Taking Action

By now you will have spent quite a long time on finding out more about yourself as a person Know yourself, looking into potential career ideas Exploring options and beginning to match yourself to these potential career areas Making choices.  

It can be very tempting at this stage to just see what happens, but it is always a good idea to try and be proactive - make your future the one you want.  Many people avoid taking action as they fear failure - what happens if you make the wrong choice and end up hating your job?

Well, the good news it that the career market is very flexible - you can and probably will, change careers many times over the course of your working life. Ask your friends and family - how many of them are still working in the same job that they had when they first started work?



‌So what can you do now?

Taking action will vary depending on what stage of your university career you are at.  If you are in your early years it might be building up your skills through joining clubs and societies, getting a part-time job or arranging to travel over the summer. Information on all these options can be found in our Work Experience and Volunteering section.

If you are already part way through your course, you will want to look closely at our internship section to get some really practical experience in your chosen area of work, building up your network of contacts.  You will also want to spend time working on your social media profile to attract potential employers.  

If you are in your final year here at Stirling, it is now time to move onto our Finding a Job pages where you will find lots of information on both finding and applying for jobs.


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