How to Pay

In accepting your University accommodation, you enter into a legally binding agreement to pay all the rental charges associated with your bedroom.


The University’s preferred method of payment for rent is Direct Debit.
Please use the following link to obtain a Direct Debit Form

The following methods of payment mare also accepted:

  • Online via your student Portal - click in the "Accommodation Dashboard" link and then onto your Statement and you can pay securely;
  • Bank Transfer (the following link has the Bank Details) - if you are making a transfer, please note you are liable for the senders and receivers charges.  Please ensure sufficient funds are transferred to cover these;
  • Debit or Credit Card - in our office or by telephoning our office;
  • Sterling Cheques (made payable to University of Stirling)
  • Cash

You can choose to pay your rent in 1, 2, 3, or 9 instalments as detailed below:

1 Instalment

2 Instalments

3 Instalments 

9 Instalments

12 October 12 October 12 October 15 September
  12 February 12 December 12 October
    12 March 12 November
      12 December
      12 January
      12 February
      12 March
      12 April
      12 May

Instalments are based on total rent due divided equally over the number of instalments requested.

Please ensure that your chosen account has sufficient funds to cover the direct debit payments on the date as shown.


Please note the following assurances in respect of direct debit mandates:

  1.  Direct debits must be presented strictly within the terms of the instructions you have signed and you are protected by an Indemnity given by the University to the banks.
  2. Your instruction permits payments of unspecified amounts and the University will inform you at least 14 days in advance of the amount and date of the payment.  This is done via an accommodation invoice at the start of semester.
  3. You always have the right to cancel your mandate simply by writing to your bank.  It is your responsibility to ensure that Accommodation Services are also informed.
  4. Your bank will reimburse you if a direct debit that does not conform to your instructions is charged to your account.
  5. Direct debits can only be presented to a UK bank.

Please note that Accommodation Services require at least 7 working days notice prior to rent collection dates to cancel a direct debit instruction.  The University of Stirling does not accept any liability for any bank charges incurred by students as a result of a direct debit request being made against an account.  Students are responsible for cancelling any direct debits directly with the bank.

Direct debit forms should be received at Accommodation Service Office no later than 8 September 2017.  Failure to do so will mean payment for the full year will be due on 12 October 2017.

If you find difficulty in opening a bank account which will accept direct debits you can make alternative arrangements with Accommodation Services by contacting this office in advance for approval.

Those students (particularly first year) who do not have a bank account will need to open one in order to pay in SAAS/local authority grant cheques and/or amounts from sponsors or other sources.

Students who are not resident in the UK and therefore, may not have a UK bank account will be allowed to submit the direct debit form after a UK account has been opened.  Please note however that this form is required to be completed and returned to the Accommodation Services Office at least three weeks prior to the date of the first instalment.


Issues with Rent Payments?
If at any time you find yourself in financial difficulties and are unable to pay your rent please come and speak to us here at Accommodation Services.  Staff are experienced in assisting students in such circumstances and agreement for different repayment schedules to suit individual needs can be agreed.  Referrals to the University money advice team can be offered.

SDSS also provide advice on money matters and you may be entitled to extra assistance via hardship funds or bursaries. Contact them for further information.

Non-payment of rent will result in a request to attend a meeting with Accommodation Services and may also result in you being asked to leave University accommodation.

Should you wish to discuss any aspect of your rent please contact Accommodation Services and ask to speak to Susan Blakey on 01786 467063 or Andrew Orlik on 01786 466955.

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