Accommodation and COVID-19

Our priority is to make you feel safe and settled in your home – whether on campus or in nearby university-managed accommodation. We've restricted the number of people in student accommodation to make shared living, study and social spaces safer.

Note: If you're moving to private accommodation, you should contact your landlord to make arrangements for a safe stay. 

Staying in University accommodation

If you're moving in to university-managed accommodation, you will receive an email from Accommodation Services before you arrive. This will give more information on moving, room allocation, cleaning procedures and social distancing measures. 

Keeping you safe in your room

  • Students sharing a flat are considered a household. This means government guidance for households applies to you and your flatmates. 
  • Arrivals will be staggered over several weeks. You'll be given the option to choose a time slot. 
  • So that you can form a household, we'll do our best to make sure all students in a flat arrive on the same day.
  • Before you arrive, you'll be asked to agree to a community code. This will focus on personal and household hygiene, maintaining shared areas of your flat, as well as social distancing and what is expected if there is a case of Coronavirus (COVID-19) in your household. 
  • During the first 14 days after moving in, you'll be asked to follow strict guidelines on the use of common areas. This will be supported by daily visits from Accommodation Services to make sure that all students are following the community code. 
  • Guidance will be provided by the accommodation team as needed. 
  • A rota will be implemented to allow safe use of shared areas like kitchens, toilets and showers, with a stringent cleaning regime that all students must follow. 
  • All University accommodation has staff on hand 24/7 to support and assist you.

If you have underlying health issues

If you have underlying medical conditions, let us know during the application process. The Accommodation Allocations Policy prioritises students with medical needs. Accommodation Services will work with Accessibility and Inclusion to make sure you are supported. 

Personal Coronavirus (COVID-19) plan

Our teams will work with you to develop a personal Coronavirus (COVID-19) plan, so any adaptations required are noted before you arrive. This will include support to minimise the risk of infection, an action plan for if a flatmate has symptoms, and what to do if you become infected. 

Quarantine for students arriving from outside the UK

If you are travelling to the United Kingdom from another country, you may need to quarantine for two weeks. Find out more about quarantine

In the event of a lockdown 

In line with the latest legislation, in the event of a future lockdown, you will be able to terminate your accommodation contract by giving 28 days notice.

If you stay in University accommodation during a lockdown, you will be supported by the Accommodation Services frontline team.

Accommodation application deadline

We understand things are a bit more difficult for students this year. Accommodation applications will remain open even after the guarantee deadline so please still apply. We will do everything we can to find you university accommodation.


If you are unable to travel and need to cancel your accommodation, you will receive a refund on your rent pre-payment. To be eligible, you must advise Accommodation Services prior to your accommodation start date. 

Get in touch

If you have any other questions relating to accommodation and Coronavirus (COVID-19) please contact