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Video is a great way to bring our brand to life. All of the photography guidelines apply equally to videography. We have some additional tips to get the best results from a video project.

Top tips for filming

Tell a short story 

Get your script right. Have a beginning, middle and end. Keep it short.

Add context 

So your audience can discern the wood from the trees, add backstory footage and cutaways to paint a broader, more interesting picture. 

Embrace open space 

Space is a useful tool. Use it to convey a sense of scale; to leave room for imagination. 


Make sure you pull out any interesting detail. Sometimes the smallest things have the biggest impact. 

15 minutes of fame? 

Not everyone is comfortable in front of the camera. Choose interesting interview subjects and ensure that their personality and passion shines through. 

What’s the score? 

Choose wisely and consider how the pitch, frequency, harmony or rhythm can define the ambience, mood or pace. 

Keep it interesting 

Audiences are attention deficient. Employ a variety of techniques to retain them, such as short depth of field with detail, wide shots with scale and playing with speed and pace. 

The essentials 

Here are a few technical specifications to help make sure all our films are consistent: 

Film grading 

Your colours should be rich, warm and vibrant but not overtreated or obviously exaggerated. Just bring out the natural colours in each frame. 

Sound quality 

The quality of your sound is vital. Ensure all voice recordings are clear and rich, with no background noise. And don’t feel you have to fill every second. Leave air space, or use ambient sound to lend atmosphere. 


This depends on the subject matter and environment, but wherever possible your light should be warm, fresh and natural. 


It's not essential that the University of Stirling branding opens your film or even that it appears throughout. Fading in the logo at the end incorporates branding in a subtle way and helps illustrate that all of our creative work comes from the same place.

Download our endframe (.mov)

Download our templates (.aep)


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Videography 'how to' guidelines

For information on:

  • Commissioning or conducting videography (including Model Release Form)
  • Digital Media Library
  • Videography style
  • Videographer Copyright Form

see our photography and videography 'how to' guidelines.

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