What is UCAS Adjustment?

When you get your results, you may find you have done a lot better than you’d expected. If you have exceeded the conditions of your Conditional Firm choice and would now like to apply to the University of Stirling, you can do this through UCAS Adjustment.

With your improved results, you may be eligible for an advanced entry – which means you will be able to start your course in Year 2. You may also be eligible to apply for a scholarship or other financial support.

Please note: You have five days from the date you meet the conditions of your Conditional Firm choice to register and secure a place through Adjustment.

Looking for your Clearing place? Call us on +44 (0) 1786 467044 or email us at admissions@stir.ac.uk.

How do I apply through Adjustment?

Applying to the University of Stirling through Adjustment is incredibly simple:

  1. You should immediately consult UCAS Track to see if you have met the conditions of your chosen course.
  2. There is no published vacancy list for Adjustment. Check out the University of Stirling’s list of courses for Clearing spaces, and if you spot a course you’re interested in and you meet or exceed the entry requirements, phone our helpline immediately so that we can tell you more about your chosen course and guide you through the next steps.
  3. If you're offered a place on your chosen course, you will then receive an email from the University of Stirling to confirm that we would like to make an offer and to provide further information on next steps – including opportunities to visit the campus.
  4. Finally, you must email the University to confirm you wish to accept your place before our Admissions team will update UCAS and your confirmed place at the University of Stirling will show in your Track screen.

Find out more about how to use UCAS Adjustment's service to find alternative courses.

Questions about Clearing?

Get in touch and talk to our admissions team about Clearing.