.
Key collection pointBuilding
Beech Court Beech Court
John Forty's Court

Lyon Crescent


Union St B of A

Andrew Stewart Hall


Pendreich Way

Centro House Centro House

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