Psychometric Tests

Many employers will ask candidates to sit a number of online tests as part of their application process. Normally, these tests cover areas such as

  • verbal reasoning - your ability to understand and work with written material
  • numerical reasoning - how well you deal with numbers
  • abstract reasoning - how well you see patterns and make connections

Your performance in these tests gives employers a way of assessing your abilities in these contexts – some will use these tests as a screening tool, selecting the students who perform best in the tests for interview. This means that it is very important to be able to be able to tackle these tests with confidence- lots of practice beforehand can help you to develop this confidence.

You can access a number of online practice assessments relating to the three kinds of assessments mentioned above and it is strongly recommend that you use these as practice for real-life situations. You will be sent detailed automated feedback relating to your performance at the end – this will help you to reflect upon how you can improve next time.

Take an Assessment 

You’ll also need some codes to be able to access the tests – get the codes here [staff and students only]

lightbulbRead our leaflet on Psychometric tests


Taking the Assessment

It’s important to make sure you’re well prepared for the tests before you take them, especially if you are taking them online at home or university where distractions are inevitable. Make sure that you can find a quiet space and that you’re in a focused frame of mind before you start. Some scrap paper for making notes will be handy too. You may not complete all the questions, but try to work as quickly and effectively as you can – this way, you’ll give yourself the best chance of achieving a high score.  

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