Code of Student Discipline

The University of Stirling is committed to providing an excellent academic environment, and Accommodation Services supports this commitment by promoting and upholding an atmosphere of tolerance and harmony in the accommodation. Ordinance 2 is the key document pertaining to discipline, and the Code of Student Discipline ( sets out the standard of behaviour we expect from all students at the University.

Our discipline regulations are in place in order to afford all students equal opportunities to live, study, and have fun at the University.

Discipline Regulations: Ordinance 2

The Code of Student Discipline sets out the standards of behaviour expected from students at the University of Stirling, Ordinance 2: Code of Student Discipline sets out the procedures for when a student has been reported for misconduct and provides a definition of what the University deems to constitute misconduct.

The official University Calendar is available via the link below

University Calendar Online (Official Publication used in all proceedings)

If you are reported for a disciplinary offence?

You will be interviewed by an "Authorised Officer" of the University.  The interview is your opportunity to respond to the allegations against you and to present evidence for your case. (You are entitled to bring a friend or representative of the Student Union with you to the interview).

Following the interview, the Authorised Officer will make a decision to refer you to a higher University Authority, take formal disciplinary action or take no further action.

Formal action can include:

  • Formal warning (considered spent after one year, but noted on the accommodation system for the duration of your course)
  • Fine
  • Surety (returnable at the end of the Spring semester, on application)
  • Any combination of some or all of the above sanctions
  • Referral to the University Secretary
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